At the October 21 2014 meeting of the Oak Harbor City Council the Oak Harbor representative to the Board of Directors of Island Transit Jim Campbell resigned from his position as Board member.

The Oak Harbor City Council appointed Mayor Scott Dudley to the Island Transit Board of Directors.

The City Council also appointed Joel Servatius as alternate board member to the Island Transit Board.

Oak Harbor and it’s City Council is leading by example in this replacement. Many people have called for resignation of the board members of Island Transit because of the past lax oversight by the board. Mr. Campbell did the right thing by stepping down and allowing the Oak Harbor City Council to appoint Mayor Dudley as the replacement on the board from Oak Harbor.

Hat’s off to Jim Campbell, the Oak Harbor City Council and Mayor Dudley for this action that is obviously designed to rebuild public confidence in Island Transit and it’s leadership.

Senior Services of Island County has serious financial management problems

In making the decision of who to vote “FOR” as Island County Auditor, County tax payers and especially Senior citizens should consider the dire financial situation of the Senior Services of Island County
This happened on Rebecca Wagner’s watch
Wagner, CPA, now wants to be Island County Auditor
She is a dues paying registered Democrat running as an” Independent” because she knows all the Democrats know her and will vote for her.
By claiming to be “independent ” candidate she hopes to get unsuspecting voters, non Dems, to vote for her, thus capturing her win over Republican Auditor Crider.

Commissioners Jill Johnson and Price-Johnson knew of the Senior Services financial problems but had no authority to prevent it; Senior Services Attorney G. Douglas Ferguson, ANDERSON HUNTER LAW FIRM in Everett stated: “Senior Services of Island County, (SSIC) is a private not-for-profit corporation to which Washington State Records Act( chapter 42.56 RCW) does not apply”
Democrat Commissioner Price-Johnson tried to give her fellow Democrat Wagner a pass by saying their financial problems developed because of the poor economy. That’s a dumb excuse!
It was no secret to anyone that the economy was in the dumper
You’d think a competent manager, especially one with a CPA certification like Wagner has would know about the economy trends and immediately initiate corrective action to prevent the current financial fiasco Senior Services now has

For what Senior Services were paying Wagner they should have had better

Please vote to reelect Crider
We, the citizens of Island County don’t want or deserve an incompetent amature in that important County position

Our ballots have arrived. I am asking each one of you to vote for Rick Hannold for Island County Commissioner. I also am asking each one of you to talk to your friends and neighbors and ask them to vote for Rick.  Our small band of supporters has been joined by many others since Rick won the Republican nomination in the closely fought primary election and we press on toward a General Election victory.  As most of you know by now, Rick is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, a great family man with deep roots in our community, a dedicated volunteer, and a true small government conservative.  He would bring important management skills and a keen eye for budget savings to our county commission.

I’ve learned a lot about Rick Hannold since I have been a campaign volunteer.  He really does care about our community and he has been racing up the ‘learning chart’ of the inner workings of Island County government.  As for whether he will take care of our ‘home ground’ on Camano Island, take a look at the e-mail Rick sent a few days ago to a Camano Island family:

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I often wonder why we have such poor leadership in Island County. Now I think I understand why. Recently we saw a Republican Candidate for Board of Island County Commissioners Aubrey Vaughan endorse a Democrat for the position he was running for and lost. This brings up questions as to why? It is obvious now that we have those in this county that run under a political organizations name only because it is convenient for them and benefits them self.

For them it is not a question of beliefs or that they stand for conservative or liberal principles it is a question of how can they personally get ahead and benefit themselves using any politically convenient way to do so. It is pretty clear what happened in this case and is a real lesson for us in having candidates that are true to their causes.

When it was revealed, under direct questioning at board meeting, that Aubrey Vaughan was running to be the head of Island Transit while he was also on the selection committee tasked with choosing that candidate it is as clear as a bell that this person was only looking to benefit himself personally with his recent endorsement. The fact that he was on the selection committee for the new head of Island Transit and did not announce that he was running for the position until he was called out in a public meeting is about as deceptive as you can get. 

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Following  are  YouTube  links to  the 2  parts of the  video  I was able to capture of  this meeting  discussing  budget  & other  items

first  part 

and   Part 2 

Not included in the videos is Board  member Vaughan in another of his childish rants this time it was about his “confidential” resume folder.

Vaughan said it was necessary because some people have implied a lot of his boasting about Job history and education has not been documented and available to the public. Once again THIS  shows the public just what kind of “level headed” man is currentlyrepresenting them on the BOICC. Makes one wonder Since this Vaughan is endorsing Democrat candidate Karla Jacks can we expect more of the same from her if she is elected? Birds of a feather… One other thing, he said was the record is “classified”.

All DOD contractors and employees must have a clearance in order to work. At a minimum one would have a confidential clearance. When Commissioner Candidate Rick Hannold was on active duty AND when HE was working for L3 HE had a “secret clearance”. That does not mean Hannold was anything special nor that he was privy to secret information, it is just what his job required as a SUPERVISOR (not supervising 1600 employees or even160) Also, during the campaign Vaughan said he was in charge of a depot facility working on helicopters, now he says it was a missile command. Who is this guy……the head of the NSA or CIA?  I believe he is just a grand man but only in his own mind


Socialism 101

Karla Jacks and Helen Price Johnson ARE Progressive Democratic Socialists!  BOTH of them are more than willing to TELL YOU HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIVES!

Bob Hallahan, Democrat PCO for precinct 253 recently,  in a letter to Editor of a local newspaper said, “Supporting the troops is more than a bumper sticker. This election season, beware the phony patriotism of candidates who drape themselves in flags while pedaling the climate denialism known to endanger the military they profess to honor.  Support our troops by supporting candidates willing to assume the duty of solvingAmerica’s climate problem. It’s widely understood by today’s military leadership that climate change represents not just a threat to our economy, our food supply and our coast, but it actually threatens American national security as well.”

It’s  the  political season  and Hallahan  dug deep to find something that could  convince  a person to  vote for a Democrat candidate

 Problem is, his claims are bogus, totally  lacking in facts as proven in the  following  document based  on FACTS, not  DEM political spin…

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Since announcing he would be a candidate for Island county commissioner Aubrey Vaughan has claimed to have been an employee of L-3 Aerospace US Army Missile Command.
And sometimes he  states it as “L-3 Aerospace Supervisor – CCAD & DOD – US Army Missile Command.
Now he claims in his statement quoted in the local newspaper that he has the experience necessary to be the Island Transit Executive Director because his background includes work as a supervisor of 1,600 employees at the L-3 Aerospace at the Army Depot.

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I would like to thank the League of Women Voters (LVW) and the Clinton Progressive Association for hosting the two candidate forums held this past week. Additionally, thank you to all the citizens who took the time out of their evenings to attend. It is heartwarming to see the public so interested in their upcoming election. Unfortunately, I have read in the reader comment threads of press coverage that some were unhappy with the items discussed. For those who may be unaware, the candidates do not choose the topic or questions asked by the moderator at a LWV forum. The questions are chosen from public input and not given to the candidates in advance. Responses are limited to 90 seconds for the first candidate and the opposing candidate gets 60 seconds to respond. Unfortunately this is often not enough time for the public to hear a complete answer to the question posed. So I would like to take this opportunity to clear up some misconceptions.

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On behalf of Wanda Grone, candidate for Island County Treasurer, I am posting the following letter – my comments come first: It is a travesty and very telling that, in Island County, ONLY Republican campaign signs are vandalized. After all this time, you would think “they” who are responsible would have enough sense to trash some of their own. But they don’t. During the last Bush-Cheney campaign, we were having problems with the 4 x 8 signs on 525 being cut, spray painted and burned by nutcases. One night, a lady who lives along 525 on South Whidbey called 911 and said she saw a Bush sign burning along the highway. When Deputies responded, they had to drive past the sign to turn around and come back. As they did that, they caught the arsonists “red-handed” torching another Republican sign. How smart is that on the part of the Democrats? They were busted and taken to jail. One was a juvenile, one 18 and one 21. There was lighter fluid in their van and marijuana. Yes, they were convicted and ordered to pay restitution of $125 per sign – not nearly enough. Unfortunately, the Democrats in Island County continue to harass, trespass and destroy other people’s property. When will they learn? VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Here’s Wanda’s letter:

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Starting next week there will be a series of forums held throughout the county so come and show some support, meet the candidates, while hearing their views on issues. The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday Oct 8th, 6 PM at the Freeland Unitarian Church

Thursday Oct 9th, 6 PM at the Clinton Community Hall

Wednesday Oct 15th, 6 PM at the Stanwood Middle School

Thursday Oct 16th, 6 PM at the Oak Harbor Elks Lodge


 In  making  the  decision  of  who to  vote “FOR” as Island County  Auditor,  County tax payers and  especially   Senior   citizens  should  consider  the dire financial situation of the Senior Services of Island County caused by  contract  employee  and  now County Auditor candidate  Rebecca Wagner.

Island  County Senior Services  are in a similar situation to Island Transit; down to no reserves and missed a payroll earlier this year.  Now  some Senior Services  employees  providing  needed services  to  Seniors  are   being  considered  for  termination  because  of the financial  conditions.

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While Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve (COER) rhetoric demands the closure of Outlying Field (OLF) Coupeville and relocation of the Navy’s EA-18G one must reflect on how Island County leadership is handling the human encroachment of Naval Air Station Whidbey and OLF Coupeville.

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Excerpts from the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission Report to the President 1991. Lest we forget.

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The document linked below is the accounting of what Island Transit purchased using the Federal FTA State Of Good Repair Grant. This document is 17 pages long and represents the funds spent from 3-22-2012 to 10-1-2014. The total Eligible SGR Expenses were $22,289,801.52 and this is reimbursed at 80%.

A few of the items that were funded by this grant are:

Wood items built from trees- $42,085.00

Lobby Ceiling Clouds- $1,498.31

Picture Frames & Cross Section- $5,000.00

Golf Carts (5)= $13,100.69

Refrigerator – qty 4- $10,902.52

View the Island Transit SGR Eligible Expenditures

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