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When Washington State Department of Ecology’s Bob Penhale wrote, “I will offer that we must find joy in the hunt, and that the crafty old bucks are the most satisfying to harvest,” he was referring to property owners, not game.

Penhale’s email was sent to Colin Maycock, a San Juan County planner, who immediately objected to the reference when he replied, “I would like to stress that San Juan County staff are not and have never been interested in ‘hunting’ the citizens and rather resent the implication that we ‘target’ individuals for code enforcement actions.”

This email exchange highlights two persistent problems with our state government—the overabundance of laws and bureaucrats who misuse them.

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July 7, 2014
By Scott Roberts
Citizen Action Network Director
The Freedom Foundation

If anyone has been following the news from our Southern border about the influx of illegal alien children where we have seen 400 children a day entering our country and 160,000 illegal aliens apprehended since the start of the year you may want to question where these illegal aliens are to be held. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been sourcing locations to house this horde of illegal aliens and guess where they are looking? The State of Washington.

“The question looming is whether or not Joint Base Lewis-McChord will be put into service housing unaccompanied minors who have illegally entered the U.S. at its southwest border.”

Is Whidbey Island Naval Air Station soon to be on the list to house these illegal aliens also?

The board of Island County Commissioners have selected Aubrey Vaughn to fill the seat vacated by Kelly Emerson.

This candidate hand picked by District 2 Commissioner Jill Johnson was approved by the board of Commissioners.

Due to the boards disagreements with the vacated Commissioner the “Republican” Commissioners criteria was met with this candidate and as per her wishes the following criteria was met:

1- Aubrey Vaughn will agree with Jill Johnson.

2- Aubrey Vaughn will make Jill Johnson look good.

3- Aubrey Vaughn will not publically disagree with Commissioner Jill Johnson.

Good for Jill Johnson but probably a poor choice for Island County. We will see…


Sean Hannity talking with Former Governor Sara Palin:

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Governor, I’ve been making a distinction between conservative governors, like Rick Perry, like Rick Scott, like Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, John Kasich, Scott Walker, and the success they have had using conservative principles and how they, in every case have taken large deficits and turned them into surpluses. High unemployment, now lower unemployment, by a pretty large degree, but I’ve not been inspired by Republicans in Washington. You went as far earlier this week and late last week to suggest that if the Republican party doesn’t get their act together, you would consider moving third party, explain?

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The city of Oak Harbor has placed all of it’s financial information online for residents to view though the online portal This is a major step in increasing tranparency and open governmant in the city.

The information available is outstanding with almost every facet of the cities finances available for viewing.  You can view information by department, vendor, document, date, year and even view the check register to see every check written by our city. You can filter out, or in information in a very useable format to see just where the cities money is going.

Hats off the Mayor Dudley for taking this huge step in open government.

Here are several examples of the information available through the Open Gov platform:

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Toppenish schools will have armed officials this fall
Donald W. Meyers / Yakima Herald-Republic
Original Article

TOPPENISH — When the new school year begins, some Toppenish School District administrators will be packing heat.

Under a policy approved earlier this year, school employees who receive training will be allowed to carry firearms on school property to provide an additional layer of security at the school. So far, 11 administrators, including Superintendent John Cerna, have volunteered to respond to a school shooting with their own weapons.
“I don’t mind giving my life if I have a fighting chance,” Cerna said about his decision to be trained to respond to a school shooting.

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In a recent “editorial” in the local gossip “newspaper” the Whidbey News Times “editor” Keven Graves penned another ludicrous article where he again gets his facts wrong. This seems a pretty consistent occurance from this “editor” and it is really what we now expect from him and his newspaper. Apparently researching factual information is not his strong suit even though he is the “editor” of the local paper. You would also think that a person in a leadership position would set a better example for his staff than he does but that is apparently the way Sound Publishing and Black Press wants to run their “newspaper”. Good luck to them.

Here is what started his pathetic and childish diatribe.

Ken Emerson recently sent a letter to the Whidbey News Times parent company Sound Publishing President Gloria Fletcher, here is the unedited content of that letter:

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Last night the ICGOP chose the 3 candidates for the replacement to serve the remainder of Commissioner Kelly Emerson’s district 3 commissioners seat.

The following were chosen to go on to the commissioners for a final vote on the replacement:

Rick Hannold

Marc Henneman

Aubrey Vaughn
Website unknown

This week on The Freedom Update: a union’s “Representative Assembly” has some strange agenda items, a group is gathering signatures in a call to amend the First Amendment, and we discussed the Bundy Standoff with Rep. Matt Shea who was there on the ground in Nevada.

If you think big governments continued infringement of property rights is out of control, share this video and the articles linked below the Read the rest of this entry »
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This week on The Freedom Update – an obvious union backed candidate runs for state senate, the Department of Early Learning seeks parent input, and C-Tran approved $200,000 for an idea voters rejected.
If you think that government waste is hurting taxpayers, read and share this video and the articles linked below.

For those of you who wish to go directly to the blog posts featured in this video, you can find them here:

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I was unaware that Mayor Scott Dudley sent a letter to the Whidbey News Times commenting on the attacks that Keven Graves made about him in a recent editorial until someone who does receive the paper told me about it. I checked the Whidbey News Times website and it does not appear anywhere in the online edition. Apparently the Whidbey News Times reserves the space on their website only for those who do not disagree with the paper and the Keven Graves editorials…apparently Mr. Graves does not consider letters from our Mayor important enough to publish in his online edition. This is just more evidence of the agenda the Whidbey News Times clearly has.

UPDATE- The Whidbey News Times only today added the letter from the mayor to it’s website. The letter was received on the March 27th. It was published today on April 7th, 9 days later.

After the baseless attack on the Mayor in his editorial Keven Graves should do the right thing and at least give the Mayor a chance to refute his baseless claims. Apparently the Whidbey News Times could care less about fairness…

So in the interest in fairness we are publishing it here:

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Below is the video presentation given to the Oak Harbor City Council and the Public on the removal of the Garry Oak Tree at the Oak Harbor Post Office. Cathy Rosen the Oak Harbor Public Works Director did an excellent job of presenting the facts surrounding the history of this Oak Tree. The report includes new information from Master Arborist Sean Dugan of Tree Solutions and information from Dr. Larry Cort the City Administrator concerning the laws we have to protect Oak Harbors Oak trees and the liability this tree presented to the city.

It was obvious that this tree was a hazard to the public and unfortunately did need to be removed. Beyond that the video below will answer the many question there are concerning the removal of this tree and the history of the attempts to save it. Video can be seen by clicking the “Read the rest of this entry »” below.

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In the online edition of the News Times Keven Graves again stepped up to bat with another ill-informed editorial in “his” newspaper. His comments in this editorial shows just how low our local newspaper editor will go to attack those who they know so little about and have never spoken to.
In this editorial he states:

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The Garry Oak Tree at the Oak Harbor Post Office was cut down this Sunday morning.

The City gave very little notice that it was to be cut down but the condition of the tree is what is caused the expedited action on the cities part.

Last May a 100 pound branch broke off in a windstorm and last June another 300 pound branch fell on the sidewalk. This spring and summer when the tree is in full leaf and the sap is running would have more than likely caused more limbs to fail.

It is certainly sad to see a tree of this age cut down but the years were not been to kind to it. This tree was more than likely planted alongside a wagon trail some 400 years ago and the since then that wagon trail has turned into the city we know as Oak Harbor. Once you pave over a trees roots the tree suffers and eventually the tree needs to be removed. (Pictures below the fold)

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Вибачте за мій поганий українському, Google Translate є нашим другом.
Оскільки світ стоїть і спостерігає, що відбувається у вашій країні, багато з нас в США разом з вами. Наш уряд може бути нічого не вартим з нашим нинішньої адміністрації, але багато людей з США разом з вами. У нашій історії у нас є, що ми називаємо “Сини свободи” деякі з них ви, можливо, чули. Ми повинні знати імена ваш герой, ваш Сини Свободи, так сказати, щоб вони могли бути відомі світу. Багато хто з нас стояти з вами у вашій боротьбі за свободу і бажаю вам усього доброго, будь ласка, повідомте нам Ваші історії, щоб ми могли шанувати людей, які воювали і, можливо, померли в процесі боротьби за свободу ви бажаєте так сильно. Звертайтеся до нас.

Ось кілька з назв наших ” Синів волі ”

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