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Cliff Howard

4 years ago this month–Oak Harbor meth house busted, neighbors relieved

From the Whidbey News Times October 15 2011

Bob Severns blamed for continuing problems with Meth House his son was using.

“Jack Daniel, another neighbor, said the issue has been going on for four years. It’s been so troublesome that he and the condo association haved hired lawyers to try and get Severns barred from the neighborhood but with no luck. He blames the man’s father, City Councilman Bob Severns,  and soft judges for not doing enough to solve the problem.”

“He just keeps coming back,” Daniel said.

Read the entire article here:

Bob Severns is a horrible choice for Mayor. He chooses to do nothing about our youth drug problem, even his own son was terrorizing the community and he allowed it to continue. He has been in a position to help as a councilman and has done nothing…it is as if the problem does not exist.

We need better than this for Oak Harbor.

“Saturday Afternoon” 2nd Amendment Forum with Alan Gottlieb and Keely Hopkins

2nd Amendment Forum!

You Are Cordially Invited to Our “Saturday Afternoon” 2nd AMENDMENT FORUM!


Alan Gottlieb
2nd Amendment Foundation


Keely Hopkins
NRA Representative

Saturday, November 7, 2015 1 pm—3:30 pm
Best Western Conference Center, Harbor Plaza
33175 State Route 20, Oak Harbor, Washington

Harvard University Study Reveals Astonishing Link Between Firearms, Crime and Gun Control

According to a study in the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, which cites the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the United Nations International Study on Firearms Regulation, the more guns a nation has, the less criminal activity.
Read more at:

Why we should NOT vote for Bob Severns for Mayor of Oak Harbor

Bob Severns has no respect for our Open Meeting Laws:

The city’s sub committees were meeting with a quorum of city council members present until the attorney general issued a decision that the sub committees, or standing committees were meeting illegally if a quorum of councilmen were present and was against the law if not advertised as a special meeting.

Mr. Severns was all in with violating our open public meetings act and voted to keep our subcommittee meetings from changing to keep the city from violating the law.

Bob Severns has no respect for the appearance of conflict laws:
During the Pioneer Way revitalization where Pioneer Way traffic was to be turned into a one way with the other leg of the one way being on Bayshore Drive their were calls for Mr. Severns to recuse himself because he was partners in property owned on Bayshore Drive. Mr. Severns refused to recuse himself. Mr. Severns made jokes at a subsequent city council meeting where the issue of a contract for dredging the marina was on the table.

Dave Wechner is no longer Director of Island County Planning and Community Development

No real details but he has cleaned out his desk and is no longer employed by the county.

Not too surprising as I knew of several people who have had some pretty major issues with the planning department.

I am sure time will eventually tell us what happened. Or…not. In the way of all good government employers we may never hear the real reason for his departure. Our last planning director left the county, sued and the county settled the lawsuit. The citizens never did get any explanation and probably never will because discussion amongst the commissioners was held under executive session and the settlement was all handled by the county’s insurance pool who then claim an exemption to our public records act for lawyer/client privilege.. Nice eh? They pay, we lose and we never even get to know why. Are not we the ones paying those bills?

Island County Republican Party Precinct Committee Officer and Caucus training

This Saturday, October 10, at 9:00 AM at the Oak Harbor Elks Lodge,  the Island County Republican Party will be training its Precinct Committee Officers and others interested in helping at our caucus which will be held in February 2016.

Caucus is the first step in having your voice heard on a state and national level and also in becoming a delegate to your county convention, which could lead to your being a delegate at State and then National convention.

We need helpers in many capacities for this event.  Things like efficiently checking folks in, running the individual precinct meeting,  (which are held in 3 different locations around our county), helping with speakers and just making sure things run smoothly in general.

Report reveals acute lack of resources, planning at Island County Sheriff’s Office

Whidbey Daily News, By Original article

A shortfall of funding and staffing at the Island County Sheriff’s Office is leading to a lack of crucial policy updates, security measures and long-term planning, according to a report released this week by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.

The voluntary review, sought by county’s Law and Justice Council to both improve the department and move closer toward accreditation, has been long in coming. Island County Sheriff Mark Brown had requested the assessment since he took office nine years ago, but budget constraints have prevented it.

Commissioner Rick Hannold, who serves on the Law and Justice Council, said the report reflected the issues he expected to see and said he was confident the sheriff and the Council would be able to address the issues listed.

Read the original article at Whidbey Daily News

Is it time to end the Conservation Futures program in Island County?

With the recent news that the Friends of Swan/Bos Lake wish to place the Fakkema Farm into a conservation easement to lock up this land from development we need to ask ourselves whether the Conservation Futures program has gone too far. We live on an Island that is already home to more state parks than any other county in the state and with much of our land locked away by already being in parks, cities and military installations what is left?

Island County has a total land acreage of 133408 acres, of that 133408 acres we have 8012 acres under the control of the cities of Oak Harbor, Coupeville, Langley, Freeland* and Clinton*. This leaves 125396 acres under county control. When you add in Whidbey NAS with a total of 8000 acres you end up with 117396 acres. With the addition of the many state parks we have here on Whidbey that total figure drops to 111085 acres under control of Island County.

The above figure does not include already existing county parks land and the parks and facilities built by the individual cities. The above figures also do not reflect the land we have under wetlands and critical areas in the county and that are undevelopable.

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

An interesting video and website with information concerning resettlement of people from countries that have not been good friends with the United States. There is a lot of concern over the funding of these refugees and the potential of refugees coming to the United States that wish to undermine and damage our way of life.

Refugees have been a major topic in the recent political debates thanks to Donald Trump, it is time that we all look at what our Federal Government is doing with our tax dollars and just who is allowed into our country.

You can view more information at:

Refugee Resettlement Watch

and view Ann Corcoran’ video after the page break.

Swan Lake Watershed “Preservation” Group is at it again

The supposed “preservation” group called “Swan Lake Watershed “Preservation” Group” headed by our ex county commissioner Angie Homola is at it again with more new demands placed on area landowners.

The Fakkema Farm has applied for a logging permit to log their acreage on North Whidbey unfortunately they have a group of relative newcomers to the Island that wish to stop this in the name of preservation.

We have seen in the past how this group has attempted, under the name of “preservation”, to rebuild the area surrounding Bos/Swan lake to suit their concept of an idyllic watershed blessed by man using any and all funding sources available.

Their last attempt at rewriting history was when the county was rewriting the GMA plan Angie Homola attempted to insert wording into the GMA plan that would have made Bos/Swan lake and the drainage ditch that feeds it a salmonid stream. This would have made the “restoration” of Bos/Swan lake available for state funding to preserve existing and historic salmonids stream in an attempt to recover salmon rearing areas and boost salmon recovery in the state. The problem was that there has never been any history of any salmon ever being in Swan/Bos lake or in the ditch that is now called Swantown Creek.  Several hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer funds were spent proving what we already know, Bos/Swan lake has no salmonids in it. Read about that attempt here

Jim Campbell candidate for Oak Harbor Mayor, paper on his positions

I have chosen to put my name on the ballot because of my training, background, education, personality and ability to solve the problems that we face. Problems such as conflict at the Mayor/ Council relationship, major engineering projects such as the Waste Water Treatment plant, morale at the staff level, the future of our city in the coming years and our relationship with the Navy. If you evaluate my background you will agree that I am the best candidate the citizens of Oak Harbor have to choose from on this ballot.
My background is:
I am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer
After retirement from the Navy I worked for Lockheed Martin on the Trident II Missile program. Trident II is a submarine launched missile. I worked in Publications, Engineering, Program Management in Sunnyvale CA, Liaison to the Navy in Washington DC and finished my career there as Senior Manager doing Liaison to the Royal Navy on their missile program in Helensburgh, Scotland.

2nd Annual Western Washington Republican Round-Up

Please mark the 2nd Annual Western Washington Republican Round-Up on your calendar for OCTOBER 10, 2015! And it will be at the same place, the Elks Club in Oak Harbor, 155 NE Ernst St., Oak Harbor.

Be prepared for an ALL  STAR Lineup! Our special Guest Speaker is Bill Bryant, Candidate for Governor of the State of Washington. Currently, Bill is on the City of Seattle Port Commission, and is a former President of that organization. As a life-long resident of Washington, you’ll have to come and hear for yourself all about his history of successful business ventures and his vision for Washington State under Bill Bryant, Governor!

We also have Fredi Simpson, National Committeewoman for the Washington State Republican Party. Fredi has been to Island County many times before and always brings us the update on what’s happening with the Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C.  And, with all the candidates vying for President, there will be plenty to hear! In addition to her work with the National Committee, Fredi is active with the Washington Federation of Republican Women and makes frequent appearances at their local meetings.

A message from Rob Born, Candidate for Whidbey General Hospital Board of Directors

Greetings to Island Politics Posters and Readers:

The primary election results showed that I am a serious and electable candidate. I wish to thank those of you who have warmly welcomed my entry into politics. I currently hold about a 1,000 vote lead over incumbent Georgia Gardner; the two of us will move on to compete in November. I lead in North, Central, and South Whidbey precincts, and in Oak Harbor too—32 of 37 precincts overall!

This is a non-partisan office, and it is seldom we have these elections contested. I don’t believe that running a hospital in a business-like manner has much to do with political ideologies, though I will definitely apply my conservative principles to the job. I’m running because our hospital is broken, and is still reeling from 6 ½ years of bad (but thankfully past) administration. We are in crisis, and we need resolute leadership to fix things.

Federal judge throws out COER jet noise lawsuit on Whidbey Island

Whidbey Daily News, By
Original article


A federal judge has denied the Citizens of Ebey’s Reserve’s request to compel the Navy to temporarily stop touch-and-go operations at Outlying Field Coupeville.

In a lawsuit filed by COER in 2013, the group demanded that the courts force the Navy to stop the training for the EA-18G Growler until an ongoing Environmental Impact Statement could be completed. The EIS is scheduled for completion in 2017.

For the last few years, COER has advocated against the Navy’s flight of the Growler over residential areas, arguing that the electronic attack aircraft is too loud and causes mental and physical health issues.

Read the original article at Whidbey Daily News