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Local Newspaper Censorship

There’s a New Standard For News: It Should Be Objectivity, and Should Not Be Ideology

Following are quotations from an article recently published by Jim Puzzanghera, Los Angeles Times founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos … named Frederick Ryan as the publication’s new publisher, turning to the founding chief executive of Web-savvy Politico to lead one of the nation’s premier news organizations….
Bezos, the founder and chief executive of Amazon, bought the Post for $250 million last year….Since then, he has been working to expand the publication’s digital readership as it and other traditional news organizations have struggled to adjust to an Internet-focused world and the decline of print subscriptions… vs Keven R. Graves’ “Mean Girls”

Keven R. Graves’, Whidbey News-Times Executive Editor & Publisher, attempt to label as the “Mean Girls” is laughable when you take a good look at Keven’s three little tabloids. Keven’s “National Enquirer” type tabloids are plagued with years of “mean girl” activity.

Living in the New York Times World

April 19, 2014
By J. Paul Masko

“We need citizens who see the cascade for what it is: an ideologically biased cultural prism that, through its thoroughgoing, omnipresent and enveloping messages and directives, seeks to create a uniform stance and punish those who will not conform.  And if you are targeted by a subdivision of the government, announce your situation to all who will listen…despite the disinterest and reticence of the cascade.”

This comment and subequent article applies to ALL Whidbey Island Newspapers as well.


Letter from Mayor Scott Dudley to the Whidbey News Times-UPDATED

I was unaware that Mayor Scott Dudley sent a letter to the Whidbey News Times commenting on the attacks that Keven Graves made about him in a recent editorial until someone who does receive the paper told me about it. I checked the Whidbey News Times website and it does not appear anywhere in the online edition. Apparently the Whidbey News Times reserves the space on their website only for those who do not disagree with the paper and the Keven Graves editorials…apparently Mr. Graves does not consider letters from our Mayor important enough to publish in his online edition. This is just more evidence of the agenda the Whidbey News Times clearly has.

UPDATE- The Whidbey News Times only today added the letter from the mayor to it’s website. The letter was received on the March 27th. It was published today on April 7th, 9 days later.

After the baseless attack on the Mayor in his editorial Keven Graves should do the right thing and at least give the Mayor a chance to refute his baseless claims. Apparently the Whidbey News Times could care less about fairness…

So in the interest in fairness we are publishing it here:

County Commissioners Johnson and Price-Johnson Violate Open Meeting Laws Again

In Island County WA, the laws only apply to mere mortals; NOT to County Commissioners

Two County Commissioners must feel its okay for a quorum to meet outside of a special session so long as it is not Commissioner Emerson
Commissioners Price-Johnson and Commissioner Board Chair Jill Johnson were both at an Island Transit public Board meeting last night without any special session notice which is required by state law or even a notice of attendance.

Island Transit published their Board meeting information on a special session.

Whidbey News Times Bashes Senator Bailey’s Bill

Whidbey News Times’ Executive Director and Publisher, Keven R. Graves wasted no time weighing in on Senate Bill 5927 saying it was “seriously flawed.”

Part of SB5927 is found below and a link to the full bill is provided:

Whidbey News Times Fumbles Again

Keven R. Graves, executive editor and publisher for the Whidbey News-Times, commented recently:

“This always fascinates me … we have two different sides saying the WNT is favoring the other … I guess that means we’re doing our job right if both sides think that.” Keven R Graves, May 8, 2013

If that were the case then why was a rebuttal comment deleted?

Whidbey Island Fish Wrappers and their Progressive Opinions

Keven R. Graves, executive editor and publisher of the Whidbey News-Times, certainly has a right to HIS opinion as outlined in his recent editorial

It is no surprise however, that his typical Progressive Democratic Socialist spin fails to address another path for resolution in the Emerson case. That resolution requires the Island County Planning Department to admit they were wrong in their wetland assessment, drop the fines, and issue the building permit.

Unfortunately that won’t happen simply because Island County’s former Planning Director; Bob Pederson lacked the courage to admit his error. Instead Bob Pederson performed the cowardly act of sending a certified letter to the Emersons imposing fines on the last day as planning director. Does anyone think Keith Higman, who is acting planning director, has the fortitude to step up and right this injustice? I didn’t think so.

Keven R. Graves would have everyone believe that county officials are infallible.

PART 2: Sheriff’s Department… Safety of Island County Citizens Diminished Since 2008 Due to Commissioners Failure to Properly Prioritize Funding of Programs: many Not Even Mandated

 In 2008, the reality of our failing economy hit  Island County  and  Government  hard. After years  of being able  to fund  many   nice programs, but in 2008  Island County Commissioners were forced to reduce expenses

They failed to use proper budgeting techniques such Zero Base,  Priority budgeting, etc

Commissioners claim they have been using their version  of prioritizing spending but few, if any, non mandated  programs  have  been eliminated;  more have been created.

Safety of Island County Citizens Seriously Diminished Since 2008 Due to Commissioners Failure to Properly Prioritize Funding of Programs; Many Not Even Mandated

This report  about the Prosecutor’s  operation is just the tip of the iceberg regarding this serious  problem. When the analysis of Sheriff Brown’s operation is completed you will see an ever more depressive picture of citizen safety

This needs analysis uses 2008 as the benchmark for staffing and M&O budgeting. That was the last year at which the Prosecutors office was fully staffed to perform all of the functions mandated by statute and state constitution.

It is notable that in 1999, they had a total of 5.5 deputy prosecutors on the criminal side of the office, including a Chief Criminal Deputy. Current staffing is below that level, although caseloads are higher.

Whidbey News-Times removes on-line editorial “Carrying guns: You can, but it doesn’t mean you should” from 09 Feb on-line edition

UPDATED (see below) Was a series of on-line readers’ comments on the morning of Saturday, 09 Feb, simply “too much” for the Whidbey News-Times (WNT)? The newspapers’ on-line editorial chastised citizens about exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights at this past Tuesday’s Oak Harbor, WA City Council meeting. The WNT posted the editorial Saturday morning, and it was attracting a series of readers’ comments that were not favorable towards the WNT’s stated views. Around noon, the newspaper “pulled” the editorial from the on-line edition. The newspaper’s original link to that editorial is now met only with a page which reads “Page Not Found”.

Did the WNT decide to “pull” it’s editorial permanently from being on-line? Or, are they simply temporarily avoiding the growing number of on-line comments which had been criticizing the newspaper’s stated position? A readable copy of the WNT editorial appears below the “Read the rest of this entry »” link. The subject editorial was apparently printed in the locally distributed hard-copy edition, as evidenced by the Whidbey News-Times, February 09, 2013 (“Green Edition”)  on page 6). 

HEAR YE, HEAR YE, One More Time; There is Not a Wetland on Emerson’s Property and There Never Has Been One

Well here we go again with more information, all from Island County records again proving that there is not now nor never has been a wetland on Emerson’s property

A February 6 Public Documents Request regarding the short plat division of the parcels surrounding the Emerson’s home  and Emerson’s  parcel indicated the following: 

Official county records confirmed NO WETLANDS or Sensitive lands existed during the original development of that area in 1994.

Local Newspapers Continue Banishment of Online Commenter

Ken Wolf, longtime resident of Whidbey Island is still banned from contributing online comments in local papers via Facebook. Regardless of the message, these local newspapers still find it necessary to manipulate the online conversation by suppression of citizen’s comments.

Comments associated with a recently published an article in the Whidbey News Times entitled: Emerson vies for top spot on Island County commission  are being manipulated by the newspaper. Apparently Whidbey News Times finds that some comments are dangerous, especially those that are based on facts, and in the interest of public safety they feel obligated to suppress those fact based comments.  Click on the images to enlarge.

Is Lame Duck Homola Planning another Clean Water Like Present For Thanksgiving; No Gun Shooting on Watanabe’s Property

Sounds like Homola is planning to go out with another act of stupidity on her record 

Word has it that she’s dusting off her old fight with her neighbor about gun noise

Last go around said, “According to Island County Sheriff Mark Brown, based on state law and county ordinance, Watanabe has complied with addressing the safety concerns surrounding the incident that the department looked at.”

“”Mr. Watanabe not only complies, but also calls ICOM every time that he is going to shoot,” Brown said.””