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Oak Harbor Scool District

Wake Up; We Are Closer To Being a Socialist Nation Than You Might Think

Last week Criminal Weatherman, bomber, community organizer and writer,. Bill Ayers, President Barack Obama’s mentor, stated he is ready and available now to become our national head of Education. That’s action Number 6 in Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers plan for Social Justice reform movement i.e.,How To Create a Social State.  He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing. He is often noted for his book: Rules for Radicals.
Hillary Clinton wrote her term paper on Alinsky’s work and President Obama also studied him.

Just this week Obama took action to take guns away from all of us  using his bogus “Executive Orders” power in an attempt to complete action 4 in their plan action.  Action 2,  Poverty has been accomplished as has Actions 1, Health care, 3 Debt, and 5 Welfare.
Religion and class Warfare Actions 7and 8 are well underway for their total Socialization or our once great nation

Following  as I referenced are their 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state:

Whidbey Has Future Leaders in Three Young Girls

I thought all in Island County would be very interested in this story in the Seattle Times today by Seattle Times staff reporter Zarah Fatah about three young Women from Freeland

They are on their way to compete in the Black Sea International ROV Competition and Exhibition in Romania — the largest underwater robotics competition in Europe. Teams will compete to see whose robot can rescue an underwater mannequin diver and defuse an underwater mine. The top three will be taken out to a real shipwreck, where their robots must retrieve hidden treasure.

The three young girls are Haley McConnaughey, 14, older sister Hannah, 17,and Annika Hustard age 13. who competed in her first robotics competition in May. The more I read about these young girls the more I realized how amazing  they are in their life styles, i.e.

Tax Payer Dollars Spent to Produce Tourist Dollars Result in More Poverty Income Level Employees Existing on Government Welfare Benefit Plans

Since the OBAMACARE was foisted on the  citizens  of our once great nation, several large employers, ranging from restaurants and fast food establishments to colleges that rely on part time  instructors  with lots of part-time employees have announced plans to limit their employees to 25 hours per week in response to Obamacare. While they’ve taken a lot of criticism for doing this, it’s worth looking at why Obamacare incentivizes employers to do exactly what they’ve done. In short, they are not taking advantage of a “loophole” — they are simply responding to the law’s requirements and its definition of a “full-time” employee.

The “Affordable Care Act” requires “large” employers – those with 50 or more full-time-equivalent employees – to either provide “qualified” health coverage for all of their full-time employees, or pay an annual penalty of $2,000 per full-time employee (after the first 30) if they don’t provide such coverage. If they do provide coverage but it’s not “affordable,” the penalty is $3,000 per employee who finds it “unaffordable” (with a cap at the penalty they’d pay for not offering coverage at all).

Island County Commissioner Emerson Nominated by Senator Patty Murray to Represent Washington State at Senate Democratic Rural Summit

Press release, 5/31/13:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Effective prioritization of transportation funding, protecting the tax-exempt status of municipal bonds and opposing unfunded federal mandates were among the legislative priorities that Commissioner Kelly Emerson advanced before members of Congress and administration officials during the National Association of Counties’ (NACo) Rural Action Caucus (RAC) “fly-in” advocacy effort, April 23-25, in Washington, D.C.

“It’s critical that our federal representatives hear directly from county representatives expressing rural America’s interests,” said Emerson. “With Congress needing to make deep spending cuts, considering higher taxes and fees and imposing new federal regulations, they need to understand how these decisions will affect our county and the communities we serve.”


Many say our education system is broken.

The teachers’ unions says they need more money to fix it,  BUT AN INCREASING NUMBER OF CITIZENS DISAGREE WITH THOSE CLAIMS.

A tech-savvy and caring parent could create a curriculum based upon state and fed standards and prep a child better than most public schools. Many are doing exactly this with “home schooling“:

One of the original goals in the late 1800s of expanding public schools was to create an environment for the influx of immigrants to become “Americanized” and for the system to act as a center for social interaction.

The “Show Must Go On” in the OHSD, so Lance Gibbon will be christened OHSD’s new Superintendent + Video “The Show Must Go On”

One really does NOT need a crystal ball to predict Lance Gibbon being given the OHSD Superintendent’s post

Sometimes, pulling out one’s crystal ball and making a prediction just seems too tempting a proposition. Therefore, I predict that on May 28, the Oak Harbor School Board will crown Lance Gibbon as Superintendent for the OHSD, and they will give him a three-year, regular (i.e. “permanent”) contract when they do so.

In doing so, the OHSD will step squarely into former Oak Harbor City Councilman Bob Morrison’s prediction about Gibbon’s eventual ascent, which he made to me shortly after Lance Gibbon first accepted the job as Assistant Superintendent for the OHSD: Bob’s take: “Rick Schulte was a Roger Woehl-trained man, and Lance Gibbon will be a Rick Schulte-trained man”.

Students, parents, grandparents document substandard teaching, mistreatment within Oak Harbor School District + Video “The Truth About Public Schools”

Following an 18-month all-out campaign to double the local Maintenance and Operations levy, the Oak Harbor School District (OHSD) managed to convince 54.5% percent of the voters to do so.

Why 45.5% voted “no” is likely not a question of any present consequence to the OHSD, since their campaign strategy of lies, more liesstudent exploitation, and thuggery succeeded.

Some of those who voted “no” have long-believed that the OHSD’s problems cannot be solved with more money. To demonstrate that point, we’ve received a series of letters containing first hand experiences within the Oak Harbor School District, along with permission to publish these letters here at Island Politics.

Oak Harbor teachers’ union president fails in bid to become WEA union president + Video “Teachers Unions explained”

Peter Szalai in his “educational soldiers“ red t-shirt.

The very politically ambitious Peter Szalai, president of the Oak Harbor Education Associationlost in his bid to become president of the Washington Education Association.

I suspect his own bio did him in.  

In arguing for a “clear-headed” path to “change the dominant narrative arrayed against us“, he vomited:

“It is time—way past time—finally, inexorably, and unalterably to say “no”—not “no, but” or “no, and” but simply “no.””


The Washington voting rights act of 2013 would strengthen our mobile, Navy community in Oak Harbor, and that’s why OHSD opposes it + Video “The Cartel – Local Spending”

The Washington voting rights act of 2013 would potentially provide the Oak Harbor Navy community a full-fledged full-time voice on the Oak Harbor School Board, but the OHSD’s Superintendent and incumbent school board directors have decided to oppose this legislationThe real reason they have done so? They do not want Oak Harbor on such a vector because they do not want to lose the ability to hand pick at-large public education sycophants who will simply go-along-to-get-along whenever asked to increase local property taxes in whatever amount the school district desires.

A Citizen Comments- Oak Harbor School District is a textbook example of long-term money mismanagement + Video “Teachers’ Unions Explained”

UPDATE (below, within article): Have you recently heard these local cries from the Oak Harbor School District (OHSD): “We have no money for textbooks!?!” and “Our paper supply is being rationed!?!” How can this be? This certainly is NOT due to lack of funding.  What it has to do with is money mismanagement and the diversion of funds AWAY from the children and into the adult pockets that oversee children. This year, the money managers of the OHSD will burn through $57 MILLION dollars for 5,400 students. 

Recently departed Oak Harbor School Board Director attacks teacher-constituent who used private dollars to pay for print ad against proposed doubling of Maintenance and Operations (M&O) property tax levy

A single quarter-page ad against the Oak Harbor Maintenance & Operations (M&O) levy appeared (buried) on page 12 of the Whidbey News-Times’ 26 January edition. Having just left the Oak Harbor School Board as an elected School Board Director, David McCool wasted no time penning a letter-to-the-editor attacking his former constituent  – a reading teacher – and the WNT wasted no time in printing his letter-of-attack. The ad had been bought and paid-for at the Whidbey News-Times by a single individual, a private citizen, using a personal credit card. McCool called the ad “shameful” because, he says, whoever paid for the ad did not “have the courage to take personal ownership”. McCool also purports it to be “political fantasy” that the school levy is in any way connected to teacher TRI-Days. McCool is an outright LIAR.

OHHS Teacher Kevin Kindelberger Claims That No Island Politics Article About OHSD M&O Levy Has Any Truth to it + Video “The Machine”

(Updated: see below within article) After first labeling me a Fascist, tin-foil-hat-wearing kid-hating bully in the Whidbey News-Times Facebook forum, Oak Harbor High School Teacher Kevin Kindelberger next penned a letter to the editor which received the title “The school levy is not a scam”. His was the second letter published in the News-Times in an attempt to counter my letter titled “Proposed levy is a scam, vote against“.

Teacher Kindelberger’s apparent modus operandi is simply to claim “I assure everyone that not one of these accusations (by Bill Burnett) has any truth to it”, referring to articles written by me and which he has apparently read here at Island Politics.

If OHEA Members Believe they “Deserve” TRI-Days Prove it by Running a Separate M&O Levy for All TRI-Days and Nothing Else and Lose All TRI-Days if the Levy Fails

Updated (below): Peter Szalai, the Oak Harbor Education Association President, penned a letter to the editor in which he denies that the teachers’ union he leads will receive additional Time, Responsibility and Incentive Days (TRI-Days) as part of the Oak Harbor School District’s proposed doubling of its Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Levy.

I had outlined my claims in a letter which the newspaper titled “Proposed levy is a scam, vote against“. Mr. Szalai’s letter, written in direct response to my letter, received the moniker “Calling levy ‘a scam’ is shameful

In reality, Mr. Szalai’s letter solidly re-confirms that the teachers’ union is purporting a scam. Moreoever, it’s essentially the SAME kind of levy scam that Ed Beeksma, the gentleman whose name adorns Oak Harbor’s Beeksma Gateway Park, also wrote to the newspaper about over 20 years ago in Oak Harbor, when he was an elected local school board director.

Let’s examine the actual facts of this latest proposed local K-12 property tax levy and the TRI-Day scam.

Oak Harbor School Board Directors sign their names to the false claim that there has been “no money for textbooks” + Video “California Teachers Union Socialist Brainwashing – Tax The Rich”

Updated (below): A four page color flyer paid for by the Oak Harbor School District (OHSD) recently hit everyone’s mailbox on North Whidbey, boldly pretending NOT to be campaign literature for OHSD’s impending M&O levy.

Within that taxpayer-paid-for document, all five of our elected Oak Harbor School Board Directors signed their names claiming that the OHSD budget has had “no money for textbooks”, despite the fact that Washington State perennially provides revenue SPECIFICALLY for such items on a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) per-pupil basis.

Either all five of these people are either too stupid to be on a school board, or they think we, the public, are illiterate idiots, or all five of these elected officials are outright liars. In any case, the OHSD is being mismanaged and deserves ZERO public support, monetary or otherwise.