There’s a lot of behind the curtains  activities that  could  stop  the  recision, starting  with …

…John Dean, in his last act as Commissioner signed a budget with this comment,

“I have friends who are deputies and friends who are Beach Watchers
Therefore, I must treat them equally in this budget”

So he supported Homola and Price-Johnson with his vote and deputies were terminated
With that vote HPJ and Homola realized they still had 2 votes and with that did whatever they wanted and continued to use Dean’s budgeting methodology

Then this year Homola was replaced as commissioner
That fiscal stupidity in decision making can and must must be stopped
At least Commissioners Emerson and Johnson can prove they are worthy of our trust with a serious change of attitudes in decision making processes when funding projects and associated other “feel good” programs, trips, memberships in useless groups, etc, etc
However, the DEAN budgeting methodology is not dead

Now Ex-Commissioner Homola is trying to get her followers to make a show of support at the Commissioners meeting Monday April 22, to help her old Taxing Twin, Commissioner Price-Johnson, prevent termination of their Recycling program which was supposedly needed to solve a non existent problem

Homola’s appeal, using Dean style logic is, “…. are pitting cops against recycling when we clearly need both. Don’t let this turn into a one or the other fight. To truly be safe and independent – we require clean air and water and the resources necessary for long-term job and national security. We can’t afford not to preserve our resources.”

Also remember next Monday at the Commissioners meeting, it was Commissioner HELEN PRICE-JOHNSON who said when she and Homola approved the Recycling ordinance,

“Doing the right thing is not always the most convenient or the least expensive, but I believe that in the long run … (the benefits) far outweigh the cost to this community at large,”

Obviously ex-Commissioner Homola, the “has been” fails to realize it was her history of this type of thinking and doing TO, not FOR citizens that resulted in the majority of voters replacing her as Commissioner last November

This is not the Commissioners’ meeting. It’s the people’s meeting  and the Commisssioners are there only to serve the will of the people!

Please, attend the Monday  evening  meeting  or  call or send  an Email to  the  Commissioners:

Helen Price Johnson (D) Commissioner from District Number One which encompasses all of Whidbey Island south of the greater Oak Harbor area.

Cell phone:360-632-1168

Office phone:360-679-7357

Jill Johnson (R) Commissioner from District Number Two which encompasses all of the greater Oak Harbor area.


Cell phone:360-544-2961

Office phone:360-679-7354

Kelly Emerson (R) Commissioner from District Number Three which encompasses Whidbey Island area north of Oak Harbor and all of Camano Island.


Cell Phone:(360) 544-2958

Office phone:360-679-7356