Progressive Democratic Socialists “Talking Trash.”

These online comments show how stupid their “message” is.

“Much as I would like curbside recycling, it’s just not practical here. What Whidbey really needs is a dropoff point for recycling electronics. Technotrash is a growing problem, and no one here seems interested in solving it. With two regressives on the board, that’s not likely to change soon.” Carol Anne Peschke • Top Commenter • Seattle, Washington- 25 April, 2013


Island County and Island Recycling are participants in the E-Cycle Washington program that is paid for by the manufacturers. E-Cycle Washington is an example of an industry taking some responsibility for the end fates of their products, or “product stewardship.”

“Actually, recycling isn’t alive and well in Island County. Our recycle rate in Island County has remained at about 32% for several years now. The national rate is 34%. The statewide rate is 49%. We can do better, but unfortunately, two of three commissioners voted against it.” Molly “the mouth” MacLeod-Roberts • Top Commenter • Langley, Washington – 23 April 2013


Molly sited this website:

While this report does indicate a 49% statewide recycle rate, finding the 32% rate for Island County in the 170 page document remains elusive.  Two questions: What methods were used to derive at Island County’s recycle rate, and exactly what agency made the determination?

“So what now we (the county) bought all this equipment and now what? the Island County commissioners spent our money and now is going to spend even more money to get out how much more money is this commission going to go trough to appease the two members base.” Anthony Hernandez- Top Commenter 24 April 2013


Island County spent ZERO tax dollars on ANY equipment.

“Is it now likely that the Island County Commissioners duo will denounce all Earth Day observances and introduce “Ayn Rand Day” celebrations?” Darrell M. Gray, University of Washington – 24 April 2013


WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Ayn Rand “was known for her scathing attacks on communism and all forms of collectivism” which is why Progressive Democratic Socialists despise her so much.

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  1. Hurray for Whidbey! We have a chance to nip this Progressive Democratic Socialists thing in the bud before it destroys Island County like it did King,Pierce,and a few other counties.

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