Swan Lake Estuary Restoration versus Law and Justice

Finding tax dollars to adequately support Law and Justice remains a challenge for our Island County Commissioners however, what many taxpayers on Whidbey are not aware of is that Island County’s Capital Improvement Projects document includes a $150,000 expenditure of your tax dollars to fund a comprehensive feasibility study that turns Swan Lake into a salmon recovery area. Keep in mind that Swan Lake historically was NOT a salt water lake yet a small group of environmental whackos led by former Island County Commissioner Angie Homola pushed to fund this.

Since Law and Justice is a “service” required by law, and feasibility studies for Swan Lake estuary restoration are NOT is further evidence that Angie Homola and Helen Price-Johnson place environmental programs as a higher priority over Law and Justice. http://www.skagitfisheries.org/2012/10/swan-lake-feasibility-study-public-meeting/

Island County voters were wise to replace Angie Homola yet what is so unfortunate is that these Capital Improvements Projects were approved by Angie Homola and Helen Price-Johnson on October 3, 2011. Take a good look at 2012 Project Descriptions line item P-7 entitled Swan Lake Feasibility Study and note $100,000 expended from Real Estate Tax #1, and another $50,000 expended from Misc. Other Resources.

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Island County voters should demand a proactive approach by our commissioners to adequately fund Law and Justice instead of pandering to environmetal whackos who are willing to spend thousands of YOUR tax dollars on programs that advance their agenda.

For more reading on Swan Lake click here: http://www.islandpolitics.org/?p=6625


  1. Who is this $150,000 being paid to? Feasability study? Are these people who are being paid to study this, qualified or certified to perform it?
    If the study results in a verdict of “unfeasable”, does the project get dropped and the “study” folks take their money and go on their way?

    I think an idiot can look at the Swan/boss lake situation and tell you it is unfeasable.

    I’m not highly educated but I can read a simple budget/balance sheet. This one reads defecit spending.

    1. Q “Who is this $150,000 being paid to?”

      A Whatever firm is contracted to deliver the overwhelming verdict that favors the client.

      Q “Are these people who are being paid to study this, qualified or certified to perform it?”

      A In their own mind they are. Qualified, Licensed, Certified are simply words that get in the way of their agenda. No need for any credentials simply because they get in the way of their agenda.

      Q “If the study results in a verdict of “unfeasable”, does the project get dropped and the “study” folks take their money and go on their way?”

      A NO! They don’t go away. What you don’t understand is this: It is NOT their money they are using it is YOUR tax dollars.

      Opinion: “I think an idiot can look at the Swan/boss lake situation and tell you it is unfeasable.

      FACT: The only IDIOTS in this WAR are the Progressive Democratic Socialists. “I’m willing to pay whatever I need to pay in order to take care of this planet and this county.” Carol Dawes

      Proclamation: “I’m not highly educated but I can read a simple budget/balance sheet. This one reads defecit spending.”

      Amplification: This spending is from tax payer pockets.

  2. At a Heller road presentation meeting the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement people (the ones controlling and spending the initial grant with the Island County’s contribution of $15-25K) have the greatest future control position in the plan they presented.
    They showed maps of where Water flowed from the golf course and the Fakkama property into and out of Swan esturary into the sound as it was “200 years” ago
    That map was interpretated by one of the plans vested “experts” to show where streams entered the lake and exited into the Sound; VOODOO sciences…

    For more on the outside experts Homola has recruited visit these sites
    http://www.swanlake-preservation.org/projects.html (started by Homola to protect the view from her house!)

    Their goal was to only restore it to what is was 100 years ago; more maps of what they want and why

    They were and are using the same start for solving a non-problem as was the bogus the Septic test data proving contamination of Holmes Harbor that resulted in the Commissioners’ the Clean Water Utility District. IT worked before, so with the Homola/Price-Johnson/John Dean lib thinking, why not DO it again…

    Remember it was Dean that originated their program funding methods with his infamous, “I have friends who are Deputies and friends who are Beachwatchers, therefore I must treat them equally”

  3. Island County used the actual fact that the so-called “tidegates” at Bos/San Lake will eventually, someday need to be replaced as an unjustified excuse to spend grossly unnecessary amounts state-level money and Island County-level taxpayer money for studying the feasibility of turning Bos / Swan Lake into a mostly salt water lake having free-flow of tidal salt water in-and-out from Puget Sound, in the hopes that doing so might somehow make Bos / Swan Lake into a baby salmon habitat.

    The tidegates at Bos / Swan Lake consist of a mostly underground pipe / channel that exists primary to allow rising levels of fresh water from rain to flow into Puget Sound, in order to keep the lake level from becoming too high relative to the road and adjacent homes near the lake.

    A comment made above “I think an idiot can look at the Swan/boss lake situation and tell you it is unfeasable” is incredibly accurate.

    In fact, that’s exactly what the taxpayer-supported feasibility study concluded.

    I attended the brief at the Heller Road fire station and heard it myself.

    That occurred literally days just after Angie Homola had been un-elected from office, but that did not dissuade her from taking the floor at one point and re-iterating how justified spending all this taxpayer money had been.

    Angie was spouting a BUNCH of BS!

    We should believe that we spent all this $$ just so we could “discover” that the only really feasible thing to do at Bos /Swan Lake is what is already being done there now !?!?!

    Even more troubling: late in 2012, when Island County was putting together their recent update to the Shoreline Management Plan, there was STILL an existing plan (in the draft version of the plan about which I spoke at one Island County Commissioners’ hearing on it) to spend Island County $$ to create a salmon estuary out of Bos / Swan Lake!

    When I challenged this – let me again state that I was speaking TO the Commissioners at a public hearing – then-planning director Bob Pederson piped in “it’s just an example of things we want to do – not that we are necessarily going to do this”!)

    Uh, yeah…sure…right…let’s put an idea like this in a County plan that does NOT make sense to do as written, so then, for the next decade people can continue to have to show up and argue with the County about such a ridiculous idea, each time being told “it’s in the Shoreline Management Plan!”….so, of course, then, spending even MORE taxpayer money on the idea has unjustified momentum, just like the INITIAL expenditures were also unjustified.

    Even more insidious: how the Progressives actually think on topics like this (because this is partly how Angie was attempting to justify all this $$ being spent to Heller Fire house crowd in late 2012): Island County got some “free” money and state-assist to do this “study” of the Bos/Swan Lake tidegates because we linked the entire idea / project to salmon recovery…so that somehow made the whole endeavor worthwhile.

    There is still going to be Island County $$ needed to be spent to create an actual project plan to actually replace the tidegates at Bos / Swan Lake.

    The $150,000 that Ken Wolf demonstrates as already having been spent could have very well gone to fund a Sheriff’s deputy.

    I’d bet it likely therefore that Island County has actually been able to shake loose enough $$ to fund AT LEAST one additional sheriff’s deputy (or more) for quite some time now – IF they had wanted to do so).

    Contrarily, if Island County deemed that the tidegates at Bos / Swan Lake NOW (or very soon) needed replacement, that $150,000 could have gone a long way towards that end – in actually creating a project plan to replace the existing tidegates with a similar, updated system – which all along has been the ONLY real solution all along, and which was OBVIOUS to most anyone familiar with Bos / Swan lake.

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