Finding tax dollars to adequately support Law and Justice remains a challenge for our Island County Commissioners however, what many taxpayers on Whidbey are not aware of is that Island County’s Capital Improvement Projects document includes a $150,000 expenditure of your tax dollars to fund a comprehensive feasibility study that turns Swan Lake into a salmon recovery area. Keep in mind that Swan Lake historically was NOT a salt water lake yet a small group of environmental whackos led by former Island County Commissioner Angie Homola pushed to fund this.

Since Law and Justice is a “service” required by law, and feasibility studies for Swan Lake estuary restoration are NOT is further evidence that Angie Homola and Helen Price-Johnson place environmental programs as a higher priority over Law and Justice.

Island County voters were wise to replace Angie Homola yet what is so unfortunate is that these Capital Improvements Projects were approved by Angie Homola and Helen Price-Johnson on October 3, 2011. Take a good look at 2012 Project Descriptions line item P-7 entitled Swan Lake Feasibility Study and note $100,000 expended from Real Estate Tax #1, and another $50,000 expended from Misc. Other Resources.

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Island County voters should demand a proactive approach by our commissioners to adequately fund Law and Justice instead of pandering to environmetal whackos who are willing to spend thousands of YOUR tax dollars on programs that advance their agenda.

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