An email we received along with a link to a YouTube video states:

“Here is a video of the hazardous noise our children are forced to play in at Patmore ballpark! Remember, hearing damage starts at 84 decibels.”

Which parents force their children to play Little League ball and which entity forced North Whidbey Little League to designate one of their 17 ball parks immediately west of the OLF Coupeville remains unclear.

However, the closing of school cafeterias nationwide now seems imminent, as the CDC delineates their sound intensity to be 85 decibels sustained.


The Island County AICUZ noise map delineates this geographic area to be within an area of noise greater than 75 decibels.

Michael Monson, who sent us the email and video link has also recently published a letter to the Coupeville Examiner:


I’m so glad the Navy started to practice touch and goes this week instead of observing their published schedule of not practicing.

Gives me faith that they haven’t changed. What they say is not necessarily what they do.  

Michael Monson

Mr. Monson’s letter requires willful ignorance of the perennial caveat regarding OLF Coupeville training flights:

“Flight operations are subject to change due to weather, operational and/or training requirements.”

EA18G at Patmore ballpark