Peter Szalai in his “educational soldiers“ red t-shirt.

The very politically ambitious Peter Szalai, president of the Oak Harbor Education Associationlost in his bid to become president of the Washington Education Association.

I suspect his own bio did him in.  

In arguing for a “clear-headed” path to “change the dominant narrative arrayed against us“, he vomited:

“It is time—way past time—finally, inexorably, and unalterably to say “no”—not “no, but” or “no, and” but simply “no.””





Nonetheless, Peter Szalai remains our local snake oil salesman,  advocate of socialistic Autonomism, organizer of threats made upon small businesses,  and lover of raising local property taxes “to the moon“.

For some strange reason, Mr. Szalai failed to mention those aspects of his qualifications when he penned his bio for these elections.

In any case, let’s not forget why we have teachers’ unions in the public schools in the first place.

It’s all “for the children”, right?

Teachers Unions explained