Along WA State HWY 20, south of NOLF Coupeville, heading north

A group calling itself “Concerned Island Citizens” has recently posted signs advising people to wear ear protection due to a sound hazard zone on Whidbey Island, WA.

Drivers heading north on Highway 20 encounter one sign just south of the Navy’s OLF Coupeville, near Squire Road. 

Just north of Duguala Bay, near Jones Road, southbound Highway 20 motorists encounter the other sign. Both signs have similar construction and signage. 

Along WA State HWY 20, north of Duguala Bay, heading south

The sign near Jones Road is accompanied by a nearby, much older, now fallen, dilapidated sign which reads “SAY NO TO CRASH ZONE”: an apparent reference to Accident Potential Zones which Island County instituted near Ault Field a number of years ago.

Continuing south on Highway 20, just after passing Duguala Bay and heading up the hill, yet another sign says “HEY! CAN YOU HEAR  TIRED YET? HAD ENOUGH?”

The group claiming responsibility for these signs claims a “sound hazard zone” extends for 25 miles in either direction. Their web site blames the Navy for “patterns of disinformation” while it is their claimed desire to “inform the community with the truth”.

“Say No to Crash Zones” sign on ground

Island County’s AICUZ noise zones map delineate increased areas of noise intensity in proximity to both Ault Field and NOLF Coupeville.

The AICUZ noise zones differ greatly from what these roadside signs suggest, and suggestions to motorists that they may need hearing protection while traveling along highway 20 is a gross example of irresponsible “disinformation” on the part of these concerned citizens who claim to be providers of truth.

Along HWY 20, heading south, after passing Duguala Bay

What these people are claiming with their “noise hazard” signs is simply over-the-top. These signs, however, DO deserve to be discussed, to be laughed at, and to be ridiculed.

With that in mind, please enjoy one of my favorite songs, to get you in the mood simply to laugh and smile at the silliness of the folks who put up these laughable signs.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign