Keven R. Graves, executive editor and publisher for the Whidbey News-Times, commented recently:

“This always fascinates me … we have two different sides saying the WNT is favoring the other … I guess that means we’re doing our job right if both sides think that.” Keven R Graves, May 8, 2013

If that were the case then why was a rebuttal comment deleted?


“I have an email from one of your reporters that shows a bias favoring the liberal left.”

Secondly, why is Carol Anne Peschke • Top Commenter • Seattle, Washington, allowed to splatter her vomit all over, and make inflamatory remarks such as this:

“James Bruner Unfortunately, a lot of voters fell for the aggressive smear campaign against Haugen, and many others simply didn’t pay attention to Bailey’s record. Basically, the baggers bought this seat for her, and she doesn’t represent the interests of her constituents. Hope they pay closer attention next time!”

Keven R. Graves and crew clearly do show favoritism when the enforcement of their own “rules” is slanted in favor of the liberal left.

Every playground must have its rules | Publisher’s Column March 5, 2013 • Updated 4:28 PM

The following segment was erroroneously provided:

Whidbey News Times and Whidbey Examiner both share the same bias.  This is obvious from the dialogue that is taking place under the exact same “opinion” piece by Harry Anderson.

Notice that Claire Bryan responded to a remark made by Robyn Kolaitis, and that Robyn’s comment is missing from the dialogue: