One really does NOT need a crystal ball to predict Lance Gibbon being given the OHSD Superintendent’s post

Sometimes, pulling out one’s crystal ball and making a prediction just seems too tempting a proposition. Therefore, I predict that on May 28, the Oak Harbor School Board will crown Lance Gibbon as Superintendent for the OHSD, and they will give him a three-year, regular (i.e. “permanent”) contract when they do so.

In doing so, the OHSD will step squarely into former Oak Harbor City Councilman Bob Morrison’s prediction about Gibbon’s eventual ascent, which he made to me shortly after Lance Gibbon first accepted the job as Assistant Superintendent for the OHSD: Bob’s take: “Rick Schulte was a Roger Woehl-trained man, and Lance Gibbon will be a Rick Schulte-trained man”.

The best evidence for this prediction comes from the OHSD’s very own $69,964-salary chief propagandist, Joe Hunt, who said in a recent mass emailing:

“Jerry Jenkins, superintendent of Northwest Educational Service District, told the school board Monday that it is too late in the year to do a superintendent search. The only realistic options available at this stage, he said, are to bring someone in as an interim superintendent or promote someone from within.  The internal candidate could also serve as interim on a one-year contract or be given a normal three-year contract, he said. Jenkins warned: “When you have an interim superintendent, you are not in forward motion for a year. You are in a holding pattern for a year.””

Prove me wrong, school board.

I think that, in the OHSD, the adage that “The Show Must Go On” is paramount.