Many say our education system is broken.

The teachers’ unions says they need more money to fix it,  BUT AN INCREASING NUMBER OF CITIZENS DISAGREE WITH THOSE CLAIMS.

A tech-savvy and caring parent could create a curriculum based upon state and fed standards and prep a child better than most public schools. Many are doing exactly this with “home schooling“:

One of the original goals in the late 1800s of expanding public schools was to create an environment for the influx of immigrants to become “Americanized” and for the system to act as a center for social interaction.

Those were noble and worthy goals but the teaching methodology used today has lagged far behind the potential resources available.

Most of the blame for this rests with the teachers unions and uncaring parents. Tax payers are fed up and uninterested in reading comments from teachers about how over worked, underpaid and unloved you are. Many qualified people refuse teaching assignments because they are sickened by the systemic rot within our schools.

They are fans of the idea of reverse schools where the kids watch videos and lessons on their tablets, computers, etc, and their parents can actually participate and the homework is done at school where they can actually ask questions and work through problems together.

One of the most difficult parts of their schooling was if the student was having problems with coursework at home, there was no one either 1) there or 2) understood what the material was.

Teachers failed them in making course work relevant to real life.

Students never actually needed to figure out the height of a tree based on the angles, however, perhaps using that in a program to determine vectors in an simulation could be  of  value  in their future

Think about these comments and the obvious need to accept the fact that …