Island County Commissioner Helen Price Johnson and Coupeville Mayor Nancy Conard are holding a Community Forum to discuss the “Distress” and the “Level of Impact” caused by the Naval Outlying Field in Coupeville.

Therse 2 local politicians are holding a community meeting at the Coupeville Rec Hall, Wednesday June 19, 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

They state: “By increasing the dialogue we can come together to reduce the negative impacts of base operations on our community.”

Again we see some of our local politicians feeding the flames of certain special interest groups on the Island that want to see the Coupeville NOLF severely restricted or removed from the Island entirely. Apparently Commissioner Helen Price Johnson and the Mayor of Coupeville Nancy Conard feel that giving a voice to the people who have been using lies and half truths in their campaign against the OLF is a better way to go than supplying the citizens with the facts about the OLF  and current property disclosure information and zoning we currently have in place to stop encroachment on these facilities.

Both of the politicians that are holding this community forum have in the past turned a blind eye to encroachment issues by allowing incompatible developments in the noise zones and now they are giving a voice to those who oppose the OLF because of that noise and encroachment. Instead of fighting to lower the “level of impact” of the OLF by following the laws and zoning we currently have in place they are attempting to restrict the use of the OLF because of the problems that in many cases they themselves have caused.

These 2 politicians are no friend of the Naval community on our Island or they would be supplying the public with the facts surrounding the NOLF and standing for reducing encroachment on the OLF instead of allowing encroachment and then allowing the encroachers a voice and a public forum to complain.


Coupeville Rec Hall
Wednesday June 19
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.