If you are planning on visiting one of our local Indian Casinos anytime in the near future I would certainly be aware of the class action lawsuit filed by the Swinomish Tribe and consider visiting one of the many other casino’s in our area.

The local Swinomish Casino is owned and operated by the Swinomish Tribe, the entity that is suing Oak Harbor for a reported 9 million dollars.


While it is unfortunate that the tribe is suing Oak Harbor it is not unexpected. Oak Harbor citizens have made poor choices in it’s leadership in the past and that leadership was directly responsible for this lawsuit. While our previous Mayor Jim Slowik and members of the City Council, many of them still serving as Council Members, made extremely poor choices in regards to this issue it is sad to see one of our local tribes attempting to make a monetary settlement that will only serve to directly damage the citizens of our community.

Our current administration and Mayor has made every attempt to right the wrongs done by the previous administration by replacing employees that were involved but apparently that has fallen on deaf ears with the leaders of the Swinomish Tribe and they have chosen to punish the citizens of this community who will eventually be paying for this lawsuit.

The City of Oak Harbor has already paid over 4 million dollars in costs since the discovery of these grave sites and has attempted to work with the tribe to do the right thing since the discovery but that is not enough. The tribe is wanting more than that, they want us to not only do the right thing but also punish the citizens for our leaders mistakes.

We as citizens have a choice in not patronizing an establishment that is owned by the same entity that is bringing a very expensive lawsuit against the citizens of the city we live in.

I know I will not be visiting the Swinomish Casino or any other Swinomish entity now or in the near future. I would also encourage others to gamble, buy gas and tobacco products elsewhere until the Swinomish Tribe realizes that they are suing the very people that have made them successful.

The Skagit Valley Casino Resort on Bow Hill Road is just a short drive farther than the Swinomish Casino and at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are not supporting a tribe that is suing the city you live in.