Tax Payer Dollars Spent to Produce Tourist Dollars Result in More Poverty Income Level Employees Existing on Government Welfare Benefit Plans

Since the OBAMACARE was foisted on the  citizens  of our once great nation, several large employers, ranging from restaurants and fast food establishments to colleges that rely on part time  instructors  with lots of part-time employees have announced plans to limit their employees to 25 hours per week in response to Obamacare. While they’ve taken a lot of criticism for doing this, it’s worth looking at why Obamacare incentivizes employers to do exactly what they’ve done. In short, they are not taking advantage of a “loophole” — they are simply responding to the law’s requirements and its definition of a “full-time” employee.

The “Affordable Care Act” requires “large” employers – those with 50 or more full-time-equivalent employees – to either provide “qualified” health coverage for all of their full-time employees, or pay an annual penalty of $2,000 per full-time employee (after the first 30) if they don’t provide such coverage. If they do provide coverage but it’s not “affordable,” the penalty is $3,000 per employee who finds it “unaffordable” (with a cap at the penalty they’d pay for not offering coverage at all).

“Full-time” is defined as 30 hours or more per week, or 120 hours or more per month. (“Affordable” is defined as less than 9.5% of the employee’s family income.)

For workers making at or near the minimum wage, there is even less flexibility. The wage cannot be reduced, so the employer’s only option is the reduce work hours to avoid having to pay the penalty. 

Economic data for Island County has worsened in the past few years.   Our Local Governments claim they have produced jobs but can’t show us where; especially jobs that are not associated with tourism and retailing.

It’s time to change County’s direction and get off that tourism fantasy.  Tourism is NOT good for our economy.

Every job created  to  attract tourism  erodes the average worker’s income to sub  poverty levels;  those  jobs do not include the  benefits package that  full time  employees are granted.

This results  in more and more citizens being forced to exist on  Government  funded  “CARE”   services i.e. the number  of citizens  riding  in the “free  government  support”  wagon  increases exponentially and the  number  of  gainfully  employed  citizens pulling  the  wagon  reduces to the  point where  the  wagon will eventually  not to  be able  to  provide the free ride.

The dollars Island County  spends  to attract  tourists  are  wasted. and ROI  values look  to be  bogus political spin.

Island County needs an improved and a different approach in economic planning.

The  majority of the highest  paid workers  in  Island County are employees of tax payer funded  jobs, .i.e., County government,  NAS Whidbey,  education, and  hospital /medical support .


County’s economic planning needs to establish zoning areas for light manufacturing and industrial kinds of jobs.

Accept the fact that the costs for commuters’ time, money and energy to off island  jobs is huge;  both to the people commuting, and to the Island’s economy because that commuter disposable income is often spent off island.

Wake up! There’s  no free ride with  the Government.


  1. “…Obamacare incentivizes employers to do exactly what they’ve done. In short, they are not taking advantage of a “loophole” — they are simply responding to the law’s requirements and its definition of a “full-time” employee.”

    That seems very correct. In fact, here’s a video from “Behind the Headlines” that talks about that very situation, how it got injected into “Obamacare”, and how “employers will pay a $3,000 penalty to hire American workers”!

    Video: (The) Dirty Little Secret

  2. The whole idea of Obama care along with all its regulations is to make it impassable for business to afford the Affordable healthcare act. Thus bringing into existence single payer. this has been the goal of Obama care from the outset. No one business or private is going to be able to afford the “Affordable (LOL) health Care Act and the proponents know it. This has been their plan from the outset.

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