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Where a group of agitating, encroaching, litigating Americans in the Citizen’s of Ebey’s Reserve have sued the US Navy over OLF Coupeville (KNRA, America’s OLF) AFTER being required since 1992 in Island County Code to sign at the point of sale noise disclosure forms noting the presence of a military jet soundtrack… we have a message for you:

a) We appreciate the superheroic service of all in the Electronic Attack Wing U.S. Pacific Fleet keeping America safe.  You inspire and motivate almost all of your fellow Americans to be better Americans! So we’re going to get your backs… for once.

b) We oppose the threat to our nation’s defense an immediate shutdown of OLF Coupeville would represent so we’re going to take out a temporary restraining order of an economic nature against Ebey’s Reserve and Coupeville – aka boycott – unless those businesses are pubicly pro-OLF like the Whidbey News-Times which editorialized support on 21 June 2013 and until the immediate threat to OLF Coupeville is lifted.

c) We call upon the United States Navy to agree to an EIS with Citizen’s of Ebey’s Reserve in return for tolerance of OLF operations so that US Navy representatives can finally discuss with the general public and not just select audiences:

>Why America’s OLF is so vital to the national defense.

>What exactly an alternative OLF would cost at say preferably Skagit Regional Airport (KBVS), or possibly Quillayute Airport (KUIL), the Yakima Firing Range, or Hanford Nuclear Reservation versus eminent domain around OLF Coupeville (KNRA).

>How we can mitigate the impacts from OLF Coupeville, whether that be a tourism campaign to recruit international aviation fans to see OLF Coupeville now that America’s OLF on a schedule, text messages 15 minutes before OLF Coupeville use, better Island County Planning policies, and/or eminent domain.

d) We have news for Ken Pickard, President of the Citizens of the Ebey’s Reserve: You have said “close the base” and “the NAS base keeps the Island dysfunctional”. We say instead: “Keep NAS Whidbey Island and OLF Coupeville open until world peace, which we all hope is soon.”

e) This better be EA-18G Growling loud to Electronic Attack Wing, US Pacific Fleet: Any remaining silence from your real friends ends. A reach for a temporary restraining order against training at OLF Coupeville for the freedom of all 3,143 counties is beyond the pale and deserves a most blunt response in gratitude for your superheroic service.



Hat tip to John S.! Thanks!


  1. I dont often agree with you Cliff but good job on this one. I have signed the petition which Im sure is a largley symbolic gesture as the Navy is not going any where. I do think it is a great idea that they find out how much support NAS Whidbey has.

    1. “…the petition…is a largley (sic) symbolic gesture…”

      When the “close the OLF” crowd started up their own petition back in late 2012, I wrote about that in: “It’s time for Congress to Dis-establish Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve (NHR) on Central Whidbey Island

      Ken Pickard’s best quote when they started up that petition was

      “The Navy just needs to stop flying here. That’s it. It’s over.”

      Around that same time, I was asked by the WNT reporter, Justin Burnett (no relation) if I or anyone at Island Politics had any plans to start up a “Save the OLF” petition.

      My response:

      “No, because that would presume that it was in danger of closing, and thus needed to be saved”.

      Note: this petition to “save the OLF” was NOT started by Island Politics, but I am betting that even if I say that on here, someone, somewhere, is going to claim that we did so.

    2. This actually came to us in a comment thread from John Smokes, I merely published the petition information to the site. John deserves the credit not myself.

  2. King 5 just ran a story that the OLF will be shut down for the rest of the year due to a lawsuit over noise.

    1. Now the local real estate agents can scurry about and sell a few homes to outsiders so they, too, can protest against the OLF when it’s use is returned.

      1. Ooh…outsiders! No, no, no! We wouldn’t want people from the outside world spoiling our own little Navy Paradise! What will we ever do!?!

      2. Cliff, for the first time I agree with you! Didn’t think that was possible. You can bet your backside that the real estate industry with its developers would love to see the OLF go! The moneymakers usually don’t live here and could care less about the place. Clear, build, and run – the story of Whidbey Island. If the Navy was to sell off the OLF, they’ll be condos for 50,000 more people.

    2. Flights are suspended due to Congressional sequestration. The lawsuit hasn’t even made it to a judge yet and doubt the Navy”s ready to throw in the towel

  3. I have lived here on Beautiful Whidbey Island for 50 years. I Fully SUPPORT the Navy and OLF.

  4. Oh no don’t shut it down! If that happens wal-mart will close down and the terrorist will surely come, followed by the N. Koreans!
    Freedom isn’t free it must be paid for by the blood and health of all citizens, if OLF closes all hope for a free America will be lost!!!

        1. That was a response to Bobby’s comments…

          “…the sky is falling!” mentality always cracks me up.

          There are plenty of examples where bases have cut back, modified the mission, or completely closed and the areas around have maintained or even flourished as a result.

          I think it’s funny.

          1. Only someone like yourself would think that it is funny…

            A simple google search would provide evidence that what you say is simply not true:

            Only someone with a penchant for seeing a whole community go down the tubes would think this is even remotely funny.

            ha-ha-ha Robert…nothing like wishing for a disaster in our community so you can benefit eh?….

            1. There are actually a few more who think it’s funny…including the OP.

              I think you know most of them.

              Budget cuts are low-hanging fruit. I was referring to BRAC effects. Try to focus and stay on topic, please.

              You’ll find examples of the opposite, true, but Whidbey isn’t everywhere else, is it? It’s kind of unique.

              Disaster…Watch Out! The sky is falling!!!

              1. The “OP” is a well known troll at IP, he goes by the name of Walt” or Tim or any other name he chooses. We usually delete his comments as they are rude, off topic and derogatory. I left this comment because we all have to feed the trolls once in a while and it is one of his only comments that make sense. I have a feeling alchohol may play some part :)

    1. Wow, you really don’t support the military or America! It is America’s military men and women who have given there blood, sweat, tears, and lives for our freedom! You and the rest of the ebey trolls should really get a life and find something better to do!

  5. Wasn’t the litigation to determine if a revised EIS is needed because of the noise protesters are making. You may not have noticed Bobby, but the terrorists are already here. Big worry, if Wal-Mart closes where else can we get ammo bricks?

    Correct Bobby, Freedom Isn’t Free”. Have you paid your fair share?

    1. “…Have you paid your fair share?”

      Blah, blah, blah…

      Everybody’s a judge and nothing is ever good enough. There’s always a Topper in the crowd.

  6. I’ve lived directly under the flight path since 94. Always enjoyed watching them, I can see the faces of the young gun pilots. However when the 18’s showed up, the pleasure was gone. The question is, is there a limit? In a free democratic society, we can place limits on our military, and in the modern world of health standards, facts can either force a noise standard, above which the military cannot go, or the buyout of property so the noise can go as high as the military wishes.
    I have enjoyed reading all the comments, but a lot of these people are patriotic to a fault, aircraft carriers are not a defensive weapon, but an offensive one. We are the worlds only globe trotting military, how would our enemies ship a half million troops to attack us? I think the subs could handle that.

    1. You made a good point Dave. There was hardly an issue at all until the EA-18G showed up, and it is LOUD!!!

      1. Isn’t it true that the Growler isn’t actually louder decibel-wise than the Prowler? The EA-18G’s pitch of engine noise is in the higher frequency-range than the EA-6B (one can discriminate the difference just by listening to the two in the air). Perhaps that’s why so many seem to believe that the Growler sounds louder than the Prowler flying over their house. That’s my take on the “It’s so much louder!” claims, anyway.

        1. That was my assessment also. I do not believe the Growler is any louder than the EA-6B, if it is it is not discernable to my ears. They are both loud. I do not believe that the US Navy has any jet aircraft that would be considered quiet. I think high performance military aircraft are all noisey.

          The recent testing by the company hired by FOER showed that, on paper, the Growler was slightly louder but there was no comparison between an EA-6B and the Growler. Testing conditions, weather and other factors make tests like FOER performed pretty much useless in determining whether the Growler is louder than other aircraft which is the whole basis of their complaint. Taking db measurements and comparing them to others published years ago and taken at a different time, place and under different weather conditions makes the testing and the results questionable. I am sure this is by design and that is why there is no direct comparison beween the two, doing so would more than likely undermine the information they are attemptiong to present.

          1. Yes – I would imagine the different weather conditions would make a difference and I had not considered that until now.

    2. We have the jets for a reason God forbid we have another attack like 9/11, but if we did the jets we have here training could scramble to make sure we don’t have a terrorist flown plane attack any major buildings and cost lives. And the subs cannot carry jets or helicopters to the war zone where they are needed for crucial operations.

  7. I always love the “used to support” comments followed by clearly south Whidbey anti-military political statements such as Dave’s. You will have to try something else to draw the balanced readers onto your side. You don’t have to live under them to draw your own conclusion, only sit at the light on 20 and Ault Field mid day and see them practically land over your car. Most of us notice that BOTH Prowlers and Growlers take ear plugs if your car window is open, they are both deafening, and there is hardly a whit of difference in just how deafening. So if the Growlers suddenly bother you after 19 years then you must have either changed the batteries in your hearing aid or are just using the transition to try and raise your real estate values and sow your politics after paying a noise discount for your house.

    1. “So if the Growlers suddenly bother you after 19 years then you must have either changed the batteries in your hearing aid or are just using the transition to try and raise your real estate values and sow your politics after paying a noise discount for your house.”

      That does seem to be the case doesn’t it?

  8. I would like to add one more thing that is pertinent, but the pro side conveniently ignores. I signed a county form that I understand I am in noise zone 2. Not a surprise. However the new jets clearly put me in noise zone 3. I do not think the Navy can say “sorry, we are much louder than we said we will be, on your legal disclosure form” It’s on them now. They have a legal obligation to keep noise zone 2 near the decibels legally agreed to.

    1. As many proponents of the OLF have pointed out to me in the past…there is no “agreement” between anybody and the Navy. There are only notifications. Island County notifies us, the Navy notifies us, etc.

      The caveat which is clearly spelled out in all of those notifications is that the Navy can pretty much do what ever they want, when ever they want, and where ever they want with regard to flight OPS…especially at OLF Coupeville.

      The EIS will only spell this out in clearly defined legal language, but again, will not restrict the Navy from doing anything. It will serve as a notification of intents…with caveats.

      You apparently cannot fight city hall. Even if city hall is shitting on you.

      1. Why do you say that “city hall” is shi**ing on you? It is pretty clear that the disclosure statement you signed was very clear when it stated that the home you bought was considered by some to be unliveable due to the noise. You bought your home knowing that so how can you consider that anyone shi* on you except yourself?

        I am just trying to come to an understanding of just what the problem is here. You or them.

        1. As I have pointed out in the past, and I will point out again:

          The current information, (and the information presented to me when I purchased my home) the “disclosure”, shows:

          1) A flight path with turn patterns which are not even close to what is actually being used

          2) The SPL zones are inaccurate based on no. 1 above, the Navy’s EIS, and the NAS Whidbey Island base operating guidelines

          3) Not everybody’s disclosure reads the same (true, the county has specifics to cover this, but the realtors apparently don’t follow through)

          I think the problem is with both sides. The portion of the community which filed suit felt that government entities weren’t doing enough to ensure that the information presented in the EIS was true. They also felt that the dialog with the Navy was not in accordance with their expectations.

          The government/Navy apparently felt that they were 100% in the right and did not feel the need to reply (again, in accordance to the plaintiffs’ expectations).

          1. 1) That is why all of the maps have disclaimers

            2) Read the disclaimers on the maps.

            3) The county set minimum disclosure information, as you know as in your case that disclosure is oftentimes strengthened by the sellers or it’s agents .

              1. No I am not providing anything new. That is what you need to understand.

                It is the same information that has been known for years.

                It was your claim that flight path has “turn patterns which are not even close”, “The SPL zones are inaccurate” and “Not everybody’s disclosure reads the same”.

                Show us some real evidence that changes the standing of your home that was bought in an area, as your disclosure staement states, that is considered by many to be in an unliveable area due to the noise.

                That is the type of real evidence you need to give us Robert. So far you have just given us generalities and no evidence of anything you claim…

                1. OMG…my evidence will be presented in a real court…not a kangaroo court!

                  Besides, like I have stated over and over again…I have already posted links to my disclosure and the maps. Don’t you guys actually “read” what’s posted to your site?

                  Oh, wait, I am the only one required to read. Duh, my bad.

                  1. “OMG…my evidence will be presented in a real court”

                    I have seen your “evidence” if that is what you call it.

                    Show us some real evidence that changes the standing of your home that was bought in an area, as your disclosure statement states, that is considered by many to be in an unliveable area due to the noise.

                    Good luck in “real court” Robert.

                  2. Robert Browning, Why should we study your “…posted links to my disclosure and the maps.”?
                    Your case will be decided by Courts; NOT PUBLIC OPINIONS

  9. The notofications are one thing, the noise zone 2 legal document however spells out that decibels will not exceed 70, Noise zone 3 is 70 and above, I assume to infinity. It also spells out levels of noise reducing building codes for noise zone 2, and a higher level of noise reducing building design for noise zone 3. I now have a house designed for noise zone 2, and by the Navy’s actions I am in noise zone 3. The Navy, I don’t think, can tell Island County your noise zone’s do not apply to us. Somewhere the decibel level was set by some legal means with some teeth

    1. Dave,
      Which “legal documents” are you referring to?

      The AICUZ map on the county website clearly states:
      “The following map is intended to be used as a GUIDE. Island County is providing this information as a general geographic representation that should not be used for precise measurements or calculations.”
      The published maps are certainly not legal documents.

      And the county ordinances only refer to noise reductions not sound levels. IE; Zone 2 requires building with a 25db reduction, noise zone 3 with a 30db reduction, these ordinances are clearly not a legal description of sound level zones.

      I will admit that there is a lot everyone does not know as the county has not been very good with placing all of the documents on this in one location. It may help your cause if you could clearly tell us what legal documents you are referring to.

      1. Which is also a crux to the plaintiffs’ claims (and the claims by Joe, amongst others).

        The AICUZ discussed here is set by the local gov’t, not the federal gov’t. So, for example, the transit facility sits smack dab in the middle of….nothing.

        The federal gov’t hasn’t delineated that parcel as anything….there are no “legal” definitions set by the federal gov’t. Even the disclosure is only a county “guideline”.

        It’s all flexible…no teeth. That is one good argument for the pro-OLF community…there is no legally binding practice for the Navy.

        The lawsuit is one step in the direction of trying to make that happen.

        1. The transit facility sits right in the middle of the disclosed noise zone or AICUZ so I don’t understand why you say “nothing”.

          I do not believe you will ever get a legally binding agreement from the Navy. Our laws have specifically exempted them from having to make national defense related promises to civilians. Our county at their suggestion have enacted disclosures and AICUZ zones for that disclosure. It is up to you whether you wish to buy here, all’s anyone can do is make sure you understand what you are getting into, they did, and now you want to change the way our system works because you now do not agree.

          You are wrong in this issue and the court case will prove that you are wrong…no one will win in this. Except of course the lawyers of which one of your greatest supporters is…

          1. There have been cases where the military has suspended or halted certain operations due to lawsuits brought in federal court. There may not be a resultant legally binding agreement…the Navy may just be told by a federal court what they will be able to do…as farfetched as that may seem.

            Civilians can fight the government and win, and have done so in the past.

            The OLF in NC is a prime example. When 2014 rolls around that fight will start again.

    2. And here is the official county noise disclosure, notice the only mention of db levels is they may exceed 100 (one-hundred) dba. Is this the agreement your talking about? The one that says the noise may exceed 100db?

      9.44.050 Disclosure Statement
      No person shall sell, lease, or offer for sale or lease any property within an Airport Environs Mapped Impacted Areas unless the prospective buyer or lessee has been given notice substantially as follows: TO: The property at ____________________ is located within Airport Environs mapped impacted area. There are currently 5 (five) active airport facilities in Island County. The Oak Harbor Airpark, the South Whidbey Airpark, and the Camano Airpark are general aviation facilities and are identified on the attached map. Ault Field and OLF Coupeville are tactical military jet aircraft facilities and are also identified on the attached map. Both Ault Field and OLF Coupeville are used for Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) purposes. Practice sessions are routinely scheduled during day and night periods.
      Property in the vicinity of Ault Field and OLF Coupeville will routinely experience significant jet aircraft noise. As a result airport noise zones have been identified in the immediate area of Ault Field and OLF Coupeville. Jet aircraft noise is not, however, confined to the boundaries of these zones.
      Additionally, the noise generated by the single flyover of a military jet may exceed the average noise level depicted by the airport noise zones and may exceed 100 (one-hundred) dba.
      More specific information regarding airport operation and aircraft noise can be obtained by calling the Community Planning Liaison Office at NAS Whidbey Island and the Island County Planning and Community Development Department.

    3. “Somewhere the decibel level was set by some legal means with some teeth”

      I think everyone would be interested in seeing just where that was set and in what document. I have searched almost everywhere I can for information surrounding this issue and have as yet to see a legal document that clearly defines the noise and what level in what zone and where exactly those zones are. The map the county supplies is as clear as mud and with the disclaimer on the map it does not appear to be a true legal document as it comes with a disclaimer.

      Maybe you can help us out here?

  10. Being pro-military and having lived on the Island for eleven years, (currently in DC), the noise was never a issue. The solution to the problem is simple; the Government should on January 1, 2020 declare imminent domain on all land from Peen cove to the north, Puget Sound to the east and west and Admiralty Bay to the south. Since people like Garrett Newkirk fell the government does not care, the value given for each parcel of land shall be one dollar. The land would then become a military preserve for endangered aircraft, and those who love them.

  11. Sadly, I just assumed this document we all were required to sign upon purchasing property was not just a county legal slight of hand. We shall see.

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