In Island County WA, the laws only apply to mere mortals; NOT to County Commissioners

Two County Commissioners must feel its okay for a quorum to meet outside of a special session so long as it is not Commissioner Emerson
Commissioners Price-Johnson and Commissioner Board Chair Jill Johnson were both at an Island Transit public Board meeting last night without any special session notice which is required by state law or even a notice of attendance.

Island Transit published their Board meeting information on a special session.

Commissioner Johnson is NOT a member of that board and so therefore her attendance, by their “My Way or No Way” rules, should have constituted a special session of the Board of Island County Commssioners.
I think it’s  way past time  to file  a formal  complaint  with  State  AG  against Johnson and  Johnson  for their  continued  violation of the  Open Meetings Act

Remember this (somewhat modified) infamous  quote by the RINO, ” …by our GRACE and our VOTE  we  put them  in office and if they  ever  disobey  us, the majority,  again,  we will replace them

How about you???