Oak Harbor Mayor Scott Dudley has a new blog called “The Mayor’s Corner”.

Oak Harbor Mayor Scott Dudley has a new blog. It is called “The Mayor’s Corner”.

It is refreshing to see a politician who actually attempts to communicate with his constituents directly. I have seen the Mayor at many local events, he always seems to attend every one that he can and does a good job of interacting with the public while at them.

This is a first for Oak Harbor that I know of. An internet savvy Mayor using the internet to directly communicate with the citizens is something that all of our politicians should emulate.

As a lot of our local politicians do not communicate at all with their constituents this should be a wake up call for them as many do not even return e mails when they are sent to them. I am not even sure they check e mail from the lack of a response from them.

Check it out!



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  1. I just watched a youtube video with you standing up for our 2nd amendment just want to say you have my up most respect our country has guns so wrong. Thank you I wish the people her in pa would do the same…

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