The silly (election) season is upon us…and a link to an article about Public Ignorance by Sandra Day O’Conner

The Whidbey News Times recently published a letter to the editor that was an attack piece on one of our local Oak Harbor politicians. There was no evidence or facts stated in this letter just accusations that were basically a smear attack on this politician and everything he stood for.  

I thought the timing of this letter to the editor was a perfect opportunity to link to an article about Sandra Day O’Conner’s recent keynote address to the “Transforming America: Women and Leadership in the 21st Century” conference in Boise, Idaho.

In this address Justice O’Conner stated:

“Two-thirds of Americans cannot name a single Supreme Court justice, former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor told the crowd that packed into a Boise State ballroom to hear her Thursday.”

“About one-third can name the three branches of government. Fewer than one-fifth of high school seniors can explain how citizen participation benefits democracy.”

“Less than one-third of eighth-graders can identify the historical purpose of the Declaration of Independence, and it’s right there in the name,” she said.”

Read the rest of this article below, if I can find a transcript of the address I will post it.

Source: Idaho Statesman by Katie Terhune

Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, in Boise, laments ‘alarming degree of public ignorance’


  1. Sandra is wrong in the aspect that our president, his chief of staff are babbling idiots and getting advise from their communist leaning advisors(David Axelrod, Anita Dunn, Valerie Jarrett, and George Soros. Their left wing ideology is leading us down the path to destruction and the public is finally waking up to this. If their is any ignorance it is the fact that socialism is lulling many people to sleep with their Keynesian economic ideas.
    Our judicial system has been polluted with left wing ideologues. At the top of the list is Eric holder.
    Sandra did a great service to our Country as did Ronald Reagan. If we can get back to the Constitution, the Bible and pray for our great Country, there is hope

  2. The schools have been a bastion of liberal control for as long as I can remember so if Sandra has a problem with the overall knowledge of our populace about the basics of government she need look no further than her mates.

    But like all liberals, they don’t ever see the damage that they do.

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