At the Thursday evening October 3rd Welcome Home Navy League Dinner held at Whidbey Island Bank for Whidbey Island’s NAS VAQ-140 the guests were greeted at the reception desk with a notice from the command of VAQ-140 that directed active duty military personnel not to attend the Welcome Home Navy League Dinner.  There was no reason given in the notice but it is obvious the letter was generated by the command in response to the Government funding crisis and shutdown.

As we have seen with many portions of our government during this shutdown it is the political atmosphere that generates this mentality as the Federal Government wants to make sure that the budget crisis is felt by everyone and that it has the most effect possible on everyone in this country. There is no excuse for actions such as this, it does not cost the Federal Government one dollar to have our Naval Aviators attend a community function such as this and the object is to make the effect of the shutdown felt by everyone for political purposes.

Below is a copy of the notice that was placed on the reception desk at Whidbey Island Bank that was designed to stop Navy Personnel from attending.  Shame on our commander in chief, President Obama, for using our brave men and women as pawns in this polical battle. This does not serve the people of our community or the country by making unnecessary restrictions on activities because of political needs.

View the notice here