What is at stake in the upcoming Oak Harbor City Council election on November 5th? Control of the City Council.

The city of Oak Harbor is at a crossroads. The citizens of this city have a choice to make this November that will greatly change the direction of our city.

At stake in this election is control of the City Council.  A majority of the council has decided to obstruct the new Mayor that was elected on a platform of change and openness by a wide majority of the citizens.  For the last several years we have seen a great deal of contention between the Mayor and those that have the most control over the future of Oak Harbor, the City Council. When the citizens of Oak Harbor elected a new Mayor, Scott Dudley, by a 12.93% margin over his opponent and incumbent Mayor Jim Slowik they were hoping for change and a new way for our city to be managed. This change cannot happen with the current members of the City Council as they have chosen to be obstructive since the day the new Mayor was elected.

Since that election we have seen our City Council embroiled over attempts to stop the Mayor and any agenda or change that he may bring forward. This is no wonder, our City Council is comprised of the supporters of the previous Mayor. The current council wishes they could go back to the Mayor Slowik days where rules and laws were regularly broken and costly mistakes were made and there were no repercussions for the City Administration or Council. It it is the taxpayers that eventually pay for those mistakes made by those that lead our city.

Even though the previous Administration regularly and consistently gave Oak Harbor a black eye in the local and State news and made very costly mistakes the Council seems at all costs to want to return to those days. The previous Mayor even received a Shrammie award for his actions, Oak Harbor made the big city news but the news was not positive for Oak Harbor. It brought ridicule on our city.

We see this same attitude today in our present City Council. We have a Council member who made a nationwide fool of himself and our city attempting to ignore our State Laws in regards to the city firearm laws, another attempted to ban hats in the city council meetings and did so by demanding that we mere citizens owe him respect.  All of these actions by our City Council members do not do Oak Harbor any favors. I doubt very seriously that the citizens of our community feel that these actions represent them well.

We have a choice in this upcoming election. Continue on the path of change by supporting the Mayor and those council candidates that will bring fresh ideas to our city or reject the new candidates and support those who have proven in the past to make poor decisions.

If the city were to elect 3 new council members and vote to keep the only incumbent that has respect for the Mayor’s position Jim Campbell, this will change the makeup of the council. This will stop the agenda of the current council by removing the majority powers that this obstructive block now holds.

Here is the lineup of the current council and the opponents along with recommendations:

Mike Piccone VS Danny Paggao incumbent

Danny Paggao has served the city for over 20 years, his service has been appreciated by all of us in Oak Harbor but it is time for a change, we need fresh blood to move the city on to a brighter future. Mike Piccone has more energy than any of the current council members, he is full of fresh ideas and has the energy and the motivation to make the right decisions for our city.

Our recommendation is a YES vote for Mike Piccone.

James M. Campbell incumbent VS Skip Pohtilla

Jim Campbell has been the council member that has always kept in contact with the people, his weekly meeting with the citizen’s show that he wants those citizens to be involved in their city and he has gone out of his way to open up lines of communication with those citizens. We need more politicians that emulate Jim Campbell.

Our recommend is a YES vote for Jim Campbell.

Lucas Yonkman VS Bob Severns incumbent

Bob Severns has given his support to the mindset of the previous administration and regularly votes with the pack against our new Mayor. Lucas Yonkman is a disabled veteran and from a good local family, he may bring fresh ideas to our city and make our city a better place for the citizens.

We recommend a YES vote for Lucas Yonkman.

Sandi Peterson VS Joel Servatius incumbent

Sandi Peterson is a breath of fresh air. She is bright and energetic and seems to have the best interest of Oak Harbor and its citizens in mind. Her opponent Joel Servatious has proven that he does not have what it takes to lead our city. His ban the hats debacle shows that he believes the citizens should place him on a pedestal as a council member and does not believe in the concept of our politicians being simple servants of the people. He demanded respect during the hat debacle and he does not understand that respect is earned not delivered by the actions of the City Council.

We recommendation a YES vote for Sandi Peterson.

Rick Almberg is not up for reelection this term

Beth Munns is not up for reelection this term

Tara Hizon is  not up for reelection this term

We need leaders that understand that they are public servants serving the people of this city and taking actions in the best interest of the citizens they represent. I cannot imagine that the average Oak Harbor resident believes that a Councilmember who demands respect by forcing people to remove their hats during council meetings represents them accurately. Or by having a Councilman that stands up and walks out of a meeting when he finds out that an attendee of the meeting, a US Army disabled Veteran from a good local family is armed with a legally carried concealed handgun. This made National news, the youtube video was posted all over the internet and received several million views. Is this representative of YOU?

We have seen how the expensive this city Council is and what the costs are to the people of this city, a $14,000,000.00 liability from the one way street remodel and subsequent discovery of Native American graves that could have been avoided. The new planned Septic Treatment facility that costs almost twice as much as comparable facilities built in other cities.  Most of the current members of the Council have proven they cannot respectful with the people’s funds and we the people of this city need change.


  1. Sandi Peterson told me that she isnt impressed with Mike Piccone and that she doesnt support him. Besides that I dont plan on voting for someone who was tricked into running by the mayor.

    1. Obviously you have not met or talked with Mike Piccone. I do not believe that he can be tricked into doing anything he does not want to do so I am a little unsure of why you think he was “tricked” and how the mayor would “trick” him into doing something that he wants to do.

      Of all the candidates my opinion is that Mike is one of the better candidates in this race. You should call him and ask him if he feels the Mayor tricked him into running, I am sure he would be interested in hearing your story…360-632-9490

  2. Mike said the reason he decided to run was that mayor Dudley told him that if he ran Danny wouldnt run. Call it a trick or a lie but as he spoke to the republican club every reason he gave for running for office was the mayor ask me to and so on.

    1. I understand that Mayor Dudley asked him if he was interested in running and is actively campaigning for him but how would the Mayor know that Danny wouldn’t run? Crystal ball? And do you really think anyone would believe that if someone told that to them?

      Like I sated earlier call Mike and ask him if he feels tricked or lied to 360-632-9490.

      It is neither a trick or a lie, it is your imagination based on hearsay nonsense.

  3. Interesting theme in three of your endorsed candidates: ‘fresh’….note the use of ‘fresh air’ ‘fresh ideas’ – waiting for some Kool and the Gang playing ‘Fresh’ in the background. But apparently Jim Campbell, ironically the oldest member of your endorsed candidates, does not face an opponent with ‘fresh’ ideas’ or ‘fresh air.’ Also, you criticize current members that are ‘supporters’ of the previous mayor yet endorse all four candidates that are currently supported by the current mayor – a rubber stamp, eh? Finally, you note the margin of victory by our current mayor in his run against Slowick – if it was such a mandate last year won’t the people do the same in this election and pick most, if not all, of the current candidates endorsed by Mayor Dudley? I find this this site to be interesting in that it does offer several interesting perspectives, but I find most of those to be written by BillB. This article appears to be just an endorsement of ‘tools’ for the current mayor.

    1. Walt, Russell or whoever you are posting as today:

      I have made it clear I am not a supporter of the previous administration or anyone that supports that mindset for good cause.

      As for Jim Campbell. Send an e mail or call Jim. He will always respond. Send an e mail or call any other council member and see what response you get. Chances are your e mail or phone call will go unanswered. Jim is an open book that will always listen to his constituents. THAT is why I support him. Where is his opponents, Skip Pohtilla’s contact information? Phone number? E mail address? We don’t need Council members that rule from the shadows.

      For an example….check out Bob Severns campaign website. Can you find any contact information for him? An e mail address? A phone number? Any way to contact him besides his official Oak Harbor e mail address that should not be used for campaigning? I much prefer candidates like Jim Campbell that actually talk with their constituents unlike Skip Pohtilla and Bob Severns that obviously do not want to communicate with those that they represent.

      Do I support Mayor Dudley? Absolutely. Call him, he answers his own phone, e mail him, he responds. Do I wish that the candidates he supports wins? Absolutely. I will always support an open administration that works for the citizens and that is why I support the Mayor and a lot of the candidates he supports. We need politicians that talk to the citizens not those that rule from behind closed doors.

      1. Cliff, candidates who are accessible via phone or email and publish that contact information so everyone who wants to can contact them, and who actually respond to individuals who take their personal time to contact them are also high on my list of people to consider.

        Even a snail mail address would be better than no contact information.

        Being willing to have an email back and forth exchange is a valuable thing these days, even better than the old fashioned returning-of-phone-calls-within-1-day value.

  4. Cliff your use of the word “I” in this response is very important.
    I don’t know where this “troll” got the impression that Bill B was responsible in any way for your excellent post about the importance of this year’s City Council members election

  5. Choose carefully Oak Harbor. With some qualifying governance experience defining and solving problems for a few years, an Oak Harbor Councilman elected in 2013 may be a viable conservative candidate for Island County Commissioner in 2016.

    1. Bill, Good advice We should all be gathering facts, etc and planning on how to prevent a DEM from replacing Emerson and making sure the RINO, Jill Johnson is never reelected Commissioner, dog catcherand neverever holds another government position where her decisions and authority cam impact our quality of life

    2. Perhaps, but performance has to be the key reason a commissioner is elected, and I prefer to vote for someone who has solid business background and zero political background.

      Sorry. I’m extremely tired of career politics.

      1. “…and I prefer to vote for someone who has solid business background and zero political background.”
        Me too Mike…
        …“RIVERSIDE CA, Citing public safety concerns and the need to bring the breed’s population down, Riverside County supervisors Tuesday approved an ordinance mandating that, with only a few exceptions, pit bull dogs older than four months in unincorporated communities be sterilized.”

        I think should do same to our career politicians for what they do TO, not FOR citizens and opinionated newspaper publishers guilty of trying to convict, humiliate and crucify citizens in their Courts of Public Opinions
        Same rules, same reasoning! We get to pick who and why….

  6. Unfortunately Commissioner Jill Johnson was and is lacking in both business and political experience, and operating with over confidence in knowledge, poor judgement and a wicked temperament. However, I think she is sincere in her own mind. Jill may have been okay without a Helen on the Board.

    No need to apologize, I too am extremely tired of career politicians.

  7. Term limits – two terms and you’re out.
    Vote everyone with a last name that starts with an “S” out of office!!

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