10 questions for the Oak Harbor City Council Candidates

We have sent 10 questions to all of the candidates for the upcoming Oak Harbor City Council election. In the following weeks we will be posting the answers that the candidates supplied us for your information. All of the candidates for all of the council seats were sent these questions with the exception of Skip Pohtilla whom we could find no contact information for.

All of the candidates were asked the following questions:

1- Why do you want to be an Oak Harbor City Council member?

2- What do you feel is the most important issue that our city is facing in the near future?

3- What will you do to address it?

4- What do you feel is the second most important issue that our city is facing in the near future?

5- Where do you stand on the growth of Oak Harbor and in what areas would you put the effort into seeing our city grow or be a better community for it’s residents?

6- What are your top three priorities for Oak Harbor if you are elected?

7- Oak Harbor is a wonderful place to live. If you are elected, what will you do to improve the quality of life in Oak Harbor?

8- Who is Your Personal Hero?

9- How do you differ from the other candidate in this race?

10- What, if any, are the one or two major decisions made by the City Council in the past 3 years on which you would have voted differently from the majority and why?

In the next few weeks you will see individual articles with the answers the candidates who have responded have given for these questions.


  1. I am impressed with Mr. Yonkman and appreciate his service to our nation.
    Something bothers me with the numbers Bob Severns provides us. Maybe someone here knows what year he graduated from college. What I am getting at is why did he not serve in Vietnam? Was it a college deferment, 4f, or too afraid?

  2. Note that only the candidates wanting to better performance of the OH City Council to benefit Citizens have responded to this request.
    All of the “Good Old Boys Club” members’s encumbents must think they are entitled to continue their dynasty as has existed for too many years
    Such smug arrogance!
    This November, make sure they no longer are able to continue their making decisions resulting in actions “TO”, not “FOR” Oak Harbor citizens comes to an end

  3. It is interesting to me that NONE of the other candidates running for office took the time to respond to the 10 questions asked. I guess they feel that they are above the “citizens” to respond. Or maybe they don’t have anything to say. Never the less, their lack of response tell a lot about them. We need a change….for the better!!

    1. Try and find contact information for some of the existing candidates. Bob Severns does not even have a phone number or contact e mail address on his campaign website for people to contact him with. Most of the incumbant candidates either don’t have a website or as in the case of Bob Severns don’t believe people need to contact him.

      I sent these questions to all of the candidates with the exception of Mr. Pohtilla who I could not find any contact information for.

      I have in the past sent e mails to the various council members about various city issues and have only consistently received replies from one of them and that is Jim Campbell. The rest act as if they do not have a city e mail address or if they do recognize it they do do not answer e mails from citizens. I strongly suggest before voting for any candidates for city council send them an e mail and see if they respond. These council members are supposed to work for the citizens and if they cannot respond to citizens e mails they do not deserve to be a council member…period.

  4. I am not surprised but disgusted. Even Obama himself descended from his seat at the right hand of the Father to have an exchange with Bill O’Reilly.

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