After years of negotiations, broken promises and many of thousands of dollars spent on the wetlands issue over the Emerson’s Camano Island property and the lack of wetlands the end of all this is nearing a conclusion.

A lawsuit was filed with Island County Superior court asking for damages, breach of contract among other things and this multiyear battle may finally be coming to a conclusion. We had thought a conclusion was almost ment with the agreement that county had made with the Emerson then subsequently broken shows that there is no way for the Emerson’s to negotiate with a county that has no intent of following through with agreements it made so it was a losing battle for the Emerson’s. The 4 Wetland Specialists hired by the Emerson’s were all wrong according to the county planning department and there was no way for this to be resolved without filing a lawsuit forcing the county to follow its own agreement, rules and regulations that they themselves wrote.

This should be a warning for anyone planning on building in Island County, rules, regulations and agreements mean nothing to our planning department. You can spend thousands and thousands of dollars attempting to follow county code and agreements with the planning department and also be harassed by everyone up to and including the county commissioners in your battle to settle a very simple problem.

The lack of the county to honor its last agreement with the Emerson’s is now up to the court system. Even though I live and pay taxes here and any settlement comes indirectly from my pocket I hope the settlement is a large one. There is no way you can replace the years of aggravation that this battle has cost the Emerson’s and the disruptions this issue has cost them and Commissioner Emerson in this battle that never seems to end.

Text of lawsuit Ken And Kelly Emerson VS Island County