Editor’s Opinion does Hatchet Job on Commissioner Emerson with Bogus Facts


Following are my responses to Mr. Graves’ biased error laden “Editor’s Opinion” public hatchet job on Commissioner Emerson

Graves: :Island County Commissioner Kelly Emerson has, for the second time in three years, filed a lawsuit against the planning department concerning the same tired issue — the dispute over a building permit.

ME, Wrong,Mr. Graves, The original suit was filed only for Trespassing and Defamation. It had nothing to do with a “dispute over a building permit ”

Graves: How tiresome, how unfortunate and how embarrassing that the fires of this seemingly endless debate have again been lit under the banner of righteousness.

ME: “under the banner of righteousness”. Where did you dig up that BS Mr Graves? It’s not from any of Emerson’s documents in the 94 pages of evidence stated in the Emersons’ suit against County filed November 1, 2013

Graves: This long-drawn-out controversy began in 2010 during Emerson’s race to unseat former District 3 Democrat commissioner John Dean. Word got out that Emerson and her husband, Kenneth, were building a deck at their Camano Island home without a county permit.
It became a campaign issue and Emerson was quick to cast the blame on Dean, former county planning director Bob Pederson and others. The Emersons even took them to court, but a Superior Court judge did not see it their way.

ME: WRONG Mr. Graves at the end of Judge Hancock’s hearing the subject of Pederson wetlands actions was discussed
As a result of all that, Judge Hancock’ s decision in the case was:
1. “The court notes, in passing, that presumably nothing would prevent the planning director from voluntarily reconsidering certain of his findings and/or conclusions based on the receipt of additional information, but that is beyond the scope of the issues in this case.”
2. “Nevertheless, the court declines to find that the action as a whole was frivolous and advanced without reasonable cause, and therefore the motion for attorney fees under RCW 4.84.185 is denied.”

Graves: But the debate didn’t end there. Instead, the Emersons again shouted their war cry and battled it out with the county — that time over the existence of an alleged wetland on the property — until earlier this year when it appeared peace had finally been won.

Me: … County’s claims of wetlands on Emersons’ property have ALL been proven by professional licensed experts in wetland sciences to be unfounded; there has never been wetlands on or near their property
The settlement agreement that County created is a legally binding contract with stated performance requirements by all parties to be completed on a specific date

Graves: It came after Pederson ended the stalemate by ordering the Emersons to pay $37,000 in fines or face the prospects of a lien on their property. It was one of Pederson’s last acts as planning director before he resigned.
The county, which had to get special legal representation from Snohomish County due to conflict of interest issues, brokered a deal with the Emersons’ lawyers where the couple would only have to pay a fraction of the original fine — $5,000, but only after the county returned $2,000 in filing fees.

ME: Wrong Mr. Graves. It was a legally binding contract with stated performance requirements by all parties to be completed on a specific date. Emersons performed ALL contracted requirements. County DID NOT perform as contractually required; they are in default, and the current suit is to resolve that default

Graves: While the details of the ongoing dispute are somewhat complicated, having to do with wetland requirements, the Emersons’ argument is based in an idea that government has overstepped, that its power and might has inexcusably infringed on their constitutional rights.

ME: Mr. Graves. The situation now is, “only complicated” for you because you neglected to read the suit. Your complicated claim is based on your faulty bogus opinions, totally lacking of facts

Graves: There are times when people must stick to their ideals and fight for what they believe, but that time has long since passed. The issue has been debated in court, by lawyers in private discussion, and by county and state regulators, and none but a few paid consultants and a handful of constituents have sided with the Emersons

ME: Mr. Graves, those empty words are nothing but your opinion; your claim of “been debated in court, by lawyers in private discussion, and by county and state regulators” is totally incorrect. You can’t provide one document to prove one word of your statement, because none exist and the 94 pages if evidence in the current suit support my commen

Graves: Emerson was elected by the people to lead the county, not sue it, and the time has come to end this issue once and for all. Put aside your righteousness, commissioner, and show your constituents what it really means to lead by example.
By continuing the argument with another lawsuit, the Emersons aren’t being the self-sacrificing

ME: HOG WASH Mr Graves YOUR Opinions can only be explained with the following:
By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community. Oscar Wilde
“I’m not sure I want popular opinion on my side — I’ve noticed those with the most opinions often have the fewest facts. ” ― Bethania McKenstry

My summary comment is …
Mr. Graves, it might serve you well to have a conversation with Sound Publishing’s legal representatives regarding common law, i.e.,
to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and have been made to someone other than the person defamed.
Some common law jurisdictions also distinguish between spoken defamation, called slander, and defamation in other media such as printed words or images, called libel

Nothing limits intelligence more than ignorance; nothing fosters ignorance more than one’s own opinions; nothing strengthens opinions more than refusing to look at reality

AND Yellow Jourrnalism has taken over Whidbey News Times


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    Most of Whidbey News Times’ editorial is a regurgitation of old news, yet when they do mention the latest lawsuit all they can say is: “it’s complicated.” The remaining pontification is proof that these lame stream media dipshits are too stupid to comprehend any details of the latest lawsuit. This editorial, along with the recent “news” articles, are nothing short of an all-out war against the Emersons.

    This latest assault by Keven R. Graves and the editorial staff is blatant liberal media bias. Speaking of “righteousness”, since Keven and his goon squad at the Whidbey News Times is making demands to put aside “your righteousness,” then perhaps Keven and Goons at WNT should put aside their phony indignation. While you’re at it, Keven, why don’t you get off your “holier than thou” soapbox?


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      Instead of looking at the actual evidence and facts they are taking and using the opinions and stories of those that have a vested interest in the outcome of this debacle. They are doing our Islands a severe disservice in this style of “reporting” they are using.

      They are being used, used badly and it is very apparent to anyone that does the slightest bit of investigation into the issue.

      It is really sad to see an organization I used to work for as a delivery boy back in the 60′s turned into a mouthpiece for all the wrong people on the Islands and used as fools in political issues.


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        WNT staff know exactly what they are doing ever since Emerson got elected, and that is to make sure that Emerson never gets re-elected and they are attempting to usher in another DemocRat for District 3.

        WNT covers all of north Whidbey which includes a large portion of District 3. Whidbey News times aka Sound Publishing is a monopoly. What better platform can you have to preach their liberal agenda, brainwash the masses, and turn an area with a large Republican base to vote DemocRat?

        Keven R. Graves is a two faced liar. He tells John Mott, “Sorry, no links…” yet had no problem allowing Joe Kunzler and his link to the Jacks for Commissioner website. Keven R. Graves is also a coward who doesn’t have the balls to even respond to Kelly Emerson’s comment.

        I quit buying Sound Publishing fish wrappers years ago because they are a front for Progressive Democratic Socialists.

        Keven R. Graves · Top Commenter

        John Mott – Sorry, no links. Post again without them.
        November 15 at 4:36pm

        John Mott · Top Commenter

        Keven R. Graves —

        No problem they were just links to several University and nationally respected studies verifying the existence of liberal bias in media.

        Water is wet

        Fire is hot

        The media has a liberal bias

        You tried to minimize my point by calling me lazy. Beyond your attempt to distract and minimize, the point remains. I saw the misquote. You and the SWR editor did too. Both of you questioned your reporter. I couldn’t do that, so I pointed it out in a comment.

        Reasonably Kelly Emerson said resounding. It makes sense and is grammatically correct. You, the SWR editor and I all saw that.

        Liberal Bias in the Media exists. I accept that, but reserve the right to point it out.
        November 15 at 5:05pm

        Camano Kelly · Camano Island, Washington

        Keven R. Graves I said “astounding.”
        November 15 at 6:56pm

        Joe A Kunzler · Top Commenter · Helping Hand at IRIS Flight Simulation Software

        Keven R. Graves As am I.

        There are quite a few conservative websites out there but nobody says conservative or Republican biased Growler Noise today filed a noise complaint against COER. Or the Tea Party-dominated Island Politics reported 1st on the Emerson litigation.

        I do believe Commissioner Emerson a) deserves a pardon and b) will not run again, leaving many concerned if the strong Navy advocate can be replaced against (Jacks For Commissioner) who has yet to take a position on the OLF Coupeville crisis.
        November 15 at 9:09pm


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          Thank you Ken for noting the awesomeness of Joe Kunzler, apparently not just can Joe Kunzler expose Ken the Prickard but he can sneak a link into an empty of policy County Commissioner candidate onto a Whidbey News O’Crimes website. Apparently Joe has some serious skills like using the @ symbol within Facebook to link to other Facebook sites.

          In other news did you hear your idol Kelly Emerson nominated Jill Johnson for another year as Board Chair? Yes, one more year of Chairwoman Jill Johnson. Thanks, Kelly. At least Helen Price-Johnson isn’t going to demand seating by zip code preference and we appreciate that, as much as we would all like the sound made when Garrett Newkirk shuts up.


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            I liked Kelly’s nomination of Jill, cool move!
            it was a slap in the face for HPJ to not be chair this time
            Obviously Kelly didn’t want to ever be chair again with Johnson & Johnson’s constant attacks on her every comment

            Good move Kelly


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              Good move on Commissioners Kelly Emerson and Jill Johnson for adhering to RCW 36.32.100.


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            Thanks PBY Man, you made my day!



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