Dumbshits, Dipshits, and DemonRats Award

Author:Ken Wolf

Ann Adams , Top Commenter on the local fish wrappers sure knows how to speak from the south end of her north bound jackass with her latest remark online:

“Mr. Conover and Mr. Goeth: It’s interesting that you support Commissioner Emerson’s lawsuits. Your taxes pay the county’s lawyer and will pay any settlement she wins.” Ann Adams, November 20, 2013

Ann Adams is the most recent recipient of the DDD award since she conveniently omits the millions of tax dollars spent on all the lawsuits the WEANie whackos have inflicted upon Island County, and now Citizens of Ebey Reserve. Don’t forget to throw in the millions of tax dollars spent for the Navy’s EIS to satisfy the demands of COER, and that other group led by Garrett Newkirk namely Concerned Island Citizens.

Ann Adams what about the lawsuit against Oak Harbor filed by the Native Americans? That is going to cost tens of millions of tax dollars. What Ann Adams is not capable of comprehending is that Island County screwed up in the Emerson case, and they are unwilling to admit their guilt. Island County is at fault, and they are responsible for this entire fiasco.

Ann Adams, Island County and we taxpayers are NOT the victims! Of course you are not smart enough to figure that out and that is why you are hereby presented the DDD Award. Congratulations!

By the way Ann, your award is more prestigious than Angie Homola’s Bookend Award.

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    Ken you should post most of this on the WNT site as a comment responding to Ann ????

    And wait until you the head Mean Girl” or is it Cliff, can read Grave’s Editors Opinion in today’s WNT
    He vilifies all of you,…”Tea party, mean girls who announced last month he was awarded the Spincter Award declaring he was doing a crappy job a liberal pig,unethical, smug, rude, a diaper doper baby, a purveyor of smut, a parrot, the biggest a-hole, and much more”

    He added “others subjected to the online Mean Girls name calling and criticism include County commissioners Jill Johnson and Helen Price-Johnson, Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce Executive Directop Kathy Reed, both Island County Superior Court Judges, and former Oak Harbor mayor Jim Slowik
    It’s nice to know how much Graves and probably some of his staff really reads Island Politics; Graves must from all the words in his Nov 20 editorial about us
    I doubt he’ll ever change his style or routine but at least we are getting our message out. With our weekly Google hits and pages read etc he knows we are reaching more citizens than WNT and their South Whidbey sister paper
    I am certain we reach more people in other parts of the US than Graves and his minions massages do

    More damning, in addition to internet advertising they have The Whidbey Weekly cleaning their clock and growing with their significant number of PAID loyal advertisers who know their advertising message is seen by many more people than if in the local Sound Publishing Papers because the Whidbey Weekly is available free to all at most every business on Whidbey and it does NOT get involved with their “OPINIONS” about local political issues


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      “Ken you should post most of this on the WNT site as a comment responding to Ann ????”

      No can do Bill. Remember Keven R. Graves deletes any and every comment I make even if it is civil and on point.

      Island Politics doesn’t come close to Martin Bashir. Liberal Media at its finest.


      Funny thing is Keven R. Graves seems to think Island Politics is related to the Tea Party. New flash Keven! Of course investigative reporting never was one of your skill sets.

      Keven is very clever in his editorial however, when he links Island Politics with the Tea Party. This is right out of the liberal media playbook. Keven enjoys bashing the Tea Party, and Kelly Emerson and that too is right out of the playbook. Perhaps Keven R. Graves is aspiring to beat out Martin Bashir for DemonRat Dung Slinger of the Year.

      Keven R. Graves claims his articles are to “invite discussion.” That is true if you are a DemonRat. The only topic Keven R. Graves can fixate on is Kelly Emerson. Keven is not capable of looking at thing from another person’s point of view. Has Keven covered ANY of Island County’s misdeeds? NO! Instead Keven R. Graves is too busy facilitating the DemonRats in bashing the Emersons and the Tea Party! Meanwhile Island County government officials can do no wrong!

      Here is a challenge to Keven R, Graves. Do some in-depth investigative reporting on the misdeeds of Island County government officials related to the non-existent wetland instead of regurgitating old news and admonishing the Emersons to CLOSE this issue once and for all via the courtroom.


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        Ken, ““Ken you should post most of this on the WNT site as a comment responding to Ann ????”

        No can do Bill. Remember Keven R. Graves deletes any and every comment I make even if it is civil and on point.”

        I posted a reworded version for you. We’ll see how long it lasts now when Graves concludes that I too might be one of the Mean Girls”


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          Thanks Bill.


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      is this the Whidbey Weekly you are referring to?



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        Yes.at one time they talked with us about exchanging our site’s services for free advertising but we are not legally established nor do we want to be compensated for our type of service.
        Look on their home page at all the places listed where people can pickup their free copy. All the advertisers can easily imagine all the people reading the FREE weekly also seeing their PAID advertising. Several businesses who no longer advertise in Sound Publising say the “WEEKLY” is the best advertising deal available


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    Wait, Graves is giving “massages” now??!?!?!?! Do you get a free one with every subscription?


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    “Republican officials who don’t toe the Tea Party line are labeled “DemonRats,” “Republirats” and “RINOs.” Keven R. Graves, November 20,2013

    Keven R. Graves since you are so ignorant let’s set the record straight. DemonRat is a term associated with DemocRats who support Progressive Democratic Socialism. Not ONE Republican official was EVER called a DemonRat. Your statement is FALSE and was deliberately manufactured.


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    Breaking NEWS

    Eighty year old Dumbshits, Dipshits, and DemonRats awardee devastated over awards presentation.

    Keven R. Graves, great defender of the righteous and morally superior, quickly came to the rescue of one of his constituents, Ann Adams, in his latest comments:

    “Felix Cuvreau – Ah, yes, the Mean Girls are HILARIOUS! In a Nov. 20 post, these merry pranksters called an 80-something year-old woman a “Dumbshit, Dipshit and DemonRat.” Keven R. Graves • Top Commenter

    While Ann Adams runs around the online comment sections admonishing those she disagrees with for being uncivil:

    “Mr. Kazmirczak: It’s not your disagreement with me (or Ms. Spraitzar or Mr. Newkirk or Ms. Knight) that makes you vulgar. It’s the personal, insulting way you state your disagreement. You don’t have a valid argument, so you just fling insults, like a child throwing a tantrum. It’s kind of funny when you scream “Grow up!” And it’s kind of sad when you say, “Stop embarrassing yourself.” The whole thing is kind of sad, watching a grown man behave this way.” Ann Adams • Top Commenter

    Ann Adams has no problem dishing out her own brand of name calling and personal insults.

    “I suggest U.U.O.T.C., Uncivilized Underbelly of the Community (“Dregs,” for short).” Ann Adams • Top Commenter

    Ann Adams is clearly devastated over her unfair treatment.


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    Ann Adams · Top Commenter

    Now the shark is talking to somebody who is not here. A schizophrenic shark.
    November 26, 2013



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