Island Politics versus Whidbey News Times

Author:Ken Wolf

Island Politics doesn’t come close to Liberal Media’s finest, Martin Bashir.

Funny thing is Keven R. Graves seems to think Island Politics is related to the Tea Party. News flash Keven! Of course investigative reporting never was one of your skillsets.

Keven is very clever in his editorial however, when he links Island Politics with the Tea Party. This is right out of the liberal media playbook. Keven enjoys bashing the Tea Party and Kelly Emerson, and that too is right out of the playbook. Perhaps Keven R. Graves is aspiring to beat out Martin Bashir for DemonRat Dung Slinger of the Year.

Keven R. Graves claims his articles are to “invite discussion.” That is true if you are a DemonRat and want to bash the Emersons via Keven’s editorials and “news” articles.  The only topic Keven R. Graves can fixate on is Kelly Emerson. Keven is not capable of looking at anything from another person’s point of view. Has Keven R. Graves “walked a mile” in the Emerson’s shoes?  NO!  Has Keven covered ANY of Island County’s misdeeds? NO! Instead Keven R. Graves is too busy facilitating the DemonRats in bashing the Emersons and the Tea Party! Meanwhile Island County government officials can do no wrong!

Speaking of DemonRats bashing via Keven’s editorials and “news” articles.  Here are some recent comments on Keven R. Graves latest editorial and a “news” article.

“Chelle Brunke stated that she “very little in common with the Tea Party.” That is rich, indeed, coming from one of the most ardent supporters of Tea Partier Jeff Lauderdale during his race against Helen Price Johnson. She supported every policy position he took, no matter how extreme or controversial. I guess Ms. Brunke believes that she can now run away from her Tea Party support in order to make her blog entries more credible. I’m betting it won’t work. “  Nels Kelstrom ·  Top Commenter, November 21,2013

And this:

“Looking at the photo above, one gets the distinct (and correct) impression that Kelly Emerson can’t stand to recognize and honor the hard-working, dedicated, professional county employees who make our county government such a success.

Her Tea Party dogma dictates that she demonize and vilify public employees and portray them as greedy parasites. How else can you possibly succeed in your quest to eliminate most, if not all, governmental functions. It is almost painful to watch her squirm as she has to stand there and listen to all the great things county employees are doing for Island County citizens. If she were still chairwoman, I’m sure that we would have already seen an effort on her part to eliminate public recognition for our great public servants.

Want further proof that she despises county employees? I think I heard something recently about her filing another lawsuit against the county that yet again denigrates the work that was done by a number of county employees. Why must she constantly portray herself as the victim of the big, bad government whose workers are all out to get her? Poor Commissioner Emerson – she is so picked on.

With regard to her nomination of Jill Johnson as chairwoman, we all know that her motivation is based on her absolute hatred of Helen Price Johnson. She will say and do anything (even if it is totally inconsistent with her earlier statements and actions) in order to prevent Helen from reassuming the leadership position on the commission. Next November we will finally be rid of Commissioner Emerson. Then the commission will fully functional once again, and Helen Price Johnson will again take her turn at the helm.”   Nels Kelstrom •  Top Commenter, November 21  2013

Here is a challenge to you Keven R, Graves.  Stop being lazy and do some in-depth investigative reporting on the misdeeds of Island County government officials related to the non-existent wetland instead of regurgitating old news and admonishing the Emersons to CLOSE this issue once and for all via the courtroom.

“Republican officials who don’t toe the Tea Party line are labeled “DemonRats,” “Republirats” and “RINOs.” Keven R. Graves, November 20,2013

Keven R. Graves since you are so ignorant let’s set the record straight. DemonRat is a term associated with DemocRats who support Progressive Democratic Socialism. Not ONE Republican official was EVER called a DemonRat. Your statement is FALSE and was deliberately fabricated.

“Said John Roberts, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, “As a nation we have chosen a different course — to protect even hurtful speech on public issues to ensure that we do not stifle public debate.”  WNT

“Indeed.” Keven R. Graves

Yes indeed Keven.  Why don’t you tell your readers that you and your crew are deleting all of my online comments even when they are civil and on topic?

By their very responses and remarks, the Whidbey News Times and their DemonRat fans are revealing much more about their own character and beliefs.



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    These hatchet choppers keep referring to individuals they enjoy attacking as being Tea Party. Do they not know that there is no existing Tea Party group on Whidbey Island? Or on Camano Island? The Tea Party is not a party. Don’t they know that? For the past several years the current term Tea Party refers generally to prudent, patriotic citizens opposed to spiraling higher taxes. Usage of the term by politically correct folk like Graves’, Kelstrom and others’ of similar attitude is consistently spewed in negative and snide manner against those with whom they disagree. That amounts to “Politically Correct Name Calling” for those more-perfect individuals who condemn name-calling? We know what the Whidbey News Times is, and that it has a Constitutional right to be what it is. Don’t expect good, unbiased journalism, and you won’t be disappointed.


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      Bill, you said it all: “Don’t expect good, unbiased journalism, and you won’t be disappointed.”

      True to form, after reading the online comments from Keven R. Graves and DemonRats like Nels Kelstrom, Neil Colburn, and Molly “the mouth” MacLeod Roberts, by their very responses and remarks, the Whidbey News Times and their DemonRat fans are revealing much more about their own character and beliefs.


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      PRAVDA? The goal of ALL progressive socialists democrats is to hide and distort the truth. All these progressives are following the examples from the great flim-flam man..barak insane Obama. He instructs the press to only report what he wants you to hear. All these left wing rags are in bed with the progressive left and have no intention of publishing the truth if it goes against their agenda. Awhile back the states largest rag dropped the column by Charles Krauthammer and kept the column by Paul Krugman . When the editor was asked why , he responded that the paper wanted to go in a different direction.
      The newspapers need to publish the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But it is sad to say they are heavily slanted to the left. They want to control what you read and influence your train of thought. Their goal is a progressive communist influenced utopia completely influenced by Obama and his bully pulpit cronies. They think we are all sheeple and stupid with no minds of our own.
      Rise up fellow Conservatives before it is too late!


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    WNT = Hate Blog


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      “Mean Girls” is a movie about three Whidbey Island fish wrappers, who don’t take any responsibilty for the vicious and mean-spirited things they say about other people.


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    Interesting….I have never been to a Tea Party meeting. I guess maybe I should have.


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    Eighty year old Dumbshits, Dipshits, and DemonRats awardee devastated over awards presentation.

    Keven R. Graves, great defender of the righteous and morally superior, quickly came to the rescue of one of his constituents, Ann Adams, in his latest comments:

    “Felix Cuvreau – Ah, yes, the Mean Girls are HILARIOUS! In a Nov. 20 post, these merry pranksters called an 80-something year-old woman a “Dumbshit, Dipshit and DemonRat.” Keven R. Graves • Top Commenter

    While Ann Adams runs around the online comment sections admonishing those she disagrees with for being uncivil:

    “Mr. Kazmirczak: It’s not your disagreement with me (or Ms. Spraitzar or Mr. Newkirk or Ms. Knight) that makes you vulgar. It’s the personal, insulting way you state your disagreement. You don’t have a valid argument, so you just fling insults, like a child throwing a tantrum. It’s kind of funny when you scream “Grow up!” And it’s kind of sad when you say, “Stop embarrassing yourself.” The whole thing is kind of sad, watching a grown man behave this way.” Ann Adams • Top Commenter

    Ann Adams has no problem dishing out her own brand of name calling and personal insults.

    “I suggest U.U.O.T.C., Uncivilized Underbelly of the Community (“Dregs,” for short).” Ann Adams • Top Commenter

    Ann Adams is clearly devastated over her unfair treatment.



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