Fairchild Air Force Base seen as option for potential Navy fighter jets

Jim Camden The Spokesman-Review

A change in the nation’s overall defense plans could bring more planes to Fairchild Air Force Base by the end of this decade. It might also mean a name change to something like Joint Base Fairchild.

The planes would be Navy fighter jets from an additional aircraft carrier that could be sent to a new home in Puget Sound.

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    This would utterly destroy the economy of Island County. But there is always the pot industry, candles and tie dyed tee shirt sales to bolster the economy in a skyward direction…right?

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    Guys. This article is about a carrier air wing. Not the f-18s from here. The airwing (CVW) is a staff of 20-30 people. If they did move one which i doubt, The rest of the airwing squadrons would stay where they are now. There is not a “ship full of jets” going anywhere. The navy is in tactical hard deck, deferring ship deployments and pier side maintenance now. They are not going to joint base anything.

    It’s a reporter that is listening to people who have no clue.

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