Understanding the DemonRats’ Strategy

Author:Ken Wolf

Not long ago Keven R. Graves wrote in a very lengthy diatribe a quote from Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, “As a nation we have chosen a different course — to protect even hurtful speech on public issues to ensure that we do not stifle public debate.” The irony of course is that Keven’s tirade does not defend anything. Keven R. Graves actually went on the rampage and ATTACKED those mentioned in his criticism.  On the other hand Keven does protect the DemonRats’ hurtful speech filled with lies and false accusations.

Keven’s constituents quickly jumped on board with derogatory and mean spirited comments of their own. By their very responses and remarks they revealed much more about their own character and beliefs. For example when Martin Bashir’s remark against Sarah Palin http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2013/11/15/Shock-MSNBC-Host-Bashir-Suggests-Someone-Should-Defecate-in-Sarah-Palin-s-Mouth-Urinate-on-Her

was mentioned, Molly “the mouth” MacLeod Roberts responded, “He apologized shortly after making his rude comments in response to Palin’s idiotic comparison and Palin accepted his apology.” Reading Molly’s remark brings out another anomaly when she claims that Palin accepted Bashir’s apology. That begs the question; if what Molly says is true then perhaps she can explain why Sarah Palin cancelled all of her upcoming interviews with MSNBC? When one commenter asked, “Does Martin Bashir qualify as a Mean Girl?” Brian Fort quickly responded, “No, he apologized.” According to Molly and Brian, making such villainous remarks is Ok as long as you are a DemonRat and give a halfhearted apology afterward. Molly’s and Brian’s logic allows the perpetrator to launch another attack without any repercussions other than an apology.

Brian Fort goes on to say, “Keven’s column piece is clearly titled Opinion and is catalogued under the Opinion section, so I don’t see how it is out of line with common journalism standards.” That comment revealed another observation called the “anything goes” mentality, especially if you happen to be a DemonRat, on the Opinion page and “comments” contained in Keven’s little newspapers. Keven R. Graves and his constituents are cowards hiding behind “opinion.” Hiding under the “opinion” umbrella gives Keven R. Graves and his fellow DemonRats the latitude to say whatever they want. Since there aren’t any journalistic standards, Keven R. Graves and his comrades can spread lies and degrade anyone they do not like. Case in point Nels Kelstrom:


Ann Adams, Nels Kelstrom, Neil Colburn, Molly “the mouth” MacLeod Roberts, Bob Prasch, Pam Fick, Marianne Edain and Steve Erickson are a just few of the DemonRats engaged in this activity. Keven R. Graves takes pleasure in engaging in this activity in part by saying, “Republican officials who don’t toe the Tea Party line are labeled “DemonRats.” Keven’s major malfunction is that a DemonRat is an exclusive term reserved for DemocRats who support Progressive Democratic Socialism. Not ONE Republican official was EVER called a DemonRat. The evidence speaks for itself, and that evidence is on the Opinion page and the comments found in Keven’s local fish wrappers.

Be comforted in the fact that Keven’s clients are paying for the DemonRats’ propaganda, and the brainwashing of the masses continues.  Here are some facts DemonRats don’t want you to know:  The “Mean Girls” are Whidbey News Times, Whidbey Examiner, and South Whidbey Record.  Thomas Thistlewood was a role model and mentor for Southern Democrat slave owners.  Most slave owners in the South were Democrats.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of Liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened.”

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    Both sides are evil but they have gerrymandered and legalezed the two party system so completely that a third party or independent has virtually no chance. A pox on both their houses! Thomas Paine, great patriot pointed out that previous generations have no right to create a system that forces future generations to live with their system for perpetuity but each generation has the right to create a system for themselves. The constitution has been hijacked and needs to be changed to a modern one. The millenial generation is the totally screwed one, hope they help blow it up.


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      No need to “change to a modern one.” Of course what YOU propose is the European form of government, and that is Progressive Democratic Socialism. Adhering to the basic conservative principles of the Constitution of the United States of America is enough.


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    That makes YOU no better than the Tories Paine was complaining about “we always need the king”! (the constitution is our king, our bible, every word is god inspired to your type of ilk) Just sickening! The next generation deserves better than you constitution thumpers, and the two venom infused america hating political parties it gave us.


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    Am I the only one who can no longer post on Whidbey News Times? Keven Graves, in a recent e-mail to me stated:

    Couch it however you choose. Much of your information below is flat out wrong.

    Regardless, you are banned indefinitely for the reasons stated.


    Sent via iPhone

    On Jan 21, 2014, at 5:54 PM, Chelle Brunke wrote:


    When Justin Burnett was writing the initial stories about the closure of the OLF, I was concerned about the slant shown in the stories. I didn’t just try of learn if the writer of the story had a conflict of interest, I went to whitepages.com and found a Justin Burnett living smack dab in the middle of the area in question. I sent you multiple e-mail – of which there are copious electronic records – questioning this. You accused me of cyberstalking.

    Readers must maintain the prerogative of questioning the press. When you write a story under a by-line, your reader has the right to question your agenda. This is a risk the journalist takes, and it behoves every journalist to remember this when writing articles as fact. If there is an appearance of conflict of interest, the journalist should recuse him/her self, or at least disclose, in the article, the possibility of bias because of personal situations, especially those of financial interest.

    This is when you accused me of cyber-stalking. Yet it was a reasonable action, one that many journalists exercise. I certainly hope you use the internet as a part of your profession to verify the veracity of data. Justin Burnett was taken off this “beat” and Janis Reid was assigned it. She has performed much more objectively, and for this I am grateful.

    Meanwhile, my concerns about the US Navy and the bias presented by your newspaper continued. On the editorial page, you continued assaulting the Navy. Your editorial about steps taken by the Navy to address drinking and driving by military personnel is an on-target example. You have since taken down that page on line, but the electronic memory and hard-copies exist. I appreciate that the Navy needs to undergo scrutiny just as any other organization on the Island, but you have taken this too far.

    You continually resort to name-calling in your editorials. “Thugs” “lowbrows” and “rabid pit bulls” are just the tip of the iceberg. This is why I believe the reference to members of Old Goats as being “haters” in a straight news story by Jessie Stensland was missed when previewing before going to print. It was business as usual for Sound Publishing, Black Press, and the Whidbey News Times.

    The days are over when you could assume that the average newspaper reader had the reading comprehension of a grade schooler. This is the 21st century and regardless of their educational level, the average reader on Whidbey Island is quite astute.

    In terms of censorship, I’ll include a link to the ACLU which defines censorship.


    You need to understand that I hold you the same principles that we impose upon our government.


    On Jan 21, 2014, at 9:10 AM, Keven Graves wrote:


    To repeatedly claim you are “censored” is untrue. As you are aware, you are blocked from posting on the Whidbey News-Times website because you failed to heed multiple warnings regarding your efforts to try to learn the home address of an employee. Your primary question was answered repeatedly, yet you persisted in pressing that matter.

    As I said, you received adequate warning prior to being banned. You have only your own actions to blame.

    For the sake of full, truthful disclosure, please stop misrepresenting the situation.


    On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 9:01 AM, Chelle Brunke wrote:

    Posting as Chelle Brunke (Change)
    Also post on Facebook


    Chelle Brunke · Top Commenter · Portland State University
    Sound Publishing needs to concede that people who do not agree with a progressive liberal agenda are not haters. They are simply folks who disagree with county policy in some areas and should be allowed the social dignity we all crave.

    And, yes, I think that the overall tone of the county is progressive liberal. By this I mean that the attitude is “change at any cost.” I am overwhelmed at the amount of tax-payer money that is wasted every year on an agenda that defies rational thought. We have many examples of this. The Freeland Water and Sewer District sewer fiasco is simply one of many.

    Much of the problem with the fiasco was based on pseudo-science. And several million tax-payer dollars were wasted on consultants who were racking up billable hours confusing the process. Building a $40 million sewer in an area with 40…0 properties paying the tab was beyond belief. But sewers were politically correct even if it was, by most of us, not needed.

    Sadly, that appears to be the mantra of the liberal progressive. Peer-review science falls victim to the “cause du jour.”

    This is why John and I attend Old Goats meetings. It is a place where each attendee is treated civilly. Speakers don’t speak out of their expertise; meaning theologists don’t lecture on electro-magnetic fields, and physicists don’t lecture on lecture on civil forfeiture.

    For a quick and simple read, go to


    and try to understand why someone who voted for gay marriage and legalization of marijuana is also a big fan and a frequent attendee of the Old Goats. I’m always welcome there, I’m respected, and I learn something new every time I attend. I many not agree on certain issues, but I do respect each individual there, and the right of each individual there to have opposing views.

    The use of the word “haters” in referring to Old Goats in the piece about the group was appalling. It was a blatant indication of the slant of the folks who edit and publish the paper.

    Let’s drop the name-calling and stick to facts. just the facts.
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      “For the sake of full, truthful disclosure, please stop misrepresenting the situation.

      Interesting words from a man who has made a career out of misrepresenting anything he or his staff does not agree with. I have given up on the WNT and encourage others to do so also they have turned a once fair and balanced newspaper into a farce. This is coming from someone who has read the WNT his whole life and was a delivery boy for them during high school. I now refuse to subscribe and refuse to even read the online edition because you cannot trust them to report the facts. They are an embarrassment to our community and deserve to be censored themselves by the public at large.

      Complaints should be sent directly to Black Press:

      5460 – 152 Street, Surrey, B.C

      Maybe the leadership at Black Press is wondering why the WNT is doing so poorly and losing advertising revenue. Maybe they will realize what type of a monster they have created with Keven Graves at the helm of our local paper and replace him with someone who is not so ideologically bent on telling only one side of the story and banning commenters who are only looking for the facts…


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    Chelle, I too can no longer post on WNt or any other Graves controlled rags, Annoying but who cares?
    I post my Graves rebuttals on Facebook under the “What’s on your mind” option when I log on…I’m sure His Excellency Graves and company read my Facebook posts and here on Island Politics as does many other citizens



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