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“Democracy and
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What a joyous
time of year it is.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or
some other holiday… May you celebrate it to the fullest!  


Dr. Ken Hutcherson passes


(7/14/1952 –



A fourth round draft pick as a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, Dr.
Ken Hutcherson ended his 5 year football career with our Seattle
Seahawks.  After which he remained in the area until his death
last Wednesday.

Dr. Ken Hutcherson was a founder of the Antioch Bible Church in Redmond
and in 1985 became the Senior Pastor.  His walk with Christ began
in High School.

Growing up in the south, during a time of segregation in our country,
Ken Hutcherson developed a strong hate for people of no color.�
Although he had been known for giving some credit to that hate for
driving him towards football, I believe he would give all the credit to
his new found high school friend for removing that hate from his heart.

As I found out last night, Dr. Hutcherson would purchase beef from the
Engle Farm on Whidbey Island every year around this time to feed his
church.  His passing is a tremendous loss for our society and he
will be greatly missed.



I thank you
for the opportunity!


For nearly my entire term in office thus far, this wretched economy has
forced my husband distances far too great to commute daily for
work.  Nearly three years of a weekend marriage has deprived this
young :-) couple of much time together.

We cannot get back the time we’ve lost, but I can stop it from carrying
on into another term. I will not be seeking re-election next year.


It has been an honor and privilege to represent the good
people of Island County, in particular District 3. 

Thank you for the opportunity and please know that I will continue the
fight to restore this once great country. 



is an honor to serve you.



Kelly Emerson

Island County
Commissioner – District 3







  1. I watched the video of Monday’s meeting and never have I been prouder of Kelly than at that meeting
    The other 2 Commissioners don’t deserve her nor will they ever understand her morals and dedication to achieving our goals

    The next 12+ months will be great for we Kelly supporters to watch and appreciate what a talent we had with her as our Commissioner
    Poor HPJ…guess she’ll need to focus her venom on the RINO now that any more of her treatment of Kelly in past years accomplishes nothing for her
    You can see and hear ALL of Kelly’s comments near the meeting’s end at minute marker 59:26, of the County Commissioners Video of this meeting…

    This video of just Commissioner Kelly Emerson’s comments is also posted on YouTube for the world to see:

  2. Went to Antioch for a few years before we moved here, Ken was the best pastor I ever had the chance to experience, and in fact the last as after a lot of church shopping, the corporate accepted modern church culture, which is in every denomination, (and clearly what the majority of people expect) turned me off to social worship. In the final analysis it winds up one on one anyway.

    If you knew Ken, humble when needed, fiery when needed, genuine, he will be missed. I don’t see another one out there.

      1. Limbaugh’s awful argument about Don McNabb got him fired from ESPN….he’s a terrible analyst of pro football, why would you be impressed by his musings with Ken Hutcherson? Weird.

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