There is no surprise that Whidbey Island, from Coupeville to Clinton, is overly infested with Progressive Democratic Socialists. Recent letters to the editor from two elitist Democratic Socialists espoused a disdain for private property rights and the right to bear arms.

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These DemonRats encourage the public to go camping on private property at the expense of the property owner’s rights. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to them that two public campgrounds were established in their honor.

The Hackeling Family Bucolic Campground located at 6709 Heggenes Road in Clinton, WA, and the Fran Abel Campground for Open Minds located at 870 Grace Lane in Langley, WA. are now open to the public FREE of charge.

Wait! There’s more! Why limit yourself to camping in a tent or RV when both facilities have a beautiful Country Cabin for you to stay in. Make yourselves at home! They don’t mind! Private property rights don’t mean a thing to them. Help yourselves to whatever is in the refrigerator. Oh, and if you need cash just ask camp hosts Siv Hackeling, Ronald J. Hackeling and Fran Abel.

Firearms are not permitted on the premises however, and anyone caught with one will have their weapon confiscated and melted down to make some Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd junk art.

Think about that and ask yourself if we might learn something about private property rights, the Second Amendment, and the Constitution of the United States of America.