Whidbey’s Progressive Democratic Socialists Despise Private Property Rights

There is no surprise that Whidbey Island, from Coupeville to Clinton, is overly infested with Progressive Democratic Socialists. Recent letters to the editor from two elitist Democratic Socialists espoused a disdain for private property rights and the right to bear arms.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Take a lesson from the Swedes
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Make a sculpture out of melted guns for Whidbey gun store

These DemonRats encourage the public to go camping on private property at the expense of the property owner’s rights. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to them that two public campgrounds were established in their honor.

The Hackeling Family Bucolic Campground located at 6709 Heggenes Road in Clinton, WA, and the Fran Abel Campground for Open Minds located at 870 Grace Lane in Langley, WA. are now open to the public FREE of charge.

Wait! There’s more! Why limit yourself to camping in a tent or RV when both facilities have a beautiful Country Cabin for you to stay in. Make yourselves at home! They don’t mind! Private property rights don’t mean a thing to them. Help yourselves to whatever is in the refrigerator. Oh, and if you need cash just ask camp hosts Siv Hackeling, Ronald J. Hackeling and Fran Abel.

Firearms are not permitted on the premises however, and anyone caught with one will have their weapon confiscated and melted down to make some Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd junk art.

Think about that and ask yourself if we might learn something about private property rights, the Second Amendment, and the Constitution of the United States of America.


  1. I’m not much of a camper but since curbside recycling was kicked to the curb I will drop off some of my trash at the locations listed. I sure the individuals there will save the earth with whatever I drop off.

    1. Never fear! Curbside recycling will make a come back soon after Island County elects a DemonRat as County Commissioner, District 3 in 2014.

  2. Two points:

    1. Tis their properties. What they do, what they like, what they allow others to do on their properties is their business. I wonder if the properties might be posted, GUN FREE ZONE ? or STAND YOUR GROUND FREE ZONE ?

    2. Regarding melting my gun, that would first require removing it from my grip while preventing it’s use. Dream on ladies.

    1. What is revolting is the notion that the U. S. should become more like Sweden, and eliminate property rights by making it “unlawful for owners to prohibit people from traversing natural trails through or even camping upon private property, simply because someone owns it,” and suggest that property owners in the U. S. are less civilized or generous than Swedes.

  3. And that is one reason that many of us live in the USA where property rights are protected. Just because somewhere someone does it differently does not make it better, or right.

    And yes, it would be an interesting endeavor to attempt to remove my gun from my hand. I have fought all my life to retain those rights by abiding the law and retain those rights that have been reserved to me a citizen of the United States in our Bill of Rights.

  4. The Bill of Rights protects all of our basic God-given Rights. Over the years Citizens have had to continue defending those Rights from the government and its useful idiots. The time for simply defending these Rights as they are continually nipped at is over. It’s time to start ENFORCING them and restoring those that have been stolen or otherwise eroded.

    Remember Sweden’s complicity with the Nazis during WW II. We’ve heard what Ted Nugent thinks about the French. I believe he has similar opinions about Swedes, and I would agree with Ted.

    1. Protect is not quite the complete wording. It reserves those rights to the people and the duty to protect them was part of the US Governments guarantee to the people when their individual states joined the union.

      The Federalist Papers should be mandatory reading in our schools but I don’t believe they are even mentioned anymore. That is how far we have fallen in standing up for those rights that were reserved to us the citizens of the US.


  5. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/sweden/10080320/Stockholm-riots-leave-Swedens-dreams-of-perfect-society-up-in-smoke.html

    Sweden isn’t as tolerant as most people make it out to be. Nearly all the Nordic countries are paying for their open arms immigration policies to replace Tue non-labor Birds with colored folks to do the hard labor and dangerous labor in those countries. It is also spurring a rise in most of the Nordic countries what would be similar to the kooky klan and crazy nutsis in racial hatred of all whom arent pure breed WASPy or Nordic heritage folks. Just because our media wants to paint this nation as the most racist since forever doesn’t mean that other countries arent worst and aren’t going down paths that we have effectively begun to tame almost 60yrs ago. Those that chose not to recognized the issues of demographics are whistling past a graveyard a tune of false bravado.

  6. Oh Ken, this is priceless. It caused such mirth and merriment that I laughed so hard and fell out of my chair, thereby injuring my funny bone and other sundry body parts. Now I’ll be forced to engage the services of an attorney to sue the Hackelings and Abel. My goodness, they have done me a great injustice and I am quite the victim, not to mention the insult I “feel” from their hate speech in the editorials. Thank you for pointing this out. Now, where are my sleeping bag and tent for those camp-outs …. ??? I’m sure they’ll also be obliged by law to provide sanitary facilities as well as water, fire pit or grill for cooking, night time lighting for safety, etc. We aren’t allowed firearms on their properties so they’ll also be required to ensure our safety from any and all wild animals, including those socialist types from Freeland. Anyone care to join me?

  7. As my dad always said Sweeds are Norwegian’s with their brains knocked out. Talk about taxes, just ask the Scandinavian countries what percentage of their income goes to taxes especially for an automobile. All those blue eyed bimbos sing kumbaya and bow to their socialist kings. I am part Norwegian and eat my fair share of sardines, but I am an AMERICAN first where we have the freedom to be free and own property where it is not part of some socialist utopia with a bunch of robots running around handing out flowers to everyone and smoking a joint.

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