Island County Economic Development Council NAS Whidbey economic impact study

Recently the Island County Economic Development Council produced a report on the economic impact and value that NAS Whidbey Island brings to our local economy. It is a detailed and very well authored and sourced report on the economic value that the Naval Air Station brings to Island and Skagit County.

Obviously a lot of hard work went into this report and it should be valued reading for those interested in the economics and effect of having NAS Whidbey and the Naval Outlying Field in Coupeville remain in our community.

Many thanks to the ICEDC for the time and effort it took to produce this report. 

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island Economic Impact to Island and Skagit Counties (2.36mb .pdf file)




  1. Cliff, Thanks for this article and link to truthful data that proves we need the Navy or our economy goes in the dumper
    This looks just like an update of the report that Mac produced a few years ago
    Glad someone (?? Kelly Emerson ??) remembered Mac’s report and motivated the new one being prepared. Maybe now those wanting to get rid of NAS Whidbey will realize their future and loss of NASWhidbey’s financial impact on their lives if they should get their way and if the Navy should leave
    The good news is that all indications are that the Navy will stay and GROW

    1. There are two sides to every coin. We have a choice. We can sit idly by while the “progressives” run the Navy away and turn Whidbey Island into another Camano Island which has no industry, shopping or jobs.

      I do know that Commissioner Emerson was attempting to have the EDC create a website with the information in the report included to show the benefits to industry and tech companies the viability of North Whidbey and to counter a lot of the misinformation produced by COER and affiliates. Their attempts ARE hurting our economy and I am sure any real estate agent would agree. The proposal was shot down in committee as Helen Price Johnson is the chair of that committee and from what I understand Jill Johnson agreed with her to kill the idea…because Kelly was promoting it. This is what we need to stop in the next election, and the one after that. We need candidates that stand on principles not friendship and a desire for a consensus. We had that with Commissioner Emerson but when you have everyone in the county against her, by design, we the people lose.

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