Keven Graves Editor of the Whidbey News Times again “editorialized” with another one sided editorial

It was recently brought to my attention that Keven Graves of the Whidbey News Times wrote another editorial that was again one sided and berift of facts in the local paper.

This time it was concerning Mayor Dudley and the replacement of his “executive assistant” Renee Recker and the subsequent lawsuit filed by Christon Skinner in her behalf against the city.

When I heard of this I did go to the Whidbey News Times and read the article. I normally refuse to read the local paper either the print edition or the online edition because of their one sided reporting and editorials. As soon as I read the obviously biased and one sided article I called the Mayor (yes our Mayor is readily available by telephone Mr. Graves) and asked him if Keven Graves ever asked him or anyone in his administration about the facts concerning this issue and he informed me that he had never spoken to Keven Graves and never received a phone call from him at any time much less before this editorial was published and he knows no one in his administration that was contacted about this issue. 

The Whidbey News Times and it’s editor are doing a grave disservice to our community by obviously being a mouthpiece for a party that had brought suit against our city. In the article he readily quotes the attorney for the claimant but never seeks out the other side of the story from our cities head administrator and the subject of his editorial. His one sided editorials are a disgrace to the concept of fairness and should be all the evidence one needs to see that his editorials are not really editorials but personal attacks on the Mayor based on Mr. Graves obvious personal bias.

Mr. Graves certainly has the right to say anything he wants in his paper but when it is obvious that he uses the editorial process to take sides and editorialize using information from only one side of a story it is doing our city a great disservice. This is why I and many other refuse to read or advertise in the Whidbey News Times.

Mr. Graves, the Mayors phone number is (360) 279-4502 I suggest the next editorial you write you attempt to give the Mayor a call and get his side of the story before penning your so called editorial. If the Mayor will return my phone call, a regular citizen, I am sure he will return your phone call as the editor of all of our local papers.


  1. Keven’s “investigative skills” are seriously lacking. He has been presented documents about past issues and has chosen to not address them since they would be embarrassing to those he tries to impress.

    Whidbey Island would be better served by someone who reports the news, regardless of who it embarrasses. If he receives a report validating the observations of a citizens’ advisory group about an important milti-million dollar sewer disaster, at least he could acknowledge receipt.

    And no, not everything is news, and true news shouldn’t be sensationalized. A perfect example of this is the reports about the articles about a domestic violence/murder, where the ultimately convicted husband was nick-named “The Pizza Man.” What a way to trivialize a serious social problem. But it screams “tabloid.”

    Keven also uses his editorial powers to publicly single out individuals for abuse. I have no possible comprehension of why Black Press and Sound Publishing supports this, but they do.

    We need a media that respects the integrity of the community.

    1. “We need a media that respects the integrity of the community.”

      And apparently we will NEVER see that from ANY of the Sound Publishing rags. It is a true shame. I delivered newspapers for them when I was young and used to have great respect for them and their reporting. Apparently truth and facts have very little influence on those at the Sound Publishing/Black Press newspapers in the area.

      They deserve what they get. I would imagine they are a marginal operation at best so hopefully the parent companies will eventually get wise as to why many will not subscribe to their paper or advertise in it and get a management team that respectfully reports the news instead of the National Enquirer style of one sided reporting that they are doing now.

      When Keven Graves took over as publisher we all hoped for the best but he turned out to be worse than what we had. It is a true shame that our local papers have decided to take the low road but like I stated earlier they deserve what they get.

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