The Garry Oak Tree at the Oak Harbor Post Office was cut down this Sunday morning.

The City gave very little notice that it was to be cut down but the condition of the tree is what is caused the expedited action on the cities part.

Last May a 100 pound branch broke off in a windstorm and last June another 300 pound branch fell on the sidewalk. This spring and summer when the tree is in full leaf and the sap is running would have more than likely caused more limbs to fail.

It is certainly sad to see a tree of this age cut down but the years were not been to kind to it. This tree was more than likely planted alongside a wagon trail some 400 years ago and the since then that wagon trail has turned into the city we know as Oak Harbor. Once you pave over a trees roots the tree suffers and eventually the tree needs to be removed. (Pictures below the fold)

The city had a duty to cut this tree down, as sad as it was they still have a duty to protect the public from harm. If the tree is deemed a high risk or hazard tree the city would have been 100% liable for any damage done by the tree.

From what I understand the wood from the Garry Oak will go to the Public Works Department and I am sure we will see the wood from the tree put to good use and will continue to serve the city of Oak Harbor.

Here is the memorandum from the City Attorney and Press Release the City of Oak Harbor released the morning the tree was removed.

City of Oak Harbor Press Release

Memorandum from the City Attorney