Saturday, May 17, 2014

The article begins, “It’s not official, but chances are good that South Whidbey will become home to two of Island County’s new retail marijuana stores. South End business owners Maureen Cooke and Lucas Jushinski have both submitted applications to the state to open shops in Bayview and Freeland. Yet ironically, despite the passage of I-502 in 2012, it appears these early entrepreneurs will owe their existence — if they are successfully permitted — to Island County commissioners Helen Price Johnson, a South Whidbey Democrat, and Jill Johnson, a Oak Harbor Republican.”

In the same paper is a letter from Mike Diamanti, Vice-President of the Impaired Driving Impact Panel of Island County (IDIPIC). Mr. Diamanti cautions us about the “100 Deadly Days of Summer” beginning with the Memorial Day weekend. His concern is that the number of traffic fatalities increase due to folks who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs including prescription, over-the-counter, illegal drugs, chemicals and combinations of these types.
On the same page of the same paper is the “Mayor’s Beat” by Fred McCarthy, Mayor of Langley. The Mayor laments that “Whidbey heroin, drug problem just won’t go away!” He advocates forming an “Island County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition” as a first in combating the growing use of addictive drugs.
Somebody needs to grab HPJ and JJP and rub their noses in these news articles! Really! It’s as plain as the noses on their faces that we do NOT need easier and more access to any substance that creates addictions and destroys lives. I’m also sure that opening the new pot shops will make it much easier for young people to either experiment with dope for the first time or to use it much more frequently.
Thanks a lot, ladies. I truly hope that you and none of your loved ones are ever the victim of a driver or burglar who is crazed out of their minds when they get behind the driver’s wheel of a car or break into a home.
Shame on you, Commissioners.