For Immediate Release:

Hennemann Campaign hires staff, launches new website, questions opponent’s financials.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Camano Island, WA
Contact: Tony Wallace (360) 325-2490

With filing week over, the Hennemann campaign has hit the ground running.  Of the Four Republican Candidates for County Commissioner, two have selected mini-reporting, which means that they intend to raise and spend under $5,000.  Considering the amount of money raised in the last election, Marc Hennemann’s campaign representative Tony Wallace stated:

 “We won’t need to raise quite as much as Emerson did due to the techniques we’ll be implementing, but it’s going to be an expensive race”.

 Hired by the Hennemann campaign, the injection of the new campaign resources found in Tony Wallace, should make the race interesting.  A veteran of GOP Politics, Tony has been found in California’s 53rd Congressional District in the Special election following Congressman Cunningham’s resignation in 2006, in Ohio’s 16th Congressional District in 2008 as an augment via independent expenditure. 2010 brought him to Washington where among many roles that year, he worked for the 501c4 Speaker’s Education Project.

 In 2011 he was brought into Seattle to assist the campaign manager for Jane Hague’s King County Council primary, a district covering 280 precincts.  In 2013, Tony was elected unanimously as the Washington Young Republicans Federation Statewide President.  Last fall, Tony turned local GOP heads in his home county when he consulted the race of a friend of his – incumbent Port Commissioner Mike McAuley.  McAuley, outspent 3:1, credits Tony Wallace for the unorthodox technique which won the race – spending only $20,000 to his opponent’s $60,000 and narrowly avoiding recount margin.  Of particular note in that race was Tony’s lack of use for campaign direct mail and the fact that in that race no large 4’x8′ signs were used.  In regards to the techniques Tony brings to the table, he stated:

 “Every race is different, but I like it a lot better when we’re starting out with the financials this close and a better website that collects employer data unlike that of our likely fall opponent. With over a dozen donors of over $100 that bear no employer data in her financials, one can only ask if this is the type of shortcut we can expect to see more of this cycle, or if it’s tied to their noncompliant website which makes no good faith effort to collect the data, from what we can tell. In either case, the people of Island County have a right to know where her support is coming from.”

 Tony is an expert in a new campaign technique, known as granular, or “micro” targeting, in which advanced math modeling and consumer data are integrated into voter files.  He credits the technique as being “a distinct and disproportionate advantage and this is exactly the type of race where it can make the biggest difference”.

 Finally, as referenced above, the campaign is today initiating the drafting of a PDC complaint against Karla Jacks – both for withholding donor information and for there being “no clearly visible good faith effort to harness employer data as mandated by the PDC on the donor page of her website, coupled with a distressing lack of data among individuals for whom the campaign has raised $100 or more from by their own records.” That complaint is expected to be sent this week, according to the campaign.

 Often when a campaign gets into trouble this early with the PDC, it has a “chilling” effect among donors, as they fear their donations will be absorbed by hefty fines for repeat offenses, rather than directed into core campaign functions.

 The campaign’s website can be found at