Island County Hate Club Follows Kelly Emerson to New County; They Won’t Give Up


A recent article in the Bremerton paper which is also an overt progressive-liberal political Sound Publishing rag did a number on Emerson with pretensions at every turn…It now looks like the Island County Democrat “GET Kelly” clan just won’t stop they have taken their hate Kelly garbage to Kitsap County!

The comments responding to the Bremerton article were all from the same few Dem spin  Masters that always posed DEM hate in Island County
BUT… They are taking a more serious and risky turn this time  with their current posts attacking citizen Kelly Emerson and her husband Ken
???LIBELOUS?? ? How much will it cost County and the others?

The answer; Emerson’s filed suit to determine damages which is set for trial in February 2015

We elected Kelly Emerson to be a conservative voice following the Republican Party’s goals as Commissioner replacing liberal tax and spend John Dean and later Angie Homola who was replaced by Jill Johnson, a RINO
From day one Commissioners, Helen Price-Johnson and Jill Johnson did every thing possible to reject Kelly and her conservative values proposals
Following are links to a couple YouTube videos of Commissioner meetings that will support my comments:



  1. Wow! I hope the people of Kitsap county do their reserch on this one.
    Kelly does realize that being auditor is a job that requires you to be present at work and available to more than just a few constituants?
    Well, no worries here Island County has an excellent auditor and I guess thats all that matters.

    1. Yes, I hope they do their research. If they did they would find that District 3 Commissioner had 2 offices. One on Camano and one at Coupeville as her district covered both Camano Island and Whidbey Islands. Just because Commissioner Emerson chose to represent her constituents from the Camano Annex instead of the courthouse does not mean that she was not “present at work”.

      Kelly was the ONLY Commissioner to hold monthly community meetings on both Camano and Whidbey Islands where constituents could easily talk with her. The other 2 commissioners? They held no such meetings and still do not, if you want to see them you have to go to Coupeville and make an appointment to see them at the courthouse. If Helen or Jill have ever even been to the Camano annex I would be surprised…so much for representing constituents I guess.

      Methinks you read and parrot the local paper too much, this is the paper that has made a career in bashing, libeling and attacking Commissioner Emerson. You should get out into the real world more often Shane, it may surprise you what you learn once you are out of your bubble.

      1. The wole purpose of the WNT article is to continue the libelous attack on both Kelly and myself for unknown reasons and to get their usual band of HATERS mobilized to post lies, stir up hate and to outright defame. Exactly what WNT’s interest is in destroying the livelihood, reputation of us is unknown but can be described as a total bias. It is easy for them to do this unchecked because they are the only “news” source in Island County as they are all owned by one company. I wonder if Sound Publishing and Black Press know just what they are doing at the local level? It is absolutely disgusting that Sound Publishing allows the editing and deleting of supporters comments to further their “cause” whatever that may be.

  2. I’m tired of seeing Kelly or any politician for that mater being portrayed as the victim. Kelly got paid extremely well to do her job whether she did her job or not. The only victims here are the island county taxpayers and anyone who voted for kelly. At the very least her supporters would have expected her to complete a four year term and she didn’t even do that.

    As far as the media being unfair…… who cares! The media has been unfair for as long as there’s been print media.

    1. Shane, I disagree with your factless inconsiderate opinion… Get REAL
      Kelly had the patience of JOB in tolerating the lies, insults and back stabing she got from Homola, Price-Johnson and Jill the RINO. That’s not a healthy work environment and not what we expected for her when we elected her to change the lib spending practices of the previous Dean, Homola HPJ administration
      I would have resigned much sooner than Kelly, even without the opportunities and need to move from Island County to be with Ken, her husband. Obviously that’s contrary to your thinking or moral standards, but many people agree that a couple’s marriage vows and personal well being take priority over being an Island County Commissioner.
      I am proud of Kelly’s morals and decisions Shane.
      You’ll probably never understand this but Kelly’s moral convicitons run deep even now when she said, “It is very hard for me to be able to forgive I know it is my Christian duty but I am really having a tough time on this one”
      We need several more honest, ethical, moral elected officials in this once great nation!
      You are beating a dead horse…
      You and the others insulting Kelly should also accept the fact that Citizen Ken Emerson, Kelly’s husband, suffered financial and emotional damages as a result of the “Get Kelly” political environment the past 4 years.
      Ken Emerson has a score to settle with those who caused his damages.
      The financial amount of damages is scheduled for court resolution in Feb 2015.
      It will NOT be in an Island County Court

      “How selfish soever you may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with; before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.”

      1. Well said Bill. It’s a crying shame that most people have not followed this saga from the beginning, but yet they continue to ignorantly pursue hate.

        Kelly did her job much better than I could have, that’s for sure! I’d have been removed from office for malicious assault on two women.

        1. Thanks very much Larry I appreciated your comments, “I’d have been removed from office for malicious assault on two women.” ROFLMAO
          You and I must be cut from the same cloth when it comes to patience.
          Many years ago I was one of the leaders of a successful recall of 4 members of the Brea, Calif. school board. The recall petition required we listing who should replace the board member if recalled. I ended up being a board member for 14 months and learned then that I had no political skills. When I retired from the board they gave ne a nice framed statement saying “Lord grant me patience and I want it right now It’s still on the wall in my man cave; wife won’t let me take it down

        2. “Well said Bill. It’s a crying shame that most people have not followed this saga from the beginning, but yet they continue to ignorantly pursue hate.”

          Keven R. Graves and the DemonRats are not ignorant. This entire saga was a deliberate attack on a TeaParty Patriot.

          Keven’s DemonRat press on Whidbey deliberately intentionally, and willfully disregarded and omitted what the real issues are.

          Keven R. Graves will never get another penny from me. The sooner Sound Publishing’s local tabloids go belly up the better.

          1. Ken, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss ignorance in this case. Many of them that are stirring the pot have no clue of the complexity of this case. If they did, they would let it die quietly. But for the most part, they seem to enjoy piling on and fanning the flames, parroting negativity and untruths. Typical liberalism.

            Kelly and Ken have strong grounds to take this to the end and make it hurt, and I hope they do!
            HPJ, Homola, Dean and possibly Jill and a couple of other guilty parties, should be shaking in their boots. They know who they are and what part they played.
            This case is not settled yet and could get very personal, embarrassing and expensive for them.

            In the end, the Emerson’s will win, I have no doubt about that; the evidence is too overwhelming.

    2. Those who take a job as the peoples representative do not deserve the personal attacks that Ms. Emerson endured. No one should sacrifice their rights or their personal lives to serve the public.

      From the think tank of John Dean, Angie Homola and Helen Price Johnson a scandal was brewed that still to this day is unresolved, all to have a campaign issue against an opponent. Many thousands of dollars were spent and much treasure was lost by the Emerson’s in fighting for the same very basic rights that we the voters take for granted.

      And yes, you are right, the taxpayers of Island County WILL pay for this. This is what we get for voting those into office who place politics over public service. You see Shane, you get what you vote for. If you don’t want 5 million dollar lawsuits against the county you live in make sure that who you vote for places unbiased and fair public service over political considerations.

      It seems we have a similar problem in Oak Harbor, 14 million dollars for Native American graves that the city was warned about, a new waste water treatment plant funded solely by the ratepayers instead of partially funded by grants and what do we have? The same city council members that ignored the archaeologists warnings and voted in the new septic plant with no outside grant funding are still in office. We deserve what we get. You also deserve what you vote for, I just hope you also enjoy paying for it.

  3. So let me get this right? “Those who take a job as the peoples representative do not deserve the personal attacks that Ms. Emerson endured.” -Cliff Howard.

    Kind of seems like a double standard seeing how you here at island politics have attacked polititions in ways that a reputable blog would never dream of.
    You cant have your cake and eat it too Mr. Howard…. Which is it? I say most people know it goes with the turf and I would assume that is part of the reason that most people dont run for office.

    1. Shane, In case you are unaware my personal opinions do not amount to $500.00 a day fines, they do not amount to holding someone’s property hostage and they do not amount to having to take any issues to court to gain a political advantage. The difference between the personal attacks that the Emerson’s have endured and the opinions that you call personal attacks are stark and apparent. I am entitled to my opinions, we do live in a free country and political SPEECH has the highest level of protections under our Bill of Rights. The line is crossed when personal opinions become monetary penalties, lawsuits, failed settlement agreements and so on. No one deserves the personal attacks the Emerson’s have endured just for being a representative of the people. You understand the difference between the 2 do you? Let us hope that you decide to run for office some day and have the same good luck as the Emerson’s have…

  4. shanehoffmire, “So let me get this right” If this in your opinion is not , “… a reputable blog…”
    Then why do you insist on reading and posting here? You are just another internet troll which is defined as an abusive or obnoxious user who uses shock value to promote arguments and disharmony in online communities. Named after the wicked troll creatures of children’s tales, an internet troll is someone who stirs up drama and abuses their online anonymity by purposely sowing hatred, bigotry, racism, mysogyny, or just simple bickering between others. Trolls like a big audience, so they frequent blog sites, news sites, discussion forums, and game chat. Trolls thrive in any environment where they are allowed to make public comments.
    You sure as HEEL act exactly like one. Take your troll actions to a blog site that needs and wants trolls like you; not here because you contribute nothing related to facts…just your trollish opinions…and that’s a fact…So did you get this right?

  5. I certainly haven’t used any online anonymity and the rest of your comments are about as equally far of base. As far as hatred bigotry and bickering, seems to be the norm for this place well that plus sloppy clipart and Photoshop. Id love to hear what you think is right with the world for a change.

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