A recent article in the Bremerton paper which is also an overt progressive-liberal political Sound Publishing rag did a number on Emerson with pretensions at every turn…It now looks like the Island County Democrat “GET Kelly” clan just won’t stop they have taken their hate Kelly garbage to Kitsap County!

The comments responding to the Bremerton article were all from the same few Dem spin  Masters that always posed DEM hate in Island County
BUT… They are taking a more serious and risky turn this time  with their current posts attacking citizen Kelly Emerson and her husband Ken
???LIBELOUS?? ? How much will it cost County and the others?

The answer; Emerson’s filed suit to determine damages which is set for trial in February 2015

We elected Kelly Emerson to be a conservative voice following the Republican Party’s goals as Commissioner replacing liberal tax and spend John Dean and later Angie Homola who was replaced by Jill Johnson, a RINO
From day one Commissioners, Helen Price-Johnson and Jill Johnson did every thing possible to reject Kelly and her conservative values proposals
Following are links to a couple YouTube videos of Commissioner meetings that will support my comments: