Improved Communications Tool for Political Candidates, Especially for Island County Officials

It’s the political season again when the candidates create every imaginable word picture of what a great granular, micro targeting CHANGE they will make when elected

I feel a little sorry for Mark Hennemann and Anthony Wallace, his manager, for their error laden shaky start
To help them and all other candidates to better communicate their plans, I offer the following; A Government Politicians Buzz phrase Generator

The “Buzzphrase Generator,” gives the candidates and their managers what amounts to instant expertise on matters pertaining to their plans to accomplish “CHANGE”, thus  improving their  ability  to capture the votes from  the unsuspecting, naive, simple  minded  citizens

The “Generator” has three columns of buzzwords numbered zero to nine.
The procedure is simple.
*Think of any three-digit number at random.

*Then select the corresponding buzzword from each column.

*Put them together and PRESTO! You sound just like you know what you’re talking about.

It’s as easy as  1 2 3 = “total monitored mobility” or…

backward,=  mobility monitored total


  1. I’d like to see them use “sustainable.” Ya can’t be in politics these days without using that word at least once in each speech. It’s the law, I believe.

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