Keven Graves Editor of the Whidbey News Times has another hissy fit. And again gets the facts wrong!

In a recent “editorial” in the local gossip “newspaper” the Whidbey News Times “editor” Keven Graves penned another ludicrous article where he again gets his facts wrong. This seems a pretty consistent occurance from this “editor” and it is really what we now expect from him and his newspaper. Apparently researching factual information is not his strong suit even though he is the “editor” of the local paper. You would also think that a person in a leadership position would set a better example for his staff than he does but that is apparently the way Sound Publishing and Black Press wants to run their “newspaper”. Good luck to them.

Here is what started his pathetic and childish diatribe.

Ken Emerson recently sent a letter to the Whidbey News Times parent company Sound Publishing President Gloria Fletcher, here is the unedited content of that letter:


Could you please check into your WNT,SNR, WE newspaper’s continued bias against myself (Kenneth Emerson) and my Wife (Kelly Emerson)?  It seems to be deliberately spreading to Bremerton now. The papers have shown a constant hate for the truth in reporting and even go to the extent of editing or deleting comments from supporters in order to shape the outcome of articles. This is having a negative and destructive effect and is totally out of hand (I think).Simply, search “Kelly Emerson” in your papers, try to keep an open mind and you will understand what is going on, regardless of your political persuasion. Please answer this?  Why the Malice?

Thank you,

Kenneth Emerson (signed with his signature)

So, Ken Emerson sent a letter to the President of Sound Publishing complaining about some very real issues that we have reported on here at Island Politics quite often. It is no secret that Keven Graves has attempted to make his career by attacking local politicians that he obviously does not agree with politically. He has done the same to other local politicians notably Scott Dudley Mayor of Oak Harbor. I have talked with both Ken and Kelly Emerson and Mayor Dudley and all three of them swear that they have never talked with Keven Graves, never received a phone call or any other communications from him the only thing they know of Mr. Graves is his penchant for penning editorials that are based on zero verified facts.

In Mr. Graves “editorial” he again ignores facts and substitutes facts with utter nonsense. Here are a few examples of his “editorial” prowess (it is pretty much every word of the article!):

Keven Graves states:

“Mean Girls are mostly middle-aged men who relish in ripping  apart and deeming  “unpatriotic” anybody who doesn’t tout their political  philosophies, which  usually run the Tea Party line.”

Mr. Graves has never met anyone that writes articles here so I am unsure as to where he gets his information from. I do not know any of us that consider ourselves Tea Partiers. I myself have never been to a Tea Party meeting, ever. As for our ages? How would Mr. Graves know? He has never in my life talked with me or met me, I guess talking to his editorial subjects is just not in his book.

Keven Graves states:

“Curiously, a recent call for my head on a stick sent to our parent  company, Sound Publishing,  originated from an (of course) anonymous commenter on the  Mean Girls  website.”

There is nothing “curious” about your obvious bias and lack of journalistic integrity Mr. Graves. If you did not expect someone to speak out about your pathetic editorials you are living in a different world. Your editorials actually do real damage to real people but apparently this is what you want your newspaper to be known for. No one called for your head on a stick in the letter quoted in it’s entirety above. The letter sent to Gloria Fleisher of Sound Publishing was not anonymous it was penned by Ken Emerson, he signed it with his own real name so it was not by an “anonymous commenter on the  Mean Girls website”. It was also obvious by the content of the letter who the author was … As for the comments about the “mean girls website”, that will receive no comment from me, Mr. Graves can insult people with his editorial powers if he wishes I would rather prefer to just stick to the facts.

Keven Graves states:

 “Me thinks someone has a bur under her saddle.”

Ya think Mr. Graves? Really? After your “newspaper” has published falsehood after falsehood about a local public servant you expect them to remain silent? Get a grip Keven. The Emerson’s are not the only people that have burs under their saddles. Many people refuse to read, subscribe or advertise with your paper because of it’s clearly biased content. Get used to it, you did it to yourself and your “newspaper”.

 Keven Graves states:
“Here’s how someone purporting to be Ken Emerson responded to the coverage:”

Purporting to be? Really Keven? Don’t you think you could have done a little basic journalism to actually find out the truth? That the letter was indeed sent by Ken Emerson and was not sent anonymously? I did. Do you know how I did it? Do you want to know my secret? I called him on the phone. It was real simple, even for me.

 Keven Graves states:
“Exactly what Ken Emerson considers to be “libelous” is a mystery.”

A mystery? Not really Mr. Graves. It is obvious to many of your readers. And ex readers.

Keven Graves states: 
“She  resigned as a commissioner under a dark cloud of her own creation.”

Wow. HER own creation? Hmmm…and you wonder why Mr. Emerson considers your words libelous?

Keven Graves states:
“Labeling people who disliked or criticized her political performance in Island County as ill-informed “haters” makes one  wonder just how little regard she and her husband have for  those Kelly Emerson  was elected to represent.”

Was this in the letter sent by Ken Emerson? Or was this just added for effect? I don’t read your newspaper but I would have to assume that is where this quote came from and is most like a false attribution considering the source. I am not going to do the research and do your job, I am just going to consider it another fabrication by the editor of the Whidbey News Times.
Besides…how would you know how she represented her constituents? Have you ever actually talked with Kelly Emerson? Or talked with any of those that she has represented? Or do you only talk to those mysterious haters you refer to above?

It is sad to see the newspaper I grew up with delivering such nonsense to it’s readers.


  1. Graves really went off the deep end with this error laden insulting opinion slam. He opens himself and his company up to some serious future legal problems scheduled for damages resoultion by a court in Feb 2015
    Graves and the others insulting Kelly obviously fail to accept the fact that Citizen Ken Emerson, Kelly’s husband, suffered financial and emotional damages as a result of the “Get Kelly” political environment the past 4 years.
    Ken Emerson has a score to settle with those who caused his damages.
    Graves actions since becoming Sound’s Publisher of the local rags, especially with this fiasco guarantees he will not be a “bit player” the Feb court’s final judgement decision of damage amounts
    Graves has lost protection of Libel law where the press freedoms are guaranteed by the First Amendment.
    In my opinion Graves and Sound Publishing are now subject to libel because they PUBLISHED defamation of character, as opposed to spoken defamation of character, which is slander, i.e.,
    Graves has by libel law, ” Exposed Emersons to “hatred, shame, disgrace, contempt or ridicule, and injures their reputation, which causes them to be shunned or avoided, and injures them in their occupation”.

    I imagine Sound’s President Gloria G. Fletcher, has a team of lawers on staff to help Graves in Feburary
    NO, the scheduled Court resolution is NOT in an Island County Court

    1. I am certainly not a lawyer but as I understand the libel laws a public figure like Ms. Emerson has a higher bar to cross to claim libel. For a public figure to claim libel they have to prove that the libelous statements were known to be false by the person who published them. In the case of the local gossip rag they have knowingly published information that they have warned was false. Not only have they published the information but they have made sure their website does not allow any comments that may point out that the statements they made were false. I have quite a few documented instances of the paper hiding the visibility of commenters when they post information that contains information that points out that the information published in the paper is wrong. So it is not as if the paper is not knowing that they have published false information, they ignore the facts, hide the facts and then at a later date revisit those same old false claims in another article. That is known as willful conduct…they were warned, informed that there is another side of the story, pointed out what facts are wrong and chose to ignore the facts or at the minimum do the research to verify their facts are correct.

      As for Ken Emerson, a non public figure, it is pretty clear that the newspaper has crossed the line in ignoring the facts even when those facts are pointed out to them.

  2. KEVEN R. GRAVES is a middle aged fat man who relishes in ripping apart former Commissioner Kelly Emerson her husband Ken, and anybody who dares to question the motives of his three little Mean Girls of Whidbey Island.

    Keven’s merry band of haters are quick to jump on his little bandwagon. Most notably: Ann Adams, “Babbling” Bob Prasch, Carol Anne Peschke, Molly “the mouth” MacLeod-Roberts, David Freed, Jan Helwig, Rich Vance, Becky Spraitzer, Nels Kelstrom, Steve Hunter, Neil Colburn, etc. All of whom are DemonRats.

    This WNT editorial back in Nov 2013, “Time for Emerson to put an end to fighting, lawsuits over permit | Editorial” is a stark indication that Keven R. Graves, and his “staff” do not have a CLUE about what the lawsuit is about.

    Keven and his staff are inept, incompetent, and lazy. There are many Island County citizens who are eagerly awaiting the wrong, perpetrated by both Island County bureaucrats and politicians against Ken and Kelly Emerson, to be set right again. When that day happens Keven will be served a large, and much deserved cup of -“Shut the F*&k up” since he clearly sided with those government employees responsible for this injustice and deliberately set out to rail against the Emersons.

    Keven R Graves’ latest Publisher’s Column rant is a clear indication of just how far he has his head up his ass! Keven is nothing more than a chicken shit coward who is so pathetic and cowardly he can’t even personally comment on Instead, Keven R. Graves hides in the “opinion” pages of his petty little “news” papers. Keven is the “little” big man that buys bullshit by the barrel then expects his customers to pay for the crap spewed forth in his “tabloids.” Sound Publishing will never get another penny from me.

    Keven R. Graves, you don’t deserve to be in charge of ANY “news” paper, and you should be sent packing by Sound Publishing’s leadership.

  3. Sounds like Keven R Graves is grooming himself for a spot on Pravda West(The new Island publication catering to the Marxist Ideology of Island County) . He is the rising star as the propaganda arm of HPJ, Nels, Homola, Ms Paula and any other progressive demorats who want to spread their cancer to all the sheeple of Island County.

    1. Good analysis Tim.
      Just a few days ago Graves was bragging that they only needed 5 more “LIKES” on their their FACEBOOK site and they would have reach 6000!!!
      Wonder how many were from the same person or Graves and family???

      Maybe we could get Cliff Howard to relate Graves’ great “6000 LIKES” accomplishment to IslandPolitics’ 7800 pages viewed, 4600 visits to site, 1032 unique visitors, and 28,000 GOOGLE search hits PER WEEK
      Looks like Graves has reached his ZENITH of MEDIOCRITY

      1. Facebook Likes? They are a horribly inflated and nothing to use as any measure of anything. With only 7922 subscribers I guess that is all they can expect. Besides Facebook Likes sell advertising right? Read the below article for a few interesting tidbits…
        By Todd Wasserman
        Jul 13, 2012
        “Facebook is plagued by fake spam accounts that are inflating the number of “Likes” for brand Pages, according to a BBC investigation.

        To probe the matter, the British news organization set up a Facebook Page for a made-up company with no products called Virtual Bagel. Shortly after creating the Page on July 4, the account netted more than 3,000 “Likes.” The BBC then perused the profiles of those fans and found a disproportionate number from Egypt and the Philippines. Among them: A Cairo-based fan who called himself Ahmed Ronaldo and claimed to work for Real Madrid.”

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