Obama and his Bunch of Bananas

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Scandals and controversies during Obama’s Administration: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP phone records, Sequestration, Illegal Immigrants and Obamacare, Gun Control, the Obama Bus, Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Protection Agency, Keystone Pipeline, VA, Ukraine, Bergdahl, Iraqi – and the American people wonder why.


  1. Hi Ken This is great, but didn’t you forget a couple of names? McDermit, Inslee and Gregwire? Don’t they kiss obama’s toilet seat too? Of course the famous gov of Cal the honorable Gerry Brown and the water girl for the senate patty murray

    1. Hello Tim, glad you enjoyed this. Unfortunately, as you well know, the banana list is rather extensive yet everyone having a D behind their name, and all the other DemonRats are inclusive to the Banana Bunch.

      1. Well thank you boys! I see you have my name up in lights. I know you boys take truth in your (and other’s) postings to heart so I thought I should clarify my position. 1) I am not a “D”( really dislike party politics and find the constant bickering a major distraction from the serious issues of local and national government). 2) I did not vote for the big “O” in either election and am grateful that there is a 2 term limit). I consider myself a “moderate” and a “swing voter”. Seems to me you would want to nurture my vote for your causes rather than attack and sour me on your efforts. Just sayin’…..have a great day!

        1. What is there to nurture? According to you, “truth” is whatever Sound Publishing, and the DemonRats want you and everyone else to believe. Your ignorance abounds. Then again is it really ignorance that you are afflicted with, or are you deliberately a continuation of the manifested lies and deceit generated against the Emersons simply to distract from the “serious issues of local and national government?”

          Becky Spraitzar • Top Commenter • Washington State University
          “Bill Burnett …my biggest issue with this news is: was she even a legal resident of Island County before she resigned? Is this just another example of Kelly thumbing her nose at any/all laws she finds inconvenient to what she wants?”

          Becky Spraitzar • Top Commenter • Washington State University
          “Bill Burnett ….whatever….sigh.”

          Becky Spraitzar • Top Commenter • Washington State University
          “This woman is trouble. Beware….be very aware….”

          According to one of your fellow comrades, Kelly Emerson is now guilty
          of “vote purge” “done with prejudice to steal the votes of our nation.”

          Naturally, you don’t take offense to that since you are a member of the “band.”

          1. You tricked me once, Ken Wolfe. You won’t be tricking me again. Have a great day!

            1. Becky Spraitzar,

              Tricked you? Again? How is that possible considering you, and your comrades are “all knowing” in all matters, especially those matters related to Emerson?

  2. Becky I have no beef with you as I’m not familiar with your political views. What I am pissed about are public officials yes even commissioners who do special favors for very wealthy donors on the island. Even our lovely governor who had lunch with Tommy Steyer and kissed his toilet seat to get some of the drips from his wallet in the name of global warming! Inslee is turning out to be worse than Gregoire. What a bunch of political buffoons! Sorry to say we have a bunch of buffoons in our area too with Larsen, HPJ, and DelBene all bowing to the O. …It’s all about bigger government, higher taxes and control of the masses
    Tommy Steyer puts more pollutants in the air flitting around in his private jet than all the island residents combined.

  3. “Thank you for making every American proud of their President, their Commander-in-Chief, and the men and women in our armed forces who place their lives in danger every day to ensure that all Americans can enjoy the benefits of liberty. Thank you Mr. President, thank you!”

    Nels Kelstrom, Progressive Democratic Socialist
    Clinton, WA.

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