Keven R. Graves’, Whidbey News-Times Executive Editor & Publisher, attempt to label as the “Mean Girls” is laughable when you take a good look at Keven’s three little tabloids. Keven’s “National Enquirer” type tabloids are plagued with years of “mean girl” activity.

Examples of this “mean girl” activity found in Keven’s amateur “news” papers include:
– “What descriptive term best fits Kitsap Kelly?”

– “Carpetbagger Kelly?”

– “Loyal Order Of Buffoons”

–  “John P. Boblett Does anyone know what the masculine equivalent of “misogynist” is?”  This slam by Ann Adams was directed toward another commenter, Kelly Siebecke Smithhart.  Bob Pracsh eagerly jumped into the fray for some tag team action.

Keven R. Graves recently displayed his inner “mean girl” when he penned:

– “Dark cloud is of Emerson’s own creation | Publisher’s Column”, by KEVEN R. GRAVES, Whidbey News-Times Executive Editor & Publisher May 27, 2014 at 3:36PM

While Keven R. Graves is busy calling the website, “mean girls,” he forgot to mention the “mean girl” staring back at him in the mirror.