vs Keven R. Graves’ “Mean Girls”

Keven R. Graves’, Whidbey News-Times Executive Editor & Publisher, attempt to label as the “Mean Girls” is laughable when you take a good look at Keven’s three little tabloids. Keven’s “National Enquirer” type tabloids are plagued with years of “mean girl” activity.

Examples of this “mean girl” activity found in Keven’s amateur “news” papers include:
– “What descriptive term best fits Kitsap Kelly?”

– “Carpetbagger Kelly?”

– “Loyal Order Of Buffoons”

–  “John P. Boblett Does anyone know what the masculine equivalent of “misogynist” is?”  This slam by Ann Adams was directed toward another commenter, Kelly Siebecke Smithhart.  Bob Pracsh eagerly jumped into the fray for some tag team action.

Keven R. Graves recently displayed his inner “mean girl” when he penned:

– “Dark cloud is of Emerson’s own creation | Publisher’s Column”, by KEVEN R. GRAVES, Whidbey News-Times Executive Editor & Publisher May 27, 2014 at 3:36PM

While Keven R. Graves is busy calling the website, “mean girls,” he forgot to mention the “mean girl” staring back at him in the mirror.



  1. Why do you guys even care? The Whidbey News Times and their partner news sites on the Island are known as a liberal loving rags that do not even report the news fairly. Their advertising and circulation has been decimated by their one sided unfair attempts at news reporting. They have now gone to subscriptions to view their website so how much more damage can they do to themselves without any outside help?

    Let them die the slow death that they deserve. I have heard rumors that they may be selling and maybe someone will buy them that will report the news more fairly and reflect the views of others on the Island. At least we on the island can hope…

    1. Terry, we don’t care, and I must agree with Mike. Keven seems to think his liberal rags are innocent of any wrong doing yet he condones and encourages the very behavior he condemns. He also thinks it’s funny.

      The sooner people stop supporting the liberal rags the better off we will be.

      Sound Publishing’s “news” papers deserve to die a slow death.

    2. The only reason that I care is that they have a penchant for destroying peoples lives with their shoddy one sided and bias driven reporting. We used to have a newspaper that fairly reported the news and now we have a newspaper that is known for their scandalous reporting that highlights one side of the news while ignoring the other side, even when informed of the other side.

      Where did you hear that the Whidbey News Times was up for sale? That is certainly interesting news. The best thing to happen would be that they get an owner dedicated to fairly reporting on local issues. Keven Graves has done severe damage to the paper that I grew up with and anything would be an improvement over his non leadership and petty ridiculous editorials…

      1. “The best thing to happen would be that they get an owner dedicated to fairly reporting on local issues.”
        AND …
        …Graves would end up on the bread lines or employed elsewhere.
        Then his invitation, aka subpoena, to appear at Ken Emerson’s damages determination by the court in Feb 2015, would be on Graves’ dollar; not Sound Publishing’s
        “…what goes around comes around”

      2. “they have a penchant for destroying peoples lives with their shoddy one sided and bias driven reporting.”
        Unfortunately, this whole fiasco has not only taken a big toll on the Emerson’s financially but has also taken a large part of their lives in defending themselves and no doubt has been a strain to their marriage. Elected officials wasting “The people’s” time to destroy their reputations at the government’s expense.

        In the end, I think justice will be done. The truth will be brought to light; whether or not it will be reported on fairly is another subject. There will be some very surprised people in Island Co. on all accounts. Removal from office for mal- and misfeasance is right out front still. It has all been well documented and most of it has been presented right here on since this all began.
        It will be very costly to some individuals (except the Emerson’s), and may even involve incarceration!

        1. I think there are going to be many people surprised at the outcome of this. The Emerson’s are bringing suit and I hope they prevail. The local Sound Publishing rags have followed a false narrative on this issue since the beginning. They have fed and encouraged the one sided attacks on the Emerson’s even though the facts are available for everyone, including the newspaper. The papers attempt at silencing any opposing viewpoints is only going to make their situation worse. It is one thing to report the news and get it wrong, it is another thing to cover up and hide facts by silencing anyone who brings those facts to light. It is not as if they have not been notified of these facts, they have and they chose to ignore them at others expense. Libel is knowing the facts you publish are not correct and still publishing them and in the process harming people. Those harmed people then have the right to bring suit and recover damages. The sad thing is that the local “paper” has decided to ignore any facts that do not support a specific narrative so they have done it to themselves with no help from anyone else.

      3. Cliff,
        If I remember correctly, the reason came into existence was to counter Keven R. Graves and his cronies.

        Keven and his cronies do not like because we expose them for the hypocrites they are, and mean spiritedness of his three little “news” papers.

        1. After it became obvious that the Whidbey News Times was hiding the visibility of the comments that commenters were making on the articles on their website and banning specific commenters we decided to create Island Politics. Everyone got tired of commenting and never seeing their comments appear while the comments from others were allowed. They attempted to control the message and would not allow any information to be included in their comments that was in opposition to the content of the articles they published. They were writing one sided articles (they still do) and anyone that spoke to the facts would find their comments hidden. They were creating and making the news not just reporting on it so we had no choice but to create our own voice here on the Islands.

          We are a sole creation of the staff and crew of Sound Publishing…

          …ironic isn’t it?

          Keven Graves now has the gall to call us names in his newspaper like some little child who has been slighted by his peers. His pathetic and childish name calling only makes us stronger and gives us more resolve to fight the one sided “news” that his rag puts out. I personally wear the “Mean Girls” attack by Keven with pride. We obviously must be getting under his exceptionally thin skin.

          It is hilarious that it is him and his crew that has made us happen and now he attacks us? Hilarious at best and pathetic at worst but this is what we now expect from Keven Graves and his crew…

  2. Wow. Didn’t see the follow up comment by Adams and Prasch until I was reading this entry. And Adams claims to be an all-inclusive, diversity-loving, kumbayah-type Liberal. Prasch too. I guess they are only if you aren’t on their hated-because-you’ve-exposed-my-stupidity-and-hypocrisy list.

    1. With his latest editorial, it seems Keven Graves’ weird idea of what journalism is acceptable and what behavior by the editor of a newspaper is acceptable has reached a new low (I’m speaking of the “blackface” editorial and article.

      Referring to those who don’t see things his way as unreasonable and racist… Keven “Potentate” Graves is rallying followers around him in a new and interesting way. And those afraid of being labeled “racist” are falling right in line. Or just not commenting at all. Of course, anyone who says the Potentate and his minions have no clothes on are immediately placed in the “racist” box.

      I’ve honestly never seen a newspaper editor behave in such a manner in online comments forums. It’s disgusting, frankly.

      1. Hey, you don’t even need blackface to be called a racist. Just being a Tea Party Patriot is enough to classify you as a racist by Keven’s cronies.

        What you are witnessing in the local fish wrappers is nothing new to us at This has been going on for years, and with Keven at the helm it just keeps getting worse.

        Sound Publishing will never get another penny from me .

      2. I also find it strange the Sound Publishing and Black Press would put up with this type of behavior. I can understand a reporter or so that was a bit weird but for the publisher to editorialize in such a divisive way in a community newspaper is quite interesting. He is setting an example for his employees that is pretty poor IMHO.

        1. Responsible conduct. We encourage a free and open exchange of ideas in a climate of mutual respect.

        Whidbey News Times Terms of Use

        Laughable eh?

        1. What do you expect from an editor that fosters ” agree with me on this or you are a racist” opinion?

          “Blackface is always offensive no matter how it’s portrayed | Editorial”

          “Wearing blackface is offensive to any reasonable person.”

          Keven is only interested in what Keven and his cronies have to say.

  3. It’s unethical behavior and yeah, I’m also surprised Sound and Black put up with it. Is Graves that good at running a paper (I’ve seen much better) or do the owners of the publications just not care what he does with them?

    1. Had David Sponheim been a black man and put on whiteface to play Bozo Bush, Keven and his cronies would be giving him high fives.

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