Toppenish schools will have armed officials this fall

Toppenish schools will have armed officials this fall
Donald W. Meyers / Yakima Herald-Republic
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TOPPENISH — When the new school year begins, some Toppenish School District administrators will be packing heat.

Under a policy approved earlier this year, school employees who receive training will be allowed to carry firearms on school property to provide an additional layer of security at the school. So far, 11 administrators, including Superintendent John Cerna, have volunteered to respond to a school shooting with their own weapons.
“I don’t mind giving my life if I have a fighting chance,” Cerna said about his decision to be trained to respond to a school shooting.

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  1. I’d be surprised if the teachers’ union doesn’t fight this, hands wringing, moaning and blathering about … what that will be is anyone’s guess. But you can bet they’ll trot out their usual tired smokescreen: “It’s all about the children.” Uh-huh. I can offer my opinion because my own dad was a public school teacher all of his adult life and loathed the state and national teachers’ unions. Ironic — he sent me to private school in Seattle. Heh.

    1. I read through some of the comments on this article and came across a student’s reply that pretty much hit the nail on the head. It’s not the gun that is doing the killing, it’s the people that get access to them that shouldn’t.
      What makes an individual this unstable? Poor family discipline and up-bringing.
      The breaking down of the American family started with the creation of the Child Protective “Services”. The government has effectively tied the hands of good parents in the process of raising their children. I’m not advocating the use of corporal punishment in all cases of raising a family, but it sure work with us. We were told the rules and standards once, if we stepped outside of those rules, we FELT the discipline. As young children, it was a cuff on the ear, as we got older, it was a firm swat or two. Nonetheless, we figured it out quick if we knew what was good for us. I might add that my parents were just as quick with a hug as they were with a swat.
      And so it has evolved that the children are raised today with a sense of protection by the government from the discipline of their parents. They don’t have to respect anyone anymore (including themselves). And of course, they in turn, receive no respect from others…it’s that simple.
      So how do they attempt to get attention and respect? Unfortunately with a gun. it’s very sad.

      Now the government thinks it knows the best way to educate our children.
      C.O.R.E. I call it the “dumbing down” of America. Unfortunately, there are still good and respectful kids out there today who have been indiscriminately thrown into this pit of “teaching the test” and robbing them of learning the thought process.

  2. Yeah, and if one was reared by Southern parents, as I was, the real discipline was: “Go in the back and get a switch from the tree and bring it back to me!” A switch, in case you aren’t from the South, is a little twig taken from a sapling — pretty small and thin. So it was a double punishment — go fetch your own switch, then they’d smack us on the legs a couple of times to get the message through. These days that would be considered child abuse by the do-gooders.

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