Oak Harbor financial information now available online through opengov.com

The city of Oak Harbor has placed all of it’s financial information online for residents to view though the online portal https://opengov.com. This is a major step in increasing tranparency and open governmant in the city.

The information available is outstanding with almost every facet of the cities finances available for viewing.  You can view information by department, vendor, document, date, year and even view the check register to see every check written by our city. You can filter out, or in information in a very useable format to see just where the cities money is going.

Hats off the Mayor Dudley for taking this huge step in open government.

Here are several examples of the information available through the Open Gov platform:

Expenses by fund:

Revenues by fund:

Below is an example of the exported data for the cities funds:


To view the rest of the cities financial information visit this link:



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  1. As it should be! Now, let’s see the county follow suit, as well as the state and Federal governments.

    Good on you, Mayor Dudley!

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