Honorable Mayor Dudley,

It has come to my attention recently that some city council members have expressed unfortunate, ignorant, judgmental and prejudicial disdain for those who have earned their GED’s (General Education development certificate) as opposed to having traditionally graduated from high school. I am quite concerned that those council members might serve on a panel judging possible applicants for open positions for the City of Oak Harbor. These corroborated prejudices might certainly place this City in a liable position if an otherwise qualified candidate for an open position with the City of Oak Harbor might be disqualified or downgraded by a panel member due to their ignorance of the GED program.

For the record, GED’s are the equivalent of a high school diploma. They are earned by many for a myriad of reasons. The majority of GED’s in Washington State are earned by foster children. They have already been through enough; ignorant judgementalism is an insult to injury. Clearly, some on our council lack the ability to consider that the majority of high school (and all of high school for some of us) is attended when we are minors. Rarely do minors have control over their home situations to assure that a traditional graduation from High School is possible. To count the “sins of the father” against his “son” in hiring decisions, sometimes decades after the fact is wrong, judgmental, ignorant and prejudicial.

I would hope that you would consider these ignorant prejudices that can be proven to exist within certain members of this council when appointing members to panels trusted with the responsibility of providing unbiased opinions on the qualifications of potential candidates.

Thank you for your time.