At the last city council meeting Thursday the people’s voice to the council was severely restricted. The council did not move the public comment period to the end of the meeting as proposed but what they did was much more draconian than that.

We now have a public comment period that is severely restricted. Rick Almberg made a motion that was voted in by the council (with the exception of Jim Campbell who abstained) to limit public comments to 3 minutes per person with a limit of 15 minutes for all public comments during the meeting. This means that  the public comments will be limited to 5 people commenting at any one meeting for 3 minutes each. 5 people and that is all the people that our City Council members want to hear from no matter what the issue.

What is this council thinking? This is one of the worst attempts at squelching the public voice that I have ever seen, these council people should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

As this is the only chance that citizens have to interact with the Council this is a clear sign that members of the council do not want to hear from their constituents at all and apparently if given the chance they would not want to allow public comments at all.


These are the people that YOU vote into office to represent you and they will not give you the common decency to speak to them during the council meetings. This action alone should be enough to make you vote every single one of the council members that voted YES on this out of office during their next election.

The Council Members that voted YES to this draconian new rule:






(Beth Munns was included on this list by mistake, she was absent from the meeting)

What a bunch of self serving clowns…