Island County Commissioner Homola Wants to Change Gun Laws to Prevent a County Citizens Usage

An island County citizen has a target practice set up  on his property for he and a few of his friends to use practicing to improve their gun skills

Commissioner Homola is on a crusade to stop this

She directed the Sheriff to investigate it for code violations …He did and the property owner was totally within the laws

That didn’t change Homola’s mind; like Don Quixote she has created one more need for her tilting at windmills

Hence Commissioner Emerson’s following press release:

Island County Commissioner Kelly Emerson offers Resolution on

Firearms Possession.

During a scheduled discussion on Firearms in County parks on Wednesday, Commissioner Kelly Emerson offered prepared language that she said would bring Island County current with State law.

All three commissioners had received a message from a constituent expressing their concern about Island County not being compliant with RCW 9.41.290, regarding the possession of firearms on County property.

Commissioner Emerson forwarded the message on to staff almost immediately, asking that it be scheduled for discussion.

“The right to bear arms is a fundamental right of this great nation and is heavily protected,” Emerson states. “When it was brought to my attention we are more restrictive than State law allows, I had to push for change.”

In her usual unconventional manner, Emerson distributed a proposed resolution for the ordinance language at the workshop on Wednesday. “There is no sense in delaying this any further,” says Emerson. “The safety of our citizens is paramount.”


  1. We have trails for hikers, we have trails for bikers we have trails for horse men and women. We can save the swans at Swan lake, we can preserve large swaths of our Island but…Where is our county facility for target shooting?

    With the number of firearm owners on the Island and all the money the county spends on recreation and preservation why can’t we afford a county shooting facility?

    Oh…that’s right….all of our money is going to save swans and maintain trails for out of towners…

  2. As I am not as familiar with this issue as I should be, could you provide/ contrast/ compare the current county ordinance against the state law? I am curious. What changes are being proposed?

  3. The existing County law is in sync with state and propably federal laws, thanks to NRA etc
    The problem is Commissioner Homoalone is trying to replace it for all but it’s aimed at one property owner because a few neighbors complained
    Again it was investigated by the Sheriff and no violations were found
    It’s election season and she is hunting for votes

    As for the changes she wants, I think she is still spinning those words until she finds some words that at least HPJ will approve; that’s doubtful…HPJ also wants to be reelected and doesn’t want anything to do with unpopular issues at this time

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