Updated- Libertarians bring lawsuit to remove Mitt Romney from the Washington State Ballot


The Libertarians had brought a lawsuit against the GOP trying to get a court decision stating that the GOP should now be considered a minor party because it didn’t officially nominate a U.S. Senate candidate in 2010.

The state law cited in the case defines major parties as those that receive 5 percent of the vote in a statewide race during a November general election in even years.

Thurston County Judge Thomas McPhee ruled that while Republicans didn’t officially nominate someone at their state convention, the party did take the proper steps to choose Dino Rossi as their candidate during a meeting after the state’s primary.

So…the Libertarians lose another one…

Original Story:

Here we go again. The Libertarians are using legal manuevering and a lawsuit to remove Mitt Romney from the statewide ballot in the general election. I guess this tells us how our local libertarians support Republican candidates even though they claim to be Republicans. We have seen a lack of support from our local Republican/Libertarian party for Republican candidates and now it is obvious that they have no intention of supporting our candidates. In fact they will attempt anything to further their cause and attempt to stop Republicans from winning.

You can read the text of the lawsuit here:

SAM REED (in his capacity as
Washington State Secretary of
her capacity as Chair of the Mitt
Romney for President campaign),


  1. The Libertarian Party conducted a state-wide campaign throughout June and July to get their candidate of choice on the ballot (Gary Johnson). Wonder if that didn’t work and this is their back-up plan.

  2. I wonder if the Libertarians know that their party has been hijacked by progressive liberals, this looks like their handy work.

    1. Interestingly, there have been no Libertarian postings any concern for the tactics which have, and are, being employed trying to overrun the Republican Party and its candidates thus opening the door to liberal forces. Excuse me! In Island County, Libertarians ARE the official Republican Party.

  3. The intent behind this legal ploy should not be under estimated nor forgotten. Republicans dodged a couple bullets on this one as Thurston County courts are not known for rendering conservative friendly decisions. Will the Libertarian machine be satisfied flexing their tactics, or will they appeal as deadlines for printing ballots approach? Republicans: Forewarned is forearmed, better tighten up your procedures, discernment and prepare for future attacks from our “friends”. So much for trusting “The Big Tent” philosophy

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