Now, the Whidbey News Times (WNT) has written an editorial christened “Our freedoms include free speech” .

In that editorial, the WNT claims to be defending “free speech” and stated “we are not censoring anyone’s opinion”. However, this editorial comes immediately following their act of TOTAL OBLITERATION of ALL 300+ comments posted in response to ONE letter which THEY THEMSELVES chose to print – a letter which is, quite hypocritically, STILL posted on-line.

Moreover, while the newspaper KNEW that one letter to be factually ERRONEOUS to begin with, based on previous news stories they had run, they chose to use that factually bogus letter directly on the heels of yet another editorial in which the WNT had warned folks that “readers unfortunately can expect to see inaccuracies, distortion and even outright lies” in the newspaper’s Facebook on-line forum.

Apparently, however, it’s perfectly okay for the WNT to print something both in the hard copy and on-line which they themselves ALREADY KNOW to be full of “inaccuracies, distortion and even outright lies”! And then they DEFEND IT after OBLITERATING 100% of the words ALL OTHERS had made in response!

The WNT’s policies and actions both epitomize and glorify journalistic hypocrisy!


In this classic Kids in the Hall sketch, Bruce has a fondness for a certain word that his coworkers just don’t appreciate.