Island County Bureaucrats Deny Property Owner’s Rights

Most of Island County residents by now have forgotten about the article, Complaints against Island County’s Planning Department stack up,

Among the six inch stack of complaints against Island County’s Planning Department is this letter to Helen Price Johnson, dated October 6, 2010.


According to this letter Island County officials within the Planning Department are abusing their position, and denying this property owner the right to park his RV and spend some time on his property.  According to the letter, Island County enforcers are quoting sections of Island County Code to prevent the property owner from using his property.

While the letter references sections of Island County Code, what is not clear is how Island County officials are interpreting the referenced sections.  This two page letter is the ONLY documentation regarding this matter.  Searching sections of Island County Code, specifically the chapter titled Island County Zoning Code, sections 17.03.040, 17.03.060, and 17.03.180 revealed the following:

Chapter 17.03.040 Definitions

Dwelling Unit:  Any Building, or portion thereof which contains living facilities for not more than one family. Living facilities include provisions for sleeping, cooking, and sanitation, as required by Island County. Dwelling Unit includes site built homes, Mobile/Manufactured Homes, modular homes, Duplexes, Triplexes and Fourplexes. Recreational Vehicles are not Dwelling Units.

Recreational Vehicle: Any over-the-road trailer, pickup camper or other wheeled mobile unit, with or without motive power, which is designed or converted for temporary human occupancy and licensed or eligible to be licensed as either a motor home, recreational trailer, camper, or other mobile unit by the State of Washington, Department of Licensing, or similar units eligible to be licensed by another state. Recreational Vehicles are not Dwelling Units.

Chapter 17.03.060 Describes permitted and conditional usage of property falling within the Rural (R) Zone designation

Chapter 17.03.180.T. Small-Scale Recreation and Tourist Uses. Small-scale Recreational and Tourist Uses may be conducted in the Rural Zone upon approval of a Site Plan pursuant to Chapter 16.15 ICC, processed as Type II or Type III decision pursuant to Chapter 16.19 ICC.

Item four describes specifics on Parks or Campgrounds.  Could it be that Island County officials are demanding that the property owner formulate a site plan, and designate his property as a campground?

Since Island County did not provide any further details in this case which stemmed from a Public Records Disclosure Request, this blog contributor is in the process of contacting the property owner, who lives in Seattle, for a follow-up to this complaint.

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While Helen Price Johnson claims she does not have sufficient grounds or support from fellow commissioner Angie Homola to fire Bob Pederson, Island County’s Planning Department Director, one only has to look at this six inch stack of complaints and review these documents to find evidence to the contrary.


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