WEANie Whacko trys to justify keeping Clean Water Utility Tax

Steve Erickson, WEANie Whacko elitist, recently wrote a letter to the editor in the South Whidbey Record attempting to justify the Clean Water Utility tax:

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Tax will prevent more washouts,  November  4, 2012 HTTP://WWW.SOUTHWHIDBEYRECORD.COM/OPINION/LETTERS/177176781.HTML

The WEANie Whacko states:  “Glendale Road on South Whidbey had a culvert underneath it. Glendale Creek ran through the culvert, an old, old old culvert. During the county‚Äôs over 50 years of all Republican rule there was never a program to systematically inspect culverts. The inevitable finally happened. The culvert failed and blocked the creek. The creek wiped out the road, flash flooding down Glendale canyon and causing a lot of damage.”

What the WEANie Whacko elitist conveniently omits is this damage was caused by a beaver dam that burst which caused the flash flood:

Flash flood cuts off Glendale neighborhood, April 3, 2009 HTTP://WWW.SOUTHWHIDBEYRECORD.COM/NEWS/42415467.HTML

The WEANie Whacko goes onto say:

“One of the Clean Water Utility programs is culvert inspections. Every road culvert in Island County will now be regularly inspected. So there will be no more million dollar road washouts when culverts fail.” Steve Erickson, WEANie Whacko

This statement brings out several questions. 1. Why isn’t the road department inspecting culverts under county roads? Obviously county road crews are not very proactive in maintaining roads other than painting centerline stripes and fog lines. 2. Why is the Clean Water Utility funding this inspection program instead of the County Road Fund? The County Road fund is a fat cash cow, yet we have this WEANie Whacko trying to justify using this newly created tax to pay for something that logically would fall under the County Road fund. 3. Why the duplicity in taxation?  Road culverts fall under the purview of the County Road Fund. Culvert inspections have nothing to do with clean drinking water, which is another claim Steve Erickson, the WEANie Whacko elitist, uses to justify the Clean Water Utility tax.


  1. Exactly. The misleadingly named “Clean Water Utility” is a program that the taxing twins shoved down the throats of property owners and it should be repealed. They used numerous FALSE arguments to bolster its creation and continue to do so to justify its existence.

  2. Is this one of the twelve foot diameter steel culverts that is replacing at 24″ cement pipe under the road so fish can migrate up it? That is sure to keep my water clean

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